Ultimate Facebook Advertising | Learn Facebook Ads In 2023

Published 7/2023
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Facebook Ads Accelerator | Boost Sales From Facebook Ads with Expert Strategies | Beginner Friendly Facebook Marketing

What you'll learn
How to create effective Facebook ad campaigns.
Understanding the different ad formats and placements available on Facebook.
Targeting specific audiences to reach the right people for your business.
Setting up and optimizing a Facebook Business Manager account.
Conducting thorough audience research to identify ideal target segments.
Creating compelling ad copy and visuals that drive engagement and sales.
Implementing pixel tracking and conversion tracking for better campaign analysis.
A/B testing different ad variations to optimize performance in Facebook ads.
Budgeting and bidding strategies to maximize return on ad spend (ROAS) in Facebook ads.
Understanding the Facebook Ads Manager interface and campaign structure.
Leveraging Facebook's targeting options, including demographics, interests, and behaviors.
Utilizing custom and lookalike audiences to expand reach and target similar users.
Retargeting strategies to reach people who have already engaged with your brand.
Utilizing Facebook's ad scheduling feature for optimal campaign timing.
Strategies for creating high-converting landing pages for Facebook ads.
Analyzing and interpreting campaign metrics, such as click-through rate (CTR) and cost per acquisition (CPA).
Troubleshooting common issues and optimizing underperforming campaigns.
Utilizing Facebook's ad optimization features, such as automatic placements and campaign objectives.
Strategies for running successful ad campaigns during holidays and special events.
Harnessing the power of video ads and storytelling on Facebook.
Implementing effective call-to-action buttons and lead generation forms.
Understanding the role of Facebook's algorithm and how it impacts ad delivery.
Compliance with Facebook's advertising policies and avoiding ad disapprovals.
Scaling successful campaigns and budget management for larger ad spends.
Understanding the importance of ad frequency and managing it effectively.
Integrating Facebook ads with other marketing channels for a cohesive strategy.
Using retargeting ads to create personalized and dynamic ad experiences.
Strategies for split testing audiences, creatives, and offers for continuous improvement.
Harnessing the power of Facebook's audience insights and analytics tools.
Staying up-to-date with the latest Facebook ad features and industry best practices.
Advanced targeting techniques, such as layering multiple targeting options and excluding specific audiences.
Implementing dynamic product ads to showcase personalized recommendations based on user behavior.
Creating effective ad funnels and understanding the customer journey on Facebook.
Utilizing Facebook's split testing feature to compare different ad elements and optimize performance.
Strategies for targeting specific mobile device users and optimizing mobile ad campaigns.

No requirements for any past Facebook ads experience.
No requirements for any past marketing experience.
No requirements for any social media experience.
No requirements on time. You can seperate 1 hour a day and finish the course in 10 days easily.
No requirements the industry you are in. This will explain you everything about how to run successfull Facebook ads.

Want to become a high-paid Facebook Ads marketer?Amazing!This Facebook Ads course will take you from an absolute beginner with zero experience to an advanced Facebook Advertiser.So you can become a high-paid social media marketer and run Facebook Ads with tons of profit.All the information in this course is up to date and recorded in 2023.You will have access to the latest features of Facebook Ads (Meta Ads) platform.Even if you have no idea about Facebook Advertising this course will teach you the fundamentals and then teach you advanced techniques to make you a Facebook Ads wizard.If you are an advanced marketer, don't worry, you will learn a lot. Every section is designed to speak to all levels of students.So you won't get bored. I promise!Also, towards the end of the course, you will see very advanced Facebook Ads strategies only top digital marketing agencies use.With this Facebook marketing course, you can sell any product with the Meta platforms and make serious profit.If you want to generate leads for your business, you will be flooded with high quality leads.If you want to run ads for other people and turn it into a profitable Facebook Ads Marketing agency, you will be able to get results for your clients every single time.Are you with me? Good.Because what I am about to say will shock you.With this course, you will have a Meta Verified Marketer knowledge and work at any agency you want with a 6-figure salary.Many of my students have achieved this.And these are some of the reviews for my last digital marketing course:--"I have completed 100% of this course. It's great all the way around." Tyler"This course blew me away! Delivers as promised. I like the topics in this course. Really up to date and they're everything you need to get inside the digital marketing industry. Jim knows his stuff! He has deep knowledge of digital marketing, long work experience to back it up, and a passion for teaching that inspires. Highly recommended to those who want to work in digital marketing!" Gene Ryan"Very insightful, I see now the reason why getting digital marketing skill is, especially the basics." Sarah"Very Easy To Understand and benefited me in my marketing job!. Worth for money" Nirmal Raj"Incredibly detailed and well-explained Faceboo ads course. Highly recommended!" Omar Hanif"As a complete beginner to digital marketing, I feel like I have gained an important skill. The instructors explanations are very clear. He is enthusiastic and engaging. The presentations are awesome too! Totally deserves a 5 star." Becky McGreggor--Okay okay, I can see you want to see what's actually in this course.Here is what you learn:Facebook Advertising FundamentalsFacebook in a NutshellWhat We Want vs What Facebook WantsFacebook Ads Structure and Facebook Ads ObjectivesFacebook Ad FormatsFacebook Ad PlacementsCreating a Facebook Business ManagerUploading the PixelUploading the Pixel to ShopifyUploading the Pixel to Different CMSDomain VerificationSetting Up the Facebook Page Ready For Advertisement2-Factor Authentication For Facebook AdsFacebook Ad Campaign CreationAds Manager OverviewCampaign SetupAd Set SetupAd SetupAd Types That Work Every Single TimeTesting Audiences in Your Facebook Ads CampaignWhen to Pause an Ad SetFacebook Ads OptimizationCreative Testing CampaignFacebook Ads Lookalike AudiencesWhat is Lookalike Audience?Why Do We Use Lookalike Audiences?Type of Lookalike AudiencesCreating Lookalike Audiences in Facebook AdsFacebook Ads RemarketingWhat Are Warm, Hot and Cold Audiences?What is Remarketing?Creating a Remarketing AudienceAd Creative For Remarketing AdsWriting Remarketing Ad Copy & Creating Remarketing CreativeAnalysing Remarketing AdsScaling Facebook Ad CampaignsHorizontal Scaling Your Facebook AdsVertical Scaling Your Facebook AdsBroad Targeting Scaling with Your Facebook AdsLearning PhaseFacebook Catalog AdsWhat Are Facebook Catalog AdsCreating Facebook Catalog AdsLanding Page For Optimal Conversion RateIntroduction to Landing PagesLanding Pages For EcommerceLanding Pages For Lead GenerationFacebook Instant LeadsWhat are Instant Forms?Creating Instant Form CampaignsHow to Launch Special Day Campaigns Like Black Friday?Campaign StrategyCreative StrategyCrazy Social Proof StrategyIntro to Crazy Social Proof StrategyCreating the Crazy Social Proof StrategyHow to Avoid Account RestrictionsReviewing Facebook AdsReviewing Facebook Ads Part.1Reviewing Facebook Ads Part.2Are you still with me? Okay cool!Don't let the number of modules scare you, because they are easy to consume and understand.However, I want you to practice what I teach in the course.That way you will be a master Facebook Ads marketer and companies will try to get you in.If you want to run your own ads to your business or for your clients, that's even better! Because you will make a ton of money.Before you make a decision, please read these common questions I get about this Meta Advertising course.Q:Is this Facebook Ads course suitable for beginners?A:Yes, even if you have 0 experience, you won't feel overwhelmed. This course is beginner friendly.Q:How long is the duration of the Facebook Ads course?A: There has over 10 hours of video content that you will have life-time access.Q:Will this course cover the latest updates and changes in Facebook Ads?A:Yes, this course is updated every single week, and recorded in 2023Q:Are there any prerequisites or specific knowledge required to enroll in this course?A:Not at all! Just willingness to learn.Q:Does the course provide practical, hands-on exercises and real-life examples?A:Yes, in this course we will create a brand new campaign for a real product.Q:Can I expect to see tangible results and improvements in my Facebook Ads campaigns after completing this course?A:I can guarantee you will see drastic improvements in your campaigns because these tactics I share in the course are used by big agencies to run ads for Coca Cola, BIC, Starbucks, Tupperware and more.Q:Is there any support or assistance available if I have questions or need help during the course?A:Yes, you will have 24/7 access to me directly. And I will answer your questions as fast as possible.Q:Are there any additional resources or materials provided along with the course content?A:Yes, every presentation in this course is downloadable.Q: I have taken some Facebook ads courses in the past, can I still learn something new?A: Don't let the beginner friendliness of the course fool you. You will learn expert secrets and agency strategies in this course and I guarantee you will learn something new!I hope your question falls into one of these buckets. If not, I can guarantee you will be satisfied with this course.How am I so sure?Because I have been working in the most successful digital marketing agencies in the world for 10 years and know how big brands like Coca Cola, BIC, Starbucks, Frasers Property, Tupperware and Candela run their ads, because I have run them.I pour all my knowledge about Facebook ads into this digestible course, so you don't waste years on Youtube or spend money on non-qualified instructors' courses.IMPORTANT! For you to enroll in this course:There are no requirements for any past Facebook ads experience.No requirements for any past marketing experience.No requirements for any social media experience.No requirements on time. You can seperate 1 hour a day and finish the course in 10 days easily.No requirements the industry you are in. This will explain you everything about how to run successfull Facebook ads.I will hold your hand in this journey,And I can promise, this course will impact your life. That's why I am very confident about this. Just relax, enroll, take your pen and paper out and see how I can make you more money in your career with this Facebook Ads marketing blueprint.You are here because you need this skill. You know it.And I want you to get to the most reliable information and hands-on training on Facebook Ads.That's why this course is for you! Are you ready to become a Facebook Ads Expert in 2023?Enrol today.

Section 1: Welcome to the Course
Lecture 1 Welcome to the Course
Lecture 2 How to Go Through this Course
Lecture 3 What to Expect?
Lecture 4 Who Am I?
Section 2: Facebook Advertising Fundementals
Lecture 5 Facebook in a Nutshell
Lecture 6 What We Want vs What Facebook Wants?
Lecture 7 Facebook Structure & Objectives
Lecture 8 Facebook Ad Formats
Lecture 9 Facebook Ad Placements
Section 3: Creating a Facebook Business Manager
Lecture 10 Creating a Facebook Business Manager
Section 4: Uploading the Pixel (Tracking)
Lecture 11 Uploading Pixel to Shopify
Lecture 12 Installing Pixel on Different CMS
Section 5: Domain Verification
Lecture 13 Domain Verification
Section 6: Setting Up the Facebook Page Ready For Advertisement
Lecture 14 Setting Up Your Facebook Page
Section 7: 2-Factor Authentication
Lecture 15 2-Factor Authentication
Section 8: Facebook Ads Campaign Creation
Lecture 16 Ads Manager Overview
Lecture 17 Campaign Setup
Lecture 18 Ad Set Setup
Lecture 19 Ad Setup
Lecture 20 Ad Types That Works Every Single Time
Lecture 21 Testing Audiences in Your Facebook Ad Campaign
Lecture 22 When to Pause an Adset?
Section 9: Facebook Ads Optimization
Lecture 23 Facebook Ads Optimization
Section 10: Creative Testing Campaign
Lecture 24 Facebook Ads Creative Testing Campaign
Section 11: Facebook Ads Lookalike Audiences
Lecture 25 What is Lookalike Audience?
Lecture 26 Why Do We Use Lookalike Audiences?
Lecture 27 Type of Lookalike Audiences
Lecture 28 Creating Lookalike Audiences in Facebook Ads
Section 12: Facebook Ads Remarketing
Lecture 29 What are warm, hot and cold audiences?
Lecture 30 What is Remarketing?
Lecture 31 Creating a Remarketing Audience
Lecture 32 Ad Creative For Remarketing Ads
Lecture 33 Writing Remarketing Ad Copy & Creating Remarkting Ad Creative
Lecture 34 Analysing Remarketing Ads
Section 13: Scaling Facebook Ads Campaign
Lecture 35 Horizontal Scaling Your Facebook Ads
Lecture 36 Vertical Scaling Your Facebook Ads
Lecture 37 Broad Targeting Scaling with Your Facebook Ads
Lecture 38 Learning Phase
Section 14: Facebook Catalog Ads
Lecture 39 What are Facebook Catalog Ads
Lecture 40 Connecting Your Product Feed to Facebook
Lecture 41 Running Catalog Ads in Facebook Ads Manager
Section 15: Landing Pages For Optimal Conversion Rate
Lecture 42 Introduction to Landing Pages
Lecture 43 Landing Pages For Ecommerce
Lecture 44 Landing Pages For Lead Generation
Section 16: Facebook Instant Leads
Lecture 45 What is Instant Forms?
Lecture 46 Creating Instant Form Campaigns
Section 17: How to Launch Special Day Campaigns Like Black Friday & Xmas Campaings
Lecture 47 Campaign Strategy
Lecture 48 Creative Strategy
Section 18: Crazy Social Proof Strategy
Lecture 49 Intro to Crazy Social Proof Strategy
Lecture 50 Creating a Crazy Social Proof Strategy Campaign
Section 19: How to Avoid Ad Account Restriction
Lecture 51 How to Avoid Ad Account Restrictions
Section 20: Reviewing Other Facebook Ads (Supplementary)
Lecture 52 Facebook Ads Creative Review Part.1
Lecture 53 Facebook Ads Creative Review Part.2
Small business owners looking to promote their products or services on Facebook ads,Marketing professionals who want to enhance their skills in Facebook advertising.,Freelancers or digital marketers interested in offering Facebook ads as a service to clients.,Social media managers who want to optimize their Facebook ad campaigns for better results.,Affiliate marketers who want to drive targeted traffic to their affiliate offers using Facebook ads.,Non-profit organizations seeking to raise awareness and donations through Facebook ads.,Bloggers or content creators looking to grow their audience and increase engagement through Facebook ads.,Startups aiming to reach their target market and build brand awareness using Facebook ads.,Marketing students or individuals interested in pursuing a career in digital marketing.,Event organizers who want to promote their events and sell tickets through Facebook ads.,Real estate agents or agencies looking to generate leads and find potential buyers or renters on Facebook.,Online course creators who want to use Facebook ads to attract students and sell their courses.,Authors or book publishers aiming to promote their books and reach a wider audience on Facebook.,Local businesses, such as restaurants or salons, interested in driving foot traffic and increasing customer bookings through Facebook ads.,Digital entrepreneurs or online business owners who want to leverage Facebook ads to grow their online presence and generate revenue.,Marketing managers or executives who want to stay up-to-date with the latest Facebook advertising strategies and trends.,Social media influencers or aspiring influencers who want to monetize their following through sponsored Facebook ads.,Artists or creatives looking to promote their work, such as paintings or handmade products, through targeted Facebook ads.,Local service providers, such as plumbers or electricians, who want to use Facebook ads to reach potential customers in their area.,People who want to work in a digital marketing agency and make 6 figures a year.


Ultimate Facebook Advertising | Learn Facebook Ads In 2023

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