Volunteer Management - Recruiting Volunteers

Published 1/2023
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Build Effective Role Descriptions To Find The Best Volunteers

What you'll learn
Identify why your organisation needs volunteers and how they will positively impact your mission.
Understand who the ideal volunteer is for each potential role.
Identify your various volunteer roles and learn how to write a Volunteer Role Description.
Understand where and how to use your Volunteer Role Descriptions effectively for successful volunteer recruitment.

This course is appropriate for anyone who wants to or is working with volunteers.

In this course we will look at the very beginning of your Volunteer Program: Why do you need volunteers? And what can they do to help your organisation deliver on it's mission?You don't need to be a paid Volunteer Manager or Volunteer Administrator to complete this course. In fact it's built for people with no experience whatsoever in volunteer management. However, you will likely still find some useful tips in this course if you are within the first 2 years of your career. In this course I will teach you how to analyse your organisation so you can determine how volunteers can best help you. This is important so that everyone understands why you need volunteers, and later, so that your volunteers can feel satisfied that their time and contributions really are making a difference. Then we'll look at some of the limitations your organisation might have in recruiting volunteers and what kinds of volunteers will most benefit your organisation. This will ensure that the volunteers you find will be the best fit. Then we'll construct a Volunteer Role Description using the form and template included in the course. You can go through this process as many times as you need to build all the Role Descriptions you need for your program. Finally, we'll look at what you can do with your new Volunteer Role Descriptions. How you can break them into useful pieces and how you can use them to recruit volunteers from a variety of different sources.

Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: Analyse Your Organisation
Lecture 2 Analyse Your Organisation: What is it's Mission?
Lecture 3 Why Do You Want Volunteers?
Lecture 4 Why Will Volunteers Make A Difference To Your Organisation?
Section 3: What Is The Point Of Volunteer Role Descriptions?
Lecture 5 How can Volunteer Role Descriptions Be Useful?
Lecture 6 What Is A Role Description?
Lecture 7 Why Do You Need A Role Description?
Lecture 8 Who Are Role Descriptions For?
Section 4: Preparing to Write Role Descriptions
Lecture 9 Introduction - Why Is It Useful To Know What You Want?
Lecture 10 Start Your Wish List
Lecture 11 Break Your List Down
Lecture 12 Identify Your Roles
Lecture 13 How Many Roles Should You Have?
Lecture 14 What Are The Limitations Of Your Organisation?
Lecture 15 What Is Your Organisation Looking For In Your Volunteers?
Section 5: Writing Role Descriptions - Role Description Template
Lecture 16 Using The Template
Section 6: Volunteer Recruitment
Lecture 17 How To Use Your Role Descriptions to Recruit Volunteers
Lecture 18 Why Direct Recruitment Is Your Best Friend
Lecture 19 Direct Recruitment 1: Your Organisation's Website
Lecture 20 Direct Recruitment 2: People Who Already Support You
Lecture 21 Direct Recruitment 3: Social Media Recruitment
Lecture 22 Direct Recruitment 4: Social Media Content Plan
Lecture 23 External Recruitment 1: Volunteer Centres and Recruitment Fairs
Lecture 24 External Recruitment 2: The Local Newspaper
Lecture 25 External Recruitment 3: Social Media Marketing
Section 7: Conclusion
Lecture 26 Conclusion
This course is for people in voluntary or paid roles who are trying to recruit volunteers for the first time or within the first two years of their volunteer management career.


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