Sales Training: Closing The Sale

Published 3/2023
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What you'll learn
Learn how the most effective negotiators immediately connect to their client through an unseen flow of energy that increases the speed of decision.
Referrals are easier to close! Learn how to utilize the power of "borrowed influence" to ensure easier appointment making and quicker decision-making.
Questions that focus the customer on the need for a solution, increase the speed of closing the sale and open larger order value opportunities.
Learn how to incorporate and communicate the hidden power of the sales rainmaker that enables your client to be pulled into "wanting what you are offering.
Questions that help to overcome Objections. Learn how to effectively use the tagalong questioning technique, enabling you to communicate more effectively.
Rapport is an unseen flow of energy. Learn how to effectively communicate and achieve immediate rapport with your client so they know, like and trust you!
Learn a proven strategy that gives you the power of asking the right question at the right time to handle objections and close the sale.
Professional Virtual Presentations! Learn how to ensure an engaging, dynamic and highly professional meeting on any virtual platform.

No Sales Experience Needed

Sales Mastery Course Value Proposition and ContentThe Sales Mastery To Closing More Sales Value Proposition: "The Sales Mastery is an online sales training course that changes the game of learning through relevant and meaningful sales education that energizes, entertains and inspires you to achieve ultimate sales results."This course is going to give you information that's going to help you to close more sales. Simply put, there is nothing more important when talking to a customer than the questions you ask him or her. Separate yourself from your competition through a proven framework that emphasizes Sales Excellence. Learn how to apply the one thing that motivates every single human being to take action and watch as your ability to close sales dramatically increases. You'll learn a proven and researched framework that supports great answers to the questions that you're going to be asking. The power of asking the right question at the right time can make or break the sale. Learn how to implement a question strategy that is based on years of extensive research that will ensure you are always seen as the Sales Professional. Learn how to maneuver and navigate your client to fully understand why they need what you are offering. This course will give you a framework that you could follow on your very next call. Award Winning Trainer - Sales award-winning trainer, author of the award winning book: The Sales Pro and D.R.E.A.M passionately educates, motivates and inspires you to take action through high-energy delivery and game-changing content to enable everyone to achieve results.Paul's Keynote Sales Presentation video highlighting Sales techniques that are needed in 2023 and beyond!Free Award Winning E-Book, "The Sales Pro," authored by Paul Anderson - Designed for people new to sales as a reinforcement of how to set up yourself naturally to close the sale, increase your confidence to professional presentations, eliminate the competition and identifying key decision makers faster. Live Trainer Sessions, Power Point and white board - Learning through interactive whiteboard and power point delivery to visually break down the complex material into the simplistic for easy comprehension.Cartoon Character Animation - Cartoon animation is fun and entertaining by sustaining one's attention. It makes the information easier to comprehend which leads to quicker application and results.White Board Animation - Whiteboard animation brings context to life by breaking down the complex process for easier understanding.Written Context - Traditional written context can be printed to provide tangible reinforcement of material.Sessions Exercises - Exercises allow the material to be customized for quicker application leading to increased speed of results.Free Award winning Audio-Book, "The Sales Pro," authored by Paul Anderson - The audible version of the award winning book! Now you can listen to some of the key skills, techniques and strategies of the top sale performers to increase your learning productivity and listen to a specific skill which you can apply on your very next call! - Fun Reinforcement Video - Fun reinforcing videos offer inspiration and motivation to maintain engagement and keep you on track.Free D.R.E.A.M E-Book and Audible Book, authored by Paul Anderson - As Ghandi so perfectly stated: "Be the change you wish to see in the world." Take advantage of proven steps that lead to personal success through thought provoking epiphanies that will offer you insight into where to focus, what to focus on and how to ensure you are always aligning your thoughts with your goals so you continually move yourself forward.The Sales Mastery To Closing More Sales ContentStrategic Questions that Close Sale. Regardless of what you sell the power of asking the right question at the right time can make or break the sale. Learn a proven question strategy that is based on years of research.Learn how to ask the right questions, at the correct time, and in the right way! This course will show you how to ask a "mix" of questions ensuring that your client feels like they are having a conversation, oblivious to the fact they are giving information away!Learn how to utilize the power of "borrowed influence" that ensures easier appointment making, quicker decision-making and enables you to work smarter not harder! You'll be shown how to ask for a referral and position your request so that your client feels naturally comfortable in responding with new potential client opportunities for you to pursue!Learn how to effectively use the tagalong questioning technique, enabling you to communicate more effectively, capturing deeper more relevant information while having a natural conversation with your client!Winning over every potential client! Sales professionals engage in "reflecting," to ensure that the solution they are going to present matches what their client needs, and if it doesn't match, this technique gives you the ability to acknowledge what your client has asked for, so that you can effectively explain why you are recommending an alternative.Learn how to position your price so your client views it as an investment. Understand the psychology and framework of pricing options to help narrow down the decision and make it easier for your client to make an immediate commitment.Learn how the most effective negotiators and communicators naturally and immediately establish trust and connect to their client through an unseen flow of energy that increases the speed of buyer decision!Learn how to incorporate and communicate the hidden power of the sales rainmaker that enables your client to psychologically connect and be pulled into "wanting" what you are offering!Learn what words to incorporate into your conversation in order to match your communication to that of your client so they naturally feel pulled towards you!The Go-Giver Sells More Strategy - Paul is a Certified Go-Giver speaker and coach and introduces you to the Go-Giver philosophy. The Go-Giver book written by Bob Burg and John David Mann took the world by storm with it's simple but effective message that giving and adding value is the most fulfilling and effective path to success. Use this approach and you will not only sell more, you will also live a rich and joyful life. It works! – Spencer Johnson – New York Times Bestselling author of Who Moved My Cheese? And coauthor of The One Minute Sales PersonBuild Rapport! Rapport is an unseen flow of energy that naturally connects you with the person you are talking to. Learn how to effectively communicate and achieve immediate connection with your client so they know, like and trust you!Learn how to define your thinking, realize and communicate your true value and emotionally connect to your client to enable a deeper and more loyal connection that moves the sale forward!Match sales cycle and Increase results! Sales professionals utilize their character traits to their advantage. Learn how to ensure you tap into the hidden power of your personality and achieve the results faster and more effectively than you ever thought possible!Professional Virtual Presentations! Learn how to ensure an engaging, dynamic and highly professional meeting on any virtual platform. The number one way to present at a virtual meeting or conference and nail it is to be engaging, so learn some tips on how to ensure exactly that!And a host of Sales Motivation and Sales Resilience Microlearning Videos too!Learned Optimism - There is never been a more important time to reinforce the biological, mental and emotional benefits of Optimism. Learn how optimism enhances the quality of life, and how anyone can learn to practice it.Healthy Body Posturing and Body Language - Capture insight into a technique that has not only proven to reduce your stress level but increase your confidence, improve your balance of comfort and support your ability to be more assertive, allowing your body to optimize the level of resilience to whatever is coming at you.Emotional Intelligence - The most effective communication will come from the person who strives to understand and share the feelings of others. Learn how to increase you intuitive understanding of how the people you communicate with are thinking and feeling and the significant difference between academic and emotional intelligence.Managing Your Emotions - Take advantage of the science that helps to strengthen your emotional control while perhaps at a minimum learning a new eight letter word that will trigger conversation during some of those "awkward" people moments you may be familiar with!Using the Strength of Your Authenticity - What do you define as character and how do you define your character? How do you gauge another person's character? Part of our natural DNA is to want to default to who we really are, our authenticity. The more we can link to that authenticity, the more powerful we are in everything we're doing, regardless of whether it's career oriented or personal orientated, it all comes down to one's character, so learn how to ensure that what you're doing is defining your character and reinforcing that you are able to motivate yourself without outside influence.Work - Life Balance - Life balance exemplifies not just internal happiness but radiates an energy to those around us that adds to their health and wellbeing too, so enjoy the content that is intended to trigger or inspire a thought, that helps you and those around you to place a focus on a journey to become "whole.Effective Time Management! Learn how to align your focus to what is truly important by pushing away the distractions that keep you from achieving your goals! The highest level of thought leaders and successful life overachievers use this simple but highly effective thought process that enable their focus to be consistently aligned with what they value the most, allowing true authenticity to shine through and achieving greaterGood Selling! Paul

Section 1: Introduction to the Closing The Sale Course
Lecture 1 Video Introduction
Section 2: Your Transition Steps to a Sales Superstar!
Lecture 2 The Steps to Quick and Effective Learning
Lecture 3 New Mindset New Results Video
Section 3: Strategic Question Overview
Lecture 4 SPIN Question Strategy
Section 4: Introduction
Lecture 5 Strategic Questions Part One
Section 5: Strategic Questions Part Two
Lecture 6 Strategic Questions Part Two Video
Lecture 7 Strategic Questions Exercise
Section 6: Effective Questioning Techniques
Lecture 8 Effective Questioning Techniques
Section 7: Open and Closed Questions
Lecture 9 Open and Closed Questions
Section 8: Effective Open & Closed Questions
Lecture 10 Animated Video
Section 9: Effective Questioning Techniques Part Two
Lecture 11 Learn how to ask the right questions, at the correct time, and in the right way.
Section 10: Effective Questioning Techniques Part Three
Lecture 12 Video
Lecture 13 Exercise
Section 11: Funny Break
Lecture 14 Video
Section 12: Tagalong Questions
Lecture 15 Tagalong Questions
Section 13: Tagalong Questions
Lecture 16 Video
Lecture 17 Tagalong Question Exercise
Section 14: Tagalong Questions Whiteboard Animation
Lecture 18 Video
Section 15: Reflecting Technique
Lecture 19 Reflecting Technique
Section 16: Reflecting Questions that lead to Active listening
Lecture 20 Video
Lecture 21 Reflecting Exercise
Section 17: Closing Techniques & Strategies
Lecture 22 Skills and Techniques to Close Sales Faster
Lecture 23 Closing Video
Section 18: Closing
Lecture 24 Exercise
Section 19: Eight Connecting Principles to Close More Sales
Lecture 25 Animation Video
Section 20: Eight Connecting Principle Download Written Principles
Lecture 26 Eight Connecting Principles
Section 21: Referral Questions & Positioning
Lecture 27 Referral Questions
Section 22: Referral Questions
Lecture 28 Video
Lecture 29 Referral Exercise
Section 23: Funny Break
Lecture 30 Video
Section 24: Negotiating & Price Presentation Questions
Lecture 31 Video
Section 25: Negotiation and Price Presentation
Lecture 32 Price Presentation
Section 26: The Power of Your Belief and Critical Questions everyone in Sales Should ask
Lecture 33 Belief
Section 27: Questions to Reinforce Your Belief
Lecture 34 Video
Lecture 35 Video 2
Lecture 36 Belief Exercise
Lecture 37 Video 3
Lecture 38 Belief Exercise
Lecture 39 Video 3
Lecture 40 Marrying You're a Passion to You Belief
Lecture 41 Video 4
Section 28: Building Rapport
Lecture 42 Building Rapport
Section 29: Building Rapport
Lecture 43 Video 2
Section 30: Questions that lead to Building Rapport
Lecture 44 Video
Lecture 45 Building Rapport Exercise
Section 31: Positioning Statements
Lecture 46 How To Position Yourself as a Professional
Lecture 47 Video
Lecture 48 Video 2
Lecture 49 Insight Selling Exercise
Section 32: Establishing Trust
Lecture 50 Trust
Section 33: Questions that Establish Trust
Lecture 51 Video
Lecture 52 Trust Exercise
Section 34: Sales Cycle Personality
Lecture 53 Match your Personality to the Sales Cycle!
Section 35: Sales Cycle to Your Personality Part One Video
Lecture 54 Video
Section 36: Sales Cycle to your Personality Part Two
Lecture 55 Video Two
Lecture 56 Sales Cycle Exercise
Section 37: Funny Break - Mighty Mick - Top Sales Person Podcast Interview
Lecture 57 Paul's Podcast interview with Top Sales Person Mighty Mick
Section 38: Authentic Selling
Lecture 58 The Power of you!
Section 39: Authenticity - The Vital Ingredient
Lecture 59 Authenticity Video
Lecture 60 Authenticity Exercise
Section 40: Celebrity Moment - Authenticity
Lecture 61 Video
Section 41: The Sales Pro Introduces you to Go-Givers Sell More
Lecture 62 Go-Giver Sells More Philosophy
Section 42: Professional Virtual Presentations
Lecture 63 Professional Virtual Presentations
Lecture 64 Profesional Virtual Presentations Video
Section 43: The Sales Pro Book
Lecture 65 Video
Section 44: The Sales Pro E-Book
Lecture 66 E-Book
Section 45: The Sales Pro Companion Book
Lecture 67 The Sales Pro Companion Book
Section 46: The Sales Pro Audio Book
Lecture 68 Audio Book
Section 47: Sales Pro Video Shorts
Lecture 69 Sales Pro Video Shorts
Section 48: Sales Skill Shorts Medley Video
Lecture 70 Video
Section 49: Animation Video Medley Break!
Lecture 71 Animated Video
Section 50: Whiteboard Animated Video Medley
Lecture 72 Whiteboard Medley Video
Section 51: Excerpts from Paul's Sales Keynote Presentation
Lecture 73 Get to know Paul a Little more.......
Section 52: How To Stay Motivated in Sales
Lecture 74 Sales Resilience Video
Section 53: Learned Optimism Leads to Consistent Performance
Lecture 75 Consistent Performance Through Learned Optimism Video
Section 54: Learned Optimism Video
Lecture 76 Learned Optimism Video
Section 55: D.R.E.A.M Book
Lecture 77 D.R.E.A.M Book
Section 56: D.R.E.A.M E-Book Download
Lecture 78 E- Book
Section 57: D.R.E.A.M Audio Book
Lecture 79 Audio Book
Section 58: D.R.E.A.M Exercise
Lecture 80 D.R.E.A.M Exercise
Section 59: Healthy Body Language
Lecture 81 Healthy Body Language
Section 60: Healthy Body Language Video
Lecture 82 Healthy Body Language Video
Section 61: Emotional Intelligence to a Superior Sales Performance
Lecture 83 EQ Versus IQ
Lecture 84 EQ Versus IQ Video
Section 62: Managing Your Emotions to Sustain Resilience
Lecture 85 Managing Your Emotions
Section 63: Managing Emotions Video
Lecture 86 Managing Emotions Video
Section 64: Your Character and Sales Resilience
Lecture 87 Definition of Character
Lecture 88 Definition of Character Video
Section 65: Work-Life Balance
Lecture 89 Work - Life Balance
Section 66: Work - Life Balance Video
Lecture 90 Work Life Balance Video
Section 67: Know What You Value The Most and Manage Your Time Effectively
Lecture 91 Time Money Mindshare
Section 68: Time Money Mindshare Video
Lecture 92 Time Money Mindshare Video
Section 69: The Final Word
Lecture 93 Paul's Final Message to You!
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