The Ultimate Microsoft Excel 2010 And 2013 Training Bundle

Last updated 1/2022
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Can You Use The Internet? If Yes, Then You Can Master Microsoft Excel 2010 and 2013 The Easy Way - On Your Schedule

What you'll learn
Essential training for Microsoft Excel 2010
Essential training for Microsoft Excel 2013
Advanced level training for Microsoft Excel 2010
Advanced level training for Microsoft Excel 2013

Microsoft Excel 2010
Microsoft Excel 2013

Just about everyone will find themselves having to use Microsoft Excel at work at one point or another, and 2010 and 2013 are two of the most popular, and powerful, versions around. That means that everyone could benefit from devoting some time to mastering the program, as Excel mastery can not only have a huge impact on your own productivity, but can look hugely impressive to your boss.
With our Ultimate Microsoft Excel Training Bundle you'll find basic and advanced courses for both Microsoft Excel 2010 and 2013 so that you're ready to go, no matter what version of the software you're faced with.
This bundle includes:
33 hours of video tutorials Over 200 individual video lectures 4 quizzes with 165 test questions Certificate of completion
Courses included with this bundle:
Microsoft Excel 2013 Beginners/Intermediate Training
During this 10-hour Online Excel 2013 Training, you'll learn to create Excel spreadsheets with ease. Our expert instructor will show you Excel 2013 features to navigate you through the program. Starting with the basics, you'll discover how to enter and format data in the quickest manner possible. Next you'll be introduced to the power of Excel's functions and formulas to help you calculate data and derive useful information. To help you present it all in a visually appealing format, your instructor will then walk you through how to create sophisticated charts and graphs, and publish them online. Finally, you'll learn to analyze and review worksheets for data discrepancies so you can prevent problems before they arise.
Learn Microsoft Excel 2013 - Advanced
Your expert instructor will kick the course off by leading you through graph and chart basics. Then, you'll explore Excel's array of detailed formatting tools and discover how to make these work for you when graphing and charting financial information. Next, you'll explore the roles played by trends, relationships, and differences in charts, and how to work with sparklines for data visualization and data bars. The course will also take you through detailed discussions of pivot tables, bubble charts, radar charts, and more.
Learn Microsoft Excel 2010
Our professional instructor will talk you through Excel 2010's features, starting with the basics, from creating files to editing existing documents. Next you'll move onto moving and managing data across rows and columns, as well as different sheets, in addition to introducing your first formulas. Formatting workbooks comes next, in addition to adding attractive charts and graphs to display your work. You'll then move onto sorting and filtering data, linking multiple files, and, finally, working with some more advanced formulas.
Learn Microsoft Excel 2010 - Advanced
Discover methods to make your exceptions stand out so you can attack the anomalies and use the data to make your operations better. Excel's tools are covered in depth which includes discussions on and are setting up live charts, Sparklines, color scales, and icon sets. Your data will become alive as you identify key action items and understand the meaning behind the numbers. Learn how to use Pivot Tables combined with Pivot Charts in powerful ways. You can move columns and rows to understand how the numbers relate more easily than ever before.
Where else can you find so many extra tools to help you gain advanced skills in Excel?
So start learning today.
What People Are Saying
★★★★★ "I love how this is broken down into bite sized chunks & the lectures are short & relevant, easy to follow." –Andrea Levett ★★★★★ "Many great tips and tricks - even for the daily user!" –Allison Daggs★★★★★ "I am now a business analyst and I attribute my promotion directly to your courses. I'm much more savvy and confident with Excel. Thanks Simon."-Daniel Venti Note: All videos are high-definition and are therefore best viewed enlarged and with the HD setting on.

Section 1: Learn Microsoft Excel 2013 Beginner Course
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 WATCH ME: Essential Information for a Successful Training Experience
Lecture 3 DOWNLOAD ME: Excel 2013 Exercise Files
Lecture 4 Downloadable Course Transcript
Lecture 5 What's New
Lecture 6 Using Touch
Lecture 7 Starting and Closing Excel; Workbook, Sheets, Cells, Rows, & Columns
Lecture 8 Templates; Creating, Opening, and Saving a Workbook
Lecture 9 Online, Offline, and Contextual Help
Lecture 10 Excel Options
Lecture 11 Ribbon Interface
Lecture 12 Quick Access Toolbar
Lecture 13 Mini Toolbar
Lecture 14 Create Backup Option; Auto-Recover and Autosave
Lecture 15 Entering Text and Numbers
Lecture 16 Date Formats
Lecture 17 Formatting Cells; Editing and Deleting Data
Lecture 18 Fill
Lecture 19 Flash Fill
Lecture 20 Themes and Cell Styles
Lecture 21 Inserting, Deleting, Hiding and Adjusting Rows and Columns
Lecture 22 Wrap Text and Alignment
Lecture 23 Merging Cells; Applying Themes and Styles
Lecture 24 Borders
Lecture 25 Copy, Cut and Paste
Lecture 26 Spell checking
Lecture 27 Moving, Copying, Inserting, Deleting and Locking Sheets; Multiple Worksheets
Lecture 28 Inserting Comments
Lecture 29 Workbook Views, Zoom and Freeze
Lecture 30 Printing; Headers, Footers and Margins
Lecture 31 Overview of Formulas and Functions
Lecture 32 Cell References
Lecture 33 Names
Lecture 34 Finding Errors; New Excel Functions
Lecture 35 Multiple Workbooks and Windows; Comparing Workbooks
Lecture 36 Go to; Find and Replace Options
Lecture 37 Applying, Clearing and Managing Rules
Lecture 38 Chart Types; Chart Recommendation
Lecture 39 Basic Formatting
Lecture 40 Selecting Data, Positioning and Printing Charts
Lecture 41 Saving Workbooks; PDF and CSV Formats
Lecture 42 Sorting
Lecture 43 Filtering
Lecture 44 Tables
Lecture 45 VLOOKUP
Lecture 46 Text Function
Lecture 47 Date and Time Functions
Lecture 48 Logical Functions
Lecture 49 Financial Analysis Case Study - Part 1
Lecture 50 Financial Analysis Case Study - Part 2
Lecture 51 Quick Analysis Tool
Lecture 52 Adding and Formatting Shapes, Picture, Clip Art, WordArt and SmartArt
Lecture 53 Protecting Worksheets
Lecture 54 Protecting Workbooks
Lecture 55 Sharing and SkyDrive
Lecture 56 Trust Center; Export; Inspect Workbook
Lecture 57 Summary; More Help
Section 2: Learn Microsoft Excel 2013 Advanced Training Course
Lecture 58 Prerequisites of Excel 2013 Advanced Course
Lecture 59 WATCH ME: Essential Information for a Successful Training Experience
Lecture 60 DOWNLOAD ME: Excel 2013 Advanced Exercise Files
Lecture 61 Downloadable Course Transcript
Lecture 62 List of Functions; Common Types of Arguments; Basic Use of Functions
Lecture 63 Advanced Aspects of Functions; Searching for a Function
Lecture 64 Autosum
Lecture 65 Payment
Lecture 66 Future Value
Lecture 67 Principle Payment
Lecture 68 Depreciations
Lecture 69 How Dates and Times are Stored
Lecture 70 Dates and Times Calculation
Lecture 71 Exercise on Date and Time Functions; Date and Time Settings
Lecture 72 Average
Lecture 73 Percentile
Lecture 74 Regression
Lecture 75 LINEST Function
Lecture 76 Example of Functions for Inferential Statistics
Lecture 77 Text Function Case Study - 1
Lecture 78 Text Function Case Study - 2
Lecture 79 Lookup and Reference Functions
Lecture 80 Logical Functions
Lecture 81 Connecting to Other Workbooks
Lecture 82 Connecting to Access Data
Lecture 83 Connecting to Web Data
Lecture 84 Creating a Table and Changing Table Name; Filter; Removing Duplicates; Total Row
Lecture 85 Inserting Columns and Rows; Resizing Tables
Lecture 86 Table Reference
Lecture 87 Table Styles
Lecture 88 Table Selection
Lecture 89 Basic Principles of Pivot Tables
Lecture 90 Presentational Side of Pivot Tables
Lecture 91 Filtering in Pivot Tables; Slices
Lecture 92 What if
Lecture 93 Scenario Manager
Lecture 94 Goal Seeker
Lecture 95 Solver
Lecture 96 Area Charts
Lecture 97 Surface Charts
Lecture 98 Stock Charts - Part 1
Lecture 99 Stock Charts - Part 2
Lecture 100 Radar Charts
Lecture 101 Bubble Charts
Lecture 102 Regression and Scatter Chart
Lecture 103 Creating Pivot Charts
Lecture 104 Using Sparklines
Lecture 105 Creating Workbooks using a Web App
Lecture 106 Sharing your Workbook
Lecture 107 Closing
Lecture 108 Course Review
Section 3: Learn Microsoft Excel 2010 Beginner Course
Lecture 109 Introduction and Overview of Excel 2010 Course
Lecture 110 READ ME: Essential Information for a Successful Training Experience
Lecture 111 Downloadable Course Transcript
Lecture 112 Overview of the Excel Window
Lecture 113 Working with the Mouse
Lecture 114 Excel Options
Lecture 115 Entering Text and Numbers
Lecture 116 Creating Basic Formulas
Lecture 117 Relative References
Lecture 118 Order of Operations
Lecture 119 Working with Ranges
Lecture 120 Working with Save and Save As Commands
Lecture 121 File Extensions
Lecture 122 Opening a File
Lecture 123 Working with Larger Files
Lecture 124 Freeze Panes Options
Lecture 125 Split Screen Option
Lecture 126 Page Setup Options
Lecture 127 Headers and Footers
Lecture 128 Print Titles
Lecture 129 Comments
Lecture 130 Fit to Print on One Page
Lecture 131 Printing Workbooks
Lecture 132 Adding and Deleting Rows, Columns, and Cells
Lecture 133 Changing Column and Row Widths
Lecture 134 Cut, Copy and Paste
Lecture 135 Copying Formulas
Lecture 136 Overview of Formulas
Lecture 137 Create Formulas using Functions - Part 1
Lecture 138 Create Formulas using Functions - Part 2
Lecture 139 Absolute Values
Lecture 140 Adding, Deleting and Renaming Sheets
Lecture 141 Additional Sheet Tab Options
Lecture 142 3-D Formulas
Lecture 143 Cell Formatting
Lecture 144 Number Formatting
Lecture 145 Borders and Shading
Lecture 146 Format as Table
Lecture 147 Using Styles
Lecture 148 Using Format Painter
Lecture 149 Protecting Worksheets
Lecture 150 Fill Handle and Custom Lists
Lecture 151 Creating Charts
Lecture 152 Types of Charts
Lecture 153 Editing Charts
Lecture 154 Using Graphics to Enhance Charts
Lecture 155 Managing Names
Lecture 156 Creating Range Names
Lecture 157 Using Names in Formulas
Lecture 158 Removing Duplicates
Lecture 159 Sort Data
Lecture 160 Filter Data
Lecture 161 Advanced Filters
Lecture 162 Creating an Outline - Part 1
Lecture 163 Creating an Outline - Part 2
Lecture 164 Subtotals
Lecture 165 New Window Option
Lecture 166 Arrange File Options
Lecture 167 Creating a Workspace
Lecture 168 Custom Views
Lecture 169 Scenarios
Lecture 170 Creating Formulas Between Files
Lecture 171 Working with Links
Lecture 172 IF Statement
Lecture 173 VLookups
Lecture 174 Consolidating Data
Lecture 175 Data Validation
Lecture 176 Formula Auditing
Lecture 177 Comments
Lecture 178 Goal Seeker
Lecture 179 Text to Columns Option
Lecture 180 Watch Window
Lecture 181 Closing Video
Section 4: Learn Microsoft Excel 2010 Advanced
Lecture 182 Introduction to Advanced Excel 2010
Lecture 183 READ ME: Essential Information for a Successful Training Experience
Lecture 184 Downloadable Course Transcript
Lecture 185 Four Basic Steps When Creating Charts/Graphs
Lecture 186 Additional Features to Help Create Charts/Graphs
Lecture 187 Additional Features to Help Create Charts/Graphs Part 2
Lecture 188 Detailed Formatting for Charts/Graphs
Lecture 189 Formatting Legends within Charts/Graphs
Lecture 190 Formatting Axes and Gridlines within Charts/Graphs
Lecture 191 Trends within Charts and Graphs
Lecture 192 Complex Trends within Charts and Graphs
Lecture 193 Trends over Time within Charts and Graphs
Lecture 194 Showing Differences Using Bar Charts
Lecture 195 Showing Differences Using Pie Charts
Lecture 196 Limitations with Pie Charts & How to Correct
Lecture 197 Alternative Ways to Show Differences
Lecture 198 Using Charts & Graphs to Show Relationships
Lecture 199 Using Charts & Graphs to Show Relationships Part 2
Lecture 200 Charting & Graphing Financial Information
Lecture 201 Charting & Graphing Financial Information Part 2
Lecture 202 Specific Charts for Finance Information
Lecture 203 Setting Up Live Charts
Lecture 204 Using Sparklines for Data Visualization
Lecture 205 Using and Formatting Data Bars, Color Scales & Icon Sets
Lecture 206 Setting Up Pivot Tables/Charts
Lecture 207 Setting Up Pivot Tables/Charts Part 2
Lecture 208 Filtering Pivot Tables/Charts
Lecture 209 New Features for Pivot Tables/Charts
Lecture 210 Graphics Tools
Lecture 211 Graphics Tools Part 2
Lecture 212 Exporting Charts and Graphs
Lecture 213 Exporting Charts and Graphs Part 2
Anyone new to Microsoft Excel and those upgrading from previous software versions.


The Ultimate Microsoft Excel 2010 And 2013 Training Bundle

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