Microsoft Sharepoint 2013 Foundation And Server 2013 Bundle

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Get 16 hours of SharePoint 2013 training and discover how to make team collaboration more effective and productive.

What you'll learn
Build a SharePoint site and create user permissions
Discover how to setup users and create groups
An introduction to project task lists and managing libraries
Learn the main navigational features and using SharePoint help
Discover how to work offline and syncing with local resources
Learn how to work with SharePoint pages
Working with with Web Parts
Learn how to effectively use Lists
Learn how to import an Excel workbook into SharePoint
Create a blog, add posts and pages, and editing a page
Features of a SharePoint site
Discovering various social features
Creating and using community sites
Integrating with Microsoft Office
Working with lists and libraries
Adding digital assets to a page
Using the search engine
Enterprise content management
Records management

Have access to a SharePoint Foundation 2013 environment

Discover How to Make Team collaboration More Effective and Productive With This Set of SharePoint courses.
Courses included with this 16-hour bundle
Learn Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013
Improve business collaboration by learning the essentials of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013
With Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013, any business can create websites on which teams of employees can share information and collaborate on everything from documents and lists, to calendars, data, and more.
This course will teach you how to use and manage a SharePoint site, including how to use its many social features.
Collaborate with Your Team from Anywhere And Improve Workflow
Create and use community sites Integrate SharePoint with Microsoft Office Work with lists, libraries, digital assets, and more Understand content and records management
Use SharePoint Server 2013 to Share Ideas Quickly and Easily
With Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013, which is cloud-based, you can securely organize, store, access, and share information from virtually any device.
There's no need to install the server on-premises, so you have the freedom to collaborate from anywhere.
You'll also learn how to utilize project sites for project management, and how to integrate SharePoint with Microsoft Project.
Contents and Overview
This course is for all levels, and begins with an introduction to SharePoint sites, templates, and features.
You'll review the SharePoint social features. These include personal sites, following, microblogging, and newsfeed settings that let you stay on top of what everyone is up to.
Master how to use the tools that make it easier to structure and encourage discussions among teams across your organization.
You'll learn how to integrate SharePoint with Outlook to sync contacts and receive alerts and messages via email. And you'll master the use of organizational tools so every project runs smoothly for everyone.
A walk-through of the SharePoint enterprise content management will teach you how to manage a large amount of content. Plus, you'll learn records management to determine what should be considered a record, as well as how you'll manage your records.
You'll practice the program's social features, build a community site, and create and sync a calendar to Outlook.
This course provides you with the tools necessary to set up a collaborative atmosphere in which all of your employees can communicate, exchange ideas, and manage projects together.
By the end of this course, you'll be able to use SharePoint Server 2013 to create a business environment that thrives on the sharing of ideas.
Learn Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2013
During this 10-hour online video training, a professional instructor will introduce you to SharePoint Foundation 2013 and the program's useful features for maximizing team communication.
You'll start with the basics. This includes navigating through the SharePoint interface, creating your own site, and adding content to your SharePoint site.
With Learn SharePoint Foundation 2013 you will also
Discover how to work with user groups and permissions to ensure proper access control. Learn how to use SharePoint with other Microsoft Office applications. This includes exporting and importing data from Microsoft Excel. Find out simple ways to create libraries and lists to keep your content organized. Manage challenges that arise from team members using different versions of a file by exploring options for checking in and checking out files. Explore how to work with pages, web parts, add a project calendar, understand metadata and more.This course is ideal for those new to SharePoint or those who are looking for more advanced knowledge.
All of our videos are high-definition videos, therefore, they are best viewed with the HD setting on, and the videos enlarged.

Section 1: Learn Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2013: Course Introduction
Lecture 1 Background on SharePoint 2013
Lecture 2 WATCH ME: Essential Information for a Successful Training Experience
Lecture 3 Exercise files for SharePoint Foundation 2013 course
Lecture 4 What is SharePoint; Course Structure
Section 2: SharePoint Foundation 2013: Getting Started
Lecture 5 Main Navigational Features and SharePoint Help
Lecture 6 Creating a New Site
Lecture 7 Adding Contents to the Site
Lecture 8 Adding Apps and More Contents
Section 3: SharePoint Foundation 2013: Libraries and Lists
Lecture 9 What are Lists and Libraries; Creating Lists
Lecture 10 Creating a Library
Section 4: SharePoint Foundation 2013: Users Groups and Permission
Lecture 11 Setting Up Users and Creating Groups
Lecture 12 Permissions and Permission Levels
Section 5: SharePoint Foundation 2013: Exercise 1
Lecture 13 Create a Sublevel Site and Setup Users
Section 6: SharePoint Foundation 2013: The Ribbon
Lecture 14 Detailed Look at the Ribbon
Section 7: SharePoint Foundation 2013: Exercise 2
Lecture 15 Setup Logo and Title, Remove Links, and Change Style
Section 8: SharePoint Foundation 2013: The Recycle Bin
Lecture 16 Deleting and Restoring Documents, Storage Quota
Section 9: SharePoint Foundation 2013: SharePoint and MS Office
Lecture 17 Detailed Look at Integration between SharePoint and MS Office
Section 10: SharePoint Foundation 2013: SharePoint and MS Excel
Lecture 18 Importing Excel Worbook to SharePoint
Lecture 19 Exporting from SharePoint to Excel
Lecture 20 Exporting from Excel to SharePoint
Section 11: SharePoint Foundation 2013: Exercise 3
Lecture 21 Export Relevant Data on Excel into the Subsite
Section 12: SharePoint Foundaton 2013: SharePoint and MS Access
Lecture 22 Moving Data between Access Databases and SharePoint
Lecture 23 Moving MS Access Tables to SharePoint Subsite
Section 13: SharePont Foundation 2013: Working Offline
Lecture 24 Syncing Libraries to your Local PC using Skydrive Pro
Section 14: SharePoint 2013 Foundation: Collaboration
Lecture 25 Check-in and Check-out
Lecture 26 Versions
Lecture 27 Co-Authoring
Section 15: SharePoint 2013 Foundation: Exercise 4
Lecture 28 Upload Docs to Document Library, Enable Versioning and Create Versions
Section 16: SharePoint 2013 Foundation: Pages
Lecture 29 Page Types
Lecture 30 Basic Page Editing
Lecture 31 Adding and Deleting Pages
Lecture 32 Page History and Versions
Section 17: SharePoint Foundation 2013: Exercise 5
Lecture 33 Create New Pages and Links
Section 18: SharePoint Foundation 2013: Web Parts
Lecture 34 Web Part Basic
Lecture 35 Customizing Web Parts
Lecture 36 Moving and Removing Web Parts
Section 19: SharePoint Foundation 2013: Exercise 6
Lecture 37 Add a Project Calendar
Section 20: SharePoint Foundation 2013: Alerts
Lecture 38 Setting Up Alerts
Section 21: SharePoint Foundation 2013: Web Part Page
Lecture 39 Web Part Page Basics
Lecture 40 Personalizing Web Part Pages
Section 22: SharePoint Foundation 2013: Metadata
Lecture 41 Site Columns
Lecture 42 Content Types
Section 23: SharePoint Foundation 2013: Exercise 7
Lecture 43 Setup Content Types, Add and Remove Documents
Section 24: SharePoint Foundation 2013: Lists
Lecture 44 More on Lists
Lecture 45 Customizing Lists
Lecture 46 Calculation in Lists
Lecture 47 Validation in Lists
Lecture 48 Sorting and Filtering Lists
Lecture 49 List Views
Lecture 50 Folders
Section 25: SharePoint Foundation 2013: Exercise 8
Lecture 51 Add New Items to the List and Create a New View
Section 26: SharePoint Foundation 2013: Libraries and Documents
Lecture 52 Library Settings
Lecture 53 Copying and Moving Documents
Section 27: SharePoint 2013 Foundation: Introduction to Workflow
Lecture 54 Assigning Workflow
Section 28: SharePoint Foundation 2013: Exercise 9
Lecture 55 Create a Workflow on a New Issues List
Section 29: SharePoint Foundation 2013: Introduction to Templates
Lecture 56 Site, List and Library Templates
Section 30: SharePoint Foundation 2013: Introduction to Search
Lecture 57 Terminologies and How to Customize your Search
Section 31: SharePoint Foundation 2013: Blogging
Lecture 58 Starting a Blog
Section 32: SharePoint Foundation 2013: Exercise 10
Lecture 59 Create a Blog, Add Posts and Comments, Add Categories and Edit the Page
Section 33: SharePoint Foundation 2013: Conclusion
Lecture 60 Learn Other Specific Features of SharePoint 2013; Closing
Section 34: SharePoint 2013 Foundation Online Quiz
Section 35: Learn Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013: Introduction to SharePoint Server 2013
Lecture 61 Prerequisites, Course Objectives and Background on SharePoint Server 2013
Lecture 62 WATCH ME: Essential Information for a Successful Training Experience
Lecture 63 Exercise Files for SharePoint Server 2013 Course
Section 36: SharePoint Server 2013: Sites, Templates and Features
Lecture 64 Collaboration, Enterprise and Collaboration Templates; Site Types
Section 37: Sharepoint Server 2013: Social Features
Lecture 65 Personal Sites
Lecture 66 Global Navigation Bar
Lecture 67 Microblogging
Lecture 68 Following
Lecture 69 Tasks
Lecture 70 Newsfeed Settings
Section 38: SharePoint Server 2013: Exercise 1
Lecture 71 Test out the Social Features
Section 39: SharePoint Server 2013: Community Sites and Portals
Lecture 72 Background on Community Sites
Lecture 73 Creating and Administering Community Sites
Lecture 74 Using Community Sites
Lecture 75 Moderating Community Sites
Section 40: SharePoint Server 2013: Exercise 2
Lecture 76 Create a Community Site
Section 41: SharePoint Server 2013: Integration of Outlook with SharePoint
Lecture 77 General Features for Integrating Outlook with SharePoint
Lecture 78 Syncing Contacts with Outlook
Lecture 79 Receiving Alerts
Section 42: SharePoint Server 2013: Exercise 3
Lecture 80 Create and Sync Calendar to Outlook
Section 43: SharePoint Server 2013: Project Sites
Lecture 81 Introduction to Project Sites
Lecture 82 More about Project Sites
Lecture 83 Integration with Project Professional
Section 44: SharePoint Server 2013: Lists and Libraries
Lecture 84 Introduction to List and Libraries
Lecture 85 List and Library Permissions
Lecture 86 Content Approval
Lecture 87 Ratings
Lecture 88 Surveys
Section 45: SharePoint Server 2013: Asset Libraries
Lecture 89 Basics of Asset Libraries and Enabling Enterprise Keywords
Lecture 90 Working with Video Files
Section 46: SharePoint Server 2013: Exercise 4
Lecture 91 Put Digital Assets Together and Create a Page and Link
Section 47: SharePoint Server 2013: Search Features
Lecture 92 Enterprise Search Center
Section 48: SharePoint Server 2013: Content Management
Lecture 93 Content Management and Document IDs
Lecture 94 Document Sets
Lecture 95 Content Organizer
Section 49: SharePoint Server 2013: Exercise 5
Lecture 96 Activate Organizer Setting; Create a New Content Type, Document Libraries
Section 50: SharePoint Server 2013: Records Management
Lecture 97 Records Management Overview
Section 51: SharePoint Server 2013: Business Intelligence
Lecture 98 Introduction to Business Intelligence
Lecture 99 PowerPivot Site and Gallery
Lecture 100 Excel Services
Lecture 101 PowerPivot Dashboards
Lecture 102 Power View
Section 52: SharePoint Server 2013: Exercise 6
Lecture 103 Create a PowerPivot Site or Add PowerPivot Gallery and Publish the Workbook
Section 53: SharePoint Server 2013: Conclusion
Lecture 104 Course Wrap-up
Section 54: SharePoint Server 2013 Online Quiz
Anyone managing or using a SharePoint site for collaboration.


Microsoft Sharepoint 2013 Foundation And Server 2013 Bundle

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