Master Microsoft Excel, Outlook And Word 2013 - 26 Hours

Last updated 12/2022
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The Most Convenient Way to Boost Your Confidence And Learn MS Office 2013 Inside And Out—Quickly, No Travel or Classes.

What you'll learn
Data entry, cell formatting, working with multiple worksheets and the "Ribbon" interface.
Tips for mouse and touch screen users.
Graphs and charts using templates or custom designs.
SkyDrive and other tools for sharing work.
Pivot tables and slicing.
Working with flash fill.
Bonus exercise files.
Working with dates and times
Calculating depreciation
Averages, percentiles, and LINEST functions
Inserting and formatting tables
Sparklines and data bars
Pivot charts
Inserting images and videos directly from the internet
Opening and editing PDFs
Read mode, resume reading, object zoom, and collapsible headings
Protecting data with back-up and AutoRecover
Sharing work through email, blogs, and SkyDrive
Document security and editing restrictions
Setting up email accounts, POP and Gmail
Using touch devices
Importing contacts
Calendar appointments and attachments
Tasks and reminders
Email signatures
'Sneak a Peek' and workspace customization
RSS feeds
Archiving and the Trust Center
Spam and junk mail removal

Microsoft Office 2013

Master the Ins and Outs of Microsoft Office 2013
Spreadsheets with Excel 2013Emails and Calendars with Outlook 2013Documents with Word 2013
Contents and Overview
The course is designed for individuals and office professionals who need to master the capabilities of Microsoft Office 2013.
Through 26 hours of video lectures, you'll learn the essentials with these 3 popular courses
Excel 2013 Beginning/Intermediate: Create basic spreadsheets and use formulas for tracking expenses.Outlook 2013: Get organized with your emails and calendar so you can start getting more done.Word 2013: Create documents, embed videos, and set up for online collaboration for joint projects for school or work.
When you complete this course, you'll be well on your way to becoming a master at workplace efficiency with the tools available in Microsoft Office 2013.What People Are Saying
★★★★★ "The lesson is very clear. Easy to understand and perfect for beginners like me." –Rachelle Deciembre
★★★★★ "It's very straight forward from what I have seen so far. Great resource for someone who has never used excel with clear explanations." -Jennifer Janczak
** Updated June 2017. Course transcripts now available.

Section 1: Introduction to Excel 2013
Lecture 1 Introduction to Excel 2013
Lecture 2 WATCH ME: Essential Information for a Successful Training Experience
Lecture 3 DOWNLOAD ME: Course Exercise Files
Lecture 4 Downloadable Course Transcripts
Lecture 5 What's New
Section 2: Using Touch
Lecture 6 Overview of Principles
Section 3: Getting Started
Lecture 7 Starting and Closing Excel; Workbook, Sheets, Cells, Rows, & Columns
Lecture 8 Templates; Creating, Opening, and Saving a Workbook
Section 4: Help
Lecture 9 Online, Offline, and Contextual Help
Section 5: Settings and Preferences
Lecture 10 Excel Options
Section 6: The Ribbon and Toolbars
Lecture 11 Ribbon Interface
Lecture 12 Quick Access Toolbar
Lecture 13 Mini Toolbar
Section 7: Backup and Recovery
Lecture 14 Create Backup Option; Auto-Recover and Autosave
Section 8: Entering and Deleting Data
Lecture 15 Entering Text and Numbers
Lecture 16 Date Formats
Lecture 17 Formatting Cells; Editing and Deleting Data
Lecture 18 Fill
Lecture 19 Flash Fill
Section 9: Formatting a Worksheet
Lecture 20 Themes and Cell Styles
Lecture 21 Inserting, Deleting, Hiding and Adjusting Rows and Columns
Lecture 22 Wrap Text and Alignment
Lecture 23 Merging Cells; Applying Themes and Styles
Lecture 24 Borders
Section 10: Copy, Paste and Paste Special
Lecture 25 Copy, Cut and Paste
Section 11: Proofing
Lecture 26 Spell checking
Section 12: Managing Worksheets
Lecture 27 Moving, Copying, Inserting, Deleting and Locking Sheets; Multiple Worksheets
Section 13: Comments
Lecture 28 Inserting Comments
Section 14: Viewing and Printing
Lecture 29 Workbook Views, Zoom and Freeze
Lecture 30 Printing; Headers, Footers and Margins
Section 15: Formulas and Functions
Lecture 31 Overview of Formulas and Functions
Lecture 32 Cell References
Lecture 33 Names
Lecture 34 Finding Errors; New Excel Functions
Section 16: Working with Workbooks
Lecture 35 Multiple Workbooks and Windows; Comparing Workbooks
Section 17: Find and Replace
Lecture 36 Go to; Find and Replace Options
Section 18: Conditional Formatting
Lecture 37 Applying, Clearing and Managing Rules
Section 19: Graphing and Charting
Lecture 38 Chart Types; Chart Recommendation
Lecture 39 Basic Formatting
Lecture 40 Selecting Data, Positioning and Printing Charts
Section 20: File Types
Lecture 41 Saving Workbooks; PDF and CSV Formats
Section 21: Managing Data
Lecture 42 Sorting
Lecture 43 Filtering
Lecture 44 Tables
Section 22: Functions Case Study
Lecture 45 VLOOKUP
Lecture 46 Text Function
Lecture 47 Date and Time Functions
Lecture 48 Logical Functions
Section 23: Analyzing Data
Lecture 49 Financial Analysis Case Study - Part 1
Lecture 50 Financial Analysis Case Study - Part 2
Lecture 51 Quick Analysis Tool
Section 24: Shapes and Pictures
Lecture 52 Adding and Formatting Shapes, Picture, Clip Art, WordArt and SmartArt
Section 25: Sharing and Protecting
Lecture 53 Protecting Worksheets
Lecture 54 Protecting Workbooks
Lecture 55 Sharing and SkyDrive
Section 26: More Backstage View Options
Lecture 56 Trust Center; Export; Inspect Workbook
Lecture 57 EXTRA LESSON: Dashboards in Excel - Live Webinar Recording
Section 27: Closing
Lecture 58 Course review
Lecture 59 Summary; More Help
Section 28: Excel Advanced: Introduction
Lecture 60 Prerequisites of Excel 2013 Advanced Course
Lecture 61 WATCH ME: Essential Information for a Successful Training Experience
Lecture 62 Course Exercise Files
Lecture 63 Downloadable Course Transcripts
Section 29: Excel Advanced: Functions
Lecture 64 List of Functions; Common Types of Arguments; Basic Use of Functions
Lecture 65 Advanced Aspects of Functions; Searching for a Function
Lecture 66 Autosum
Section 30: Excel Advanced: Personal and Professional Financial Functions
Lecture 67 Payment
Lecture 68 Future Value
Lecture 69 Principle Payment
Lecture 70 Depreciations
Section 31: Excel Advanced: Date and Time Functions
Lecture 71 How Dates and Times are Stored
Lecture 72 Dates and Times Calculation
Lecture 73 Exercise on Date and Time Functions; Date and Time Settings
Section 32: Excel Advanced: Statistical Functions for Description and Prediction
Lecture 74 Average
Lecture 75 Percentile
Lecture 76 Regression
Lecture 77 LINEST Function
Lecture 78 Example of Functions for Inferential Statistics
Section 33: Excel Advanced: Text Functions
Lecture 79 Text Function Case Study - 1
Lecture 80 Text Function Case Study - 2
Section 34: Excel Advanced: Lookup Functions
Lecture 81 Lookup and Reference Functions
Section 35: Excel Advanced: Logical Functions
Lecture 82 Logical Functions
Section 36: Excel Advanced: Connecting to External Data
Lecture 83 Connecting to Other Workbooks
Lecture 84 Connecting to Access Data
Lecture 85 Connecting to Web Data
Section 37: Excel Advanced: Tables
Lecture 86 Creating a Table and Changing Table Name; Filter; Removing Duplicates; Total Row
Lecture 87 Inserting Columns and Rows; Resizing Tables
Lecture 88 Table Reference
Lecture 89 Table Styles
Lecture 90 Table Selection
Section 38: Excel Advanced: Pivot Tables
Lecture 91 Basic Principles of Pivot Tables
Lecture 92 Presentational Side of Pivot Tables
Lecture 93 Filtering in Pivot Tables; Slices
Section 39: Excel Advanced: Data Analysis
Lecture 94 What if
Lecture 95 Scenario Manager
Lecture 96 Goal Seek
Lecture 97 Solver
Section 40: Excel Advanced: Charts
Lecture 98 Area Charts
Lecture 99 Surface Charts
Lecture 100 Stock Charts - Part 1
Lecture 101 Stock Charts - Part 2
Lecture 102 Radar Charts
Lecture 103 Bubble Charts
Section 41: Excel Advanced: Graphs
Lecture 104 Regression and Scatter Chart
Section 42: Excel Advanced: Pivot Charts
Lecture 105 Creating Pivot Charts
Section 43: Excel Advanced: Sparklines
Lecture 106 Using Sparklines
Section 44: Excel Advanced: Web App
Lecture 107 Creating Workbooks using a Web App
Lecture 108 Sharing your Workbook
Section 45: Excel Advanced: Conclusion
Lecture 109 Closing
Section 46: Outlook 2013: Introduction
Lecture 110 Information about Installation and Upgrade
Lecture 111 READ ME: Essential Information for a Successful Training Experience
Lecture 112 Downloadable Course Transcripts
Lecture 113 What's New in Outlook 2013
Section 47: Outlook 2013: Using Touch
Lecture 114 Overview of Principles
Section 48: Outlook 2013: Help
Lecture 115 Online, Offline and Contextual Help
Section 49: Outlook 2013: Getting Started
Lecture 116 Outlook 2013 Workspace
Section 50: Outlook 2013: The Ribbon and Toolbars
Lecture 117 The Ribbon
Lecture 118 Quick Access Toolbar
Lecture 119 Mini Toolbars
Lecture 120 Contextual Menu
Lecture 121 Status Bar
Section 51: Outlook 2013: Options
Lecture 122 Customizing Settings and the Use of Outlook
Section 52: Outlook 2013: Keyboard Shortcut and Key Tips
Lecture 123 List of Keyboard Shortcuts; Using Key Tips
Section 53: Outlook 2013: Basic Tasks in Outlook
Lecture 124 Setting Up an Account
Lecture 125 Sending and Receiving Email
Lecture 126 Creating Appointments and Scheduling Meetings
Lecture 127 Adding Contacts
Lecture 128 Adding Tasks
Lecture 129 Creating Notes
Section 54: Outlook 2013: RSS Feeds
Lecture 130 Managing RSS Feeds
Section 55: Outlook 2013: Printing
Lecture 131 Printing Emails and Contacts; Print Properties
Section 56: Outlook 2013: Outlook Data Files
Lecture 132 Favorites; PST and OST Files; Folder Size
Section 57: Outlook 2013: Account Management
Lecture 133 Setting Up Gmail and POP Accounts
Section 58: Outlook 2013: Managing Folders
Lecture 134 Adding New Folder, Moving and Deleting Items, and Emptying Folders
Section 59: Outlook 2013: Backup and Restore
Lecture 135 Backup and Restore a PST file
Section 60: Outlook 2013: Archiving
Lecture 136 AutoArchive and Manual Archive
Section 61: Outlook 2013: Import and Export
Lecture 137 Import and Export Wizard
Section 62: Outlook 2013: Calendar Management
Lecture 138 Calendar Options
Lecture 139 Calendar Amendments and Rescheduling
Lecture 140 Calendar Recurrence
Lecture 141 Calendar Attachments
Lecture 142 Calendar Events
Section 63: Outlook 2013: Reminders and To-do Management
Lecture 143 Managing Reminders
Section 64: Outlook 2013: Search
Lecture 144 Basics of Search; Searching Contacts
Lecture 145 Search Folders
Section 65: Outlook 2013: Categories
Lecture 146 Color Categories
Section 66: Outlook 2013: Task Management
Lecture 147 Managing Tasks
Section 67: Outlook 2013: Contacts
Lecture 148 Contacts Options
Lecture 149 Contact Information
Lecture 150 Outlook Social Connector
Lecture 151 Contact Views
Lecture 152 Contact Groups
Section 68: Outlook 2013: Email Management and Advanced Features
Lecture 153 Email Options
Lecture 154 Email Send and Receive Settings
Lecture 155 Composing Email
Lecture 156 Email Signatures
Lecture 157 Email Inbox
Lecture 158 Email Actions
Lecture 159 Touch Action Bar
Lecture 160 Junk Email
Lecture 161 Stationery
Lecture 162 Rules
Lecture 163 Quick Steps
Lecture 164 Outlook Journal
Lecture 165 Mail Merge using Word
Section 69: Outlook 2013: Safety and Security
Lecture 166 Trust Center
Section 70: Outlook 2013: Conclusion
Lecture 167 Microsoft Updates; Closing
Section 71: Word 2013: Introduction
Lecture 168 Acquiring Word 2013; Information about Installing and Upgrading
Lecture 169 WATCH ME: Essential Information for a Successful Training Experience
Lecture 170 DOWNLOAD ME: Course Exercise Files
Lecture 171 Downloadable Course Transcripts
Lecture 172 What's New in Word 2013
Section 72: Word 2013: Using Touch
Lecture 173 Overview of Principles
Section 73: Word 2013: Getting Started
Lecture 174 Starting and Exiting; Templates; Creating, Opening and Saving Documents
Lecture 175 Word Workspace; Backstage View
Section 74: Word 2013: Help
Lecture 176 Online and Offiline Help
Section 75: Word 2013: Options
Lecture 177 Settings and Preferences
Section 76: Word 2013: The Ribbon and Toolbars
Lecture 178 The Ribbon
Lecture 179 Quick Access Toolbar
Lecture 180 Mini Toolbars
Section 77: Word 2013: Backup, AutoSave and AutoRecover
Lecture 181 Setting Up AutoSave and AutoRecover Preferences
Section 78: Word 2013: Entering and Editing Data
Lecture 182 Typing, Editing, and Deleting Text; Customizing Status Bar
Lecture 183 Navigation; Word Wrapping; Making a Selection
Lecture 184 Inserting Symbols, Date and Time, and Document Property
Section 79: Word 2013: Copy, Cut and Paste
Lecture 185 Various Methods of Copying, Cutting and Pasting
Section 80: Word 2013: Navigation and Find
Lecture 186 Uses of Navigation Pane
Lecture 187 Find and Replace; Go to
Section 81: Word 2013: Keyboard Shortcuts
Lecture 188 Keyboard Shortcuts and Key Tips
Section 82: Word 2013: Views
Lecture 189 Print Layout, Web Layout and Draft Views; Ruler and Gridlines; Split and Switch
Lecture 190 Zoom
Lecture 191 Read Mode
Section 83: Word 2013: Spell Checker
Lecture 192 Spelling and Grammar Errors; Language Settings
Lecture 193 AutoCorrect; Proofing Settings; Spell Checking
Section 84: Word 2013: Formatting
Lecture 194 Fonts, Font Size, and Font Colors; Text Effect and Text Highlight
Lecture 195 Alignment; Line and Paragraph Spacing; Indent
Lecture 196 Fill/Shading; Border Tab; Format Painter
Section 85: Word 2013: Lists
Lecture 197 Bulleted, Numbered and Multilevel Lists
Section 86: Word 2013: Managing Document
Lecture 198 File Formats
Section 87: Word 2013: Page Setup and Printng
Lecture 199 Printing
Lecture 200 Page Layout, Sections and Margins
Lecture 201 Headers, Footers and Page Numbers
Section 88: Word 2013: Templates, Themes and Styles
Lecture 202 Using Templates
Lecture 203 Using Themes and Styles
Section 89: Word 2013: PDF in Word
Lecture 204 Opening and Editing PDFs
Section 90: Word 2013: Tables
Lecture 205 Creating a Table; Inserting, Selecting and Deleting Rows and Columns
Lecture 206 Formatting Tables
Section 91: Word 2013: Graphics
Lecture 207 Inserting, Cropping, Resizing and Positioning Pictures
Lecture 208 Picture Styles; Picture Adjustments, Corrections and Effects
Lecture 209 Online Pictures and Clipart
Lecture 210 Inserting and Formatting Shapes and Textbox
Lecture 211 Smart Art and WordArt
Lecture 212 Screenshots
Section 92: Word 2013: Charts
Lecture 213 Creating Charts
Section 93: Word 2013: Resume
Lecture 214 Resume Reading and Editing
Section 94: Word 2013: Read Mode
Lecture 215 Object Zoom
Section 95: Word 2013: Mail Merge
Lecture 216 Mail Merge Wizard Part 1
Lecture 217 Mail Merge Wizard Part 2
Section 96: Word 2013: Collaboration, Reviewing and Sharing
Lecture 218 Send to Email; Post to Blog; SkyDrive; Invite People
Lecture 219 Restrict Editing, Comments, Simple Markup and Tracking Changes
Section 97: Word 2013: Long Documents
Lecture 220 Navigation, Headings, Table of Contents, Update Page numbers and Outline View
Section 98: Word 2013: Desktop Publishing
Lecture 221 Watermarks
Lecture 222 Page Borders
Section 99: Word 2013: Hyperlinks
Lecture 223 Types of Hyperlinks
Section 100: Word 2013: Security
Lecture 224 Inspecting and Protecting Documents
Section 101: Word 2013: Conclusion
Lecture 225 Microsoft Update; Closing
Lecture 226 EXTRA LESSON: Advanced Word Tips and Tricks - Live Webinar Recording
Section 102: Bonuses
Lecture 227 Ten Excel Tips and Tricks - Part 1
Lecture 228 Ten Excel Tips and Tricks - Part 2
Lecture 229 Ten Excel Tips and Tricks - Part 3
Microsoft Office users who are new to Microsoft Office or upgrading from a previous version,Individuals and office professionals who need to master the capabilities of Microsoft Office 2013


Master Microsoft Excel, Outlook And Word 2013 - 26 Hours

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