Couch To 21Km - The Easiest Running Approach

Last updated 1/2020
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Learn to run your first half marathon using the Running Easy approach

What you'll learn
Run a half marathon (21km/13mi)
Experience the health benefits of running
Learn to make running a lifestyle
Have the confidence to take on other challenges in life

Running shoes

Running is the most tried-and-tested, scientifically proven, and effective approach to enabling people to lose weight, stay healthy, look good and feel great. Humans are designed to run – yet sadly the approach that worked for thousands of years has been lost. It's been lost in competition, "trying harder", "no pain no gain" approaches. The result is that the secret of the most effective, time-tested approach has been lost. Yet an overwhelming amount of scientific research is proving that the lost art of running easy is the ultimate approach to a healthy, energized and long life. It's time to discover this life-changing approach once again.Who is this course for?This course is designed for non-runners and those with some basic running fitness. So, whether you have never run before, or if you have some basic fitness but have always dreamed of running a half marathon, this is the most comprehensive, easy-to-follow course available.Why do this course?Running Easy approach - only 4 training days a weekYou will achieve your goal of running a 21km/13mi half marathonYou will enjoy the experienceYou will learn from two experienced, ordinary people like youYou will get a guy and girls perspective on how to run and achieve your goalYou will experience the unique, scientifically supported Running Easy approach to runningYou will be guided week-by-week as to what to do and how to trainYou will be shown practically how to run efficientlyYou will be given lots of vital Rundamentals that will keep you safe and enjoy your runsYou will be inspired to achieve something that will change your life foreverYou will achieve your bucket list item – running a half marathon!10 Reasons to start this course todayIf you want to lose weight, get fit, stay healthy and feel great then you need to listen to science. Science has proven that running is the most effective way to:Lose weight (burn 15% more calories in the 48 hours after a run)Be healthier with less risk of colds and fluReduce the risk of death from all major causes by 70%Live longer with less disability in old ageImprove bone density and reduce risk of arthritis in old age by 50%Improve memory and brainpowerIncrease productivity by over 15% per dayBoost concentration and treat ADHDIncrease overall happinessLive a fuller, more rewarding lifestyle.Your coachesJoin Craig and Nicky, as we take you on a journey that will change your life (literally) forever, as we train you to run (with a smile) your first half marathon (21km/13mi). In addition to being one of the most desired bucket list goals, achieving a half marathon will change your life forever.So, who are we, and why do you want us to guide you on this exciting journey? Well, quite simply because we are ordinary people – like you. We have not won any Olympic medals. We don't hold any world records. You may be wondering why then we should be your coaches on this exciting journey. Well, it's because we are just like you – but, we have achieved extraordinary things. We've run over 100 marathons (42km/26mi), over 20 Comrades ultra-marathons (90km/56mi), and many more other ultra-marathons. And yet, despite all this, we are just ordinary people – ordinary people who have achieved extraordinary things. And that is what we want to help you also achieve.All too often running programs are designed by top athletes, Olympic medal holders. However, their bodies and their approaches are not suitable for most people. They follow what we refer to as the "try harder", the "no sweat, no gain" approach. Yet, while these approaches may win those skilled enough, a medal, they seldom become lifestyle approaches for the rest of us. Our approach, which is based on years of experience, and training (ordinary) people from all around the world, is called the Running Easy approach.The Running Easy approach is a unique, scientifically supported, tried-and-tested approach to running. Rather than try harder, it shows you how to run effectively by trying easier. Rather than pain, it's about enjoying. Rather than faster times, it's about fun times. We will show you how to run in a way that not only allows you to achieve your amazing goal but is so enjoyable it will make running part of your life.ImportantWhile this course takes a "running easy" approach, it nonetheless can be demanding on your body. So, if you are unsure of your current health, please check with your doctor before commencing the training.What have others said?"Wooooooooooooooooooooo!!! hellooo!! I am on the biggest high woooo!!! We just got home from Canberra (Marathon) today, and it's all very surreal... I couldn't help smiling the whole way it was funny. I had one official say to me "You're running a marathon, this is serious! why are you so happy?" Ha Ha. 6 months ago walking to my front door was an effort, I would never have believed I could do this! THANK YOU SO MUCH." (Michelle)"Craig and Nicky your support and knowledge and experience has been astonishing and I have loved every minute of the course. Anyone who thinks they can't do this, just drop by this course to get a different view. It's life-changing." (Nathan)"What can I say!!!!!! ;)...Last Sunday I ran the Sydney Marathon!...Woohooo!!!! What a high!! Craig and Nicky, it has been such an awesome journey and I want to thank you for the effort you've put in to make the course so interesting and enjoyable. Who knew that running could be fun!?!? :) Your passion for running easy is infectious - it will stay with me for the rest of my life." (Sally)"Let's face the facts - I'm no lean mean machine. I was born for speed, not distance. Decades on and I can hardly believe it - I ran a marathon! ...So what's the point of my story? Simple. If you have not run a marathon, you still can!... We (my wife and I) followed the Running Easy program and learnt how to. Yes. Yes, I can!" (Matthew)"We did it. I can hardly believe it, but I can now say we ran a marathon and it's a good feeling, an awesome, exhilarating feeling. Now I know why Craig & Nicky are trying to encourage so many people to run a marathon. The journey, the training, the race, the pain, and finally the glory is something I too encourage you to experience - you will never regret it." (Petra)"From couch potato to walking 5 miles on a daily basis in 2010, I wanted to complete a full marathon by the end of 2011. I was very sceptical about my abilities to complete a distance of 26.2 miles injury free... I just followed the running easy approach and the training plan word by word, day by day and completed the 2011 Chicago Marathon successfully... I recommended this book (and course) to a lot of my colleagues and friends since then. Thanks a lot to Craig and Nicky." (Sarma)

Section 1: Introductions
Lecture 1 Introduction to your coaches
Lecture 2 Introduction to the course
Lecture 3 About this course
Lecture 4 Why Run?
Lecture 5 Health benefits of running
Lecture 6 How it works
Section 2: IMPORTANT: Running Easy key principles
Lecture 7 Understanding fitness
Lecture 8 Running Easy Approach - Introduction
Lecture 9 Running Easy Approach - Types of Runners
Section 3: Choosing your shoes
Lecture 10 Running Gear - Introduction
Lecture 11 Running Gear - Choosing correct shoes
Section 4: Zero to 5km/3mi (12 weeks) - Overview
Lecture 12 Zero to 5km Training Program - Introduction
Lecture 13 Training Program - Planning Time
Lecture 14 Training Program - Planning Routes
Lecture 15 Download Zero to 5km/3mi Training Program
Section 5: Zero to 5km/3mi (12 weeks) - Part 1 - Introduction
Lecture 16 Going out for first walk/run
Lecture 17 Power Walker
Lecture 18 Rundamental - Face traffic
Section 6: Zero to 5km/3mi (12 weeks) - Part 1 - Week 1
Lecture 19 Week 1 - Let's walk
Lecture 20 Rundamental - Hydrate before run
Lecture 21 Rundamental - Visible Clothing
Lecture 22 Running Gear - Running Top
Lecture 23 Running Gear - Shorts/tights
Section 7: Zero to 5km/3mi (12 weeks) Part 1 - Week 2
Lecture 24 Week 2 - A little more walking
Lecture 25 Rundamental - Carry phone/ID
Section 8: Zero to 5km/3mi (12 weeks) - Part 1 - Week 3
Lecture 26 Week 3 - Getting into the rhythm
Lecture 27 Running Gear - Running Glasses
Section 9: Zero to 5km/3mi (12 weeks) - Part 1 - Week 4
Lecture 28 Week 4 - End of walk
Lecture 29 Running Gear - Hat/Headband
Section 10: Zero to 5km/3mi (12 weeks) - Part 1 - Week 5
Lecture 30 Week 5 - Walk before you tired
Lecture 31 Rundamental - Always two cars
Section 11: Zero to 5km/3mi (12 weeks) - Part 1 - Week 6
Lecture 32 Week 6 - Walk to run
Section 12: Zero to 5km/3mi (12 weeks) - Part 1 - Week 7
Lecture 33 Week 7 - Passed Halfway
Section 13: Zero to 5km/3mi (12 weeks) - Part 1 - Week 8
Lecture 34 Week 8 - 3x30
Lecture 35 Running Wild
Section 14: Zero to 5km/3mi (12 weeks) - Part 1 - Week 9
Lecture 36 Week 9 - Running Easy
Lecture 37 Running Form - Stride
Lecture 38 Running Form - Posture
Lecture 39 Running Form - Foot strike
Section 15: Zero to 5km/3mi (12 weeks) - Part 1 - Week 10
Lecture 40 Week 10 - 20 min run
Lecture 41 Rundamental - Cat's Eyes!
Lecture 42 Rundamental - Stretching
Section 16: Zero to 5km/3mi (12 weeks) - Part 1 - Week 11
Lecture 43 Week 11 - Nearing the goal
Section 17: Zero to 5km/3mi (12 weeks) - Part 1 - Week 12
Lecture 44 Week 12 - WOW
Section 18: 5km/3mi to Half Marathon (12 weeks) - Part 1 - Get Going - Week 1
Lecture 45 5km to 21km Training program - Introduction
Lecture 46 It's in the mind
Lecture 47 Running Easy Zone (Aerobic and Anaerobic)
Lecture 48 Join us on a run
Lecture 49 Rave Runs
Lecture 50 Download Half Marathon Training Program
Section 19: 5km/3mi to Half Marathon (12 weeks) - Week 1 - Starting Marathon Training
Lecture 51 Week 1 - Let's Go
Lecture 52 Mythbuster - You get fit while running
Lecture 53 Rundamental - Music
Section 20: 5km/3mi to Half Marathon (12 weeks) - Week 2 - Fuel
Lecture 54 Week 2- Fuel
Lecture 55 Understanding Energy - Fuel
Lecture 56 Fueling
Section 21: 5km/3mi to Half Marathon (12 weeks) - Week 3 - Crossing Over
Lecture 57 Week 3 - Crossing over
Lecture 58 10% Rule
Lecture 59 Types of runs - Introduction
Lecture 60 Types of runs - Wet runs
Lecture 61 Types of runs - Cold runs
Lecture 62 Types of runs - Hot runs
Lecture 63 Types of runs - Flat/downhill runs
Lecture 64 Types of runs - Hill Running
Section 22: 5km/3mi to Half Marathon (12 weeks) - Part 2 - Building Strength - Week 4
Lecture 65 Week 4 - One third mark
Lecture 66 Rundemental - Suncream
Lecture 67 Hydrating
Lecture 68 Power Walker
Section 23: 5km/3mi to Half Marathon (12 weeks) - Week 5 - Edging Forward
Lecture 69 Week 5 - Edging Forward
Lecture 70 Preparing for the long run
Lecture 71 Long run
Lecture 72 Types of runs - Long and slow runs
Lecture 73 Types of runs - Short and fast runs
Section 24: 5km/3mi to Half Marathon (12 weeks) - Week 6 - HALFWAY!
Lecture 74 Week 6 - Halfway
Lecture 75 Running Gear - Watch
Lecture 76 Running Gear - Arm socks
Lecture 77 Carboloading
Section 25: 5km/3mi to Half Marathon (12 weeks) - Part 3 - Week 7 - Building endurance
Lecture 78 Week 7 - Infrastructure Building
Lecture 79 Rundamental - Chaffing
Lecture 80 Mythbuster - Race harder than long training run
Section 26: 5km/3mi to Half Marathon (12 weeks) - Week 8 - Nearing the Peak
Lecture 81 Week 8 - Nearing the peak
Lecture 82 Rundamental - Negative Split
Lecture 83 Avoiding Injuries
Section 27: 5km/3mi to Half Marathon (12 weeks) - Week 9 - PEAK WEEK
Lecture 84 Week 9 - Peak week
Lecture 85 Rundamental - The wall
Lecture 86 Injuries on the run
Section 28: 5km/3mi to Half Marathon (12 weeks) - Week 10 - Part 4 - Gliding to the end
Lecture 87 Week 10 - The Taper
Lecture 88 Big Taper
Lecture 89 Types of runs - Bad runs
Section 29: 5km/3mi to Half Marathon (12 weeks) - Week 11 - Less is more
Lecture 90 Week 11 - Less is more
Lecture 91 Injuries after the run
Lecture 92 Pre-Race - Week Before
Lecture 93 Sick - Can I run?
Section 30: 5km/3mi to Half Marathon (12 weeks) - Week 12 - THE BIG DAY!
Lecture 94 Week 12 - The BIG Day
Lecture 95 Pre-Race - Two Nights before
Lecture 96 Pre-Race - Day before
Lecture 97 Pre-Race - Night before
Lecture 98 Race Day
Lecture 99 Race Tips
Lecture 100 Race Plan
Lecture 101 Race Etiquette
Lecture 102 Post Race
Section 31: What's Next?
Lecture 103 And now?
Lecture 104 Enjoy the Lifestyle
Lecture 105 Bucket list runs
Lecture 106 Radio Interview
Anyone who has never run before,Anyone who wants to learn to run and enjoy it,Anyone who wants to get fit,Anyone who wants to run their first half marathon (21km/13mi),Anyone who wants to get healthy,Anyone who wants to lose weight,Anyone who wants to live longer with less disabilities in old age,Anyone who wants to improve their brain power,Anyone who wants to improve their bone density,Anyone who wants to improve their productivity,Anyone who wants to boost their concentration,Anyone who wants to be a happier person


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