Plugineverything Odometer v1.1 Plugin for After Effects
Plugineverything Odometer v1.1 Plugin for After Effects
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Count numbers, words & glyphs in the most visually appealing way. From microscopic to Jeff-Bezos-Numbers, count literally anything with Odometer.

v1.1 update content:

– Added 5 order modifiers: Invert, Random, Increment, Inside Out, Inside Out
– Rotation direction parameter can now be keyframed
– Fixed wrong orientation when forcing minimum rotation and rotation direction down
– Fixed numbers > 1 million Wrong slider parameter

AE CC2015+

Core features:
32bpc color precision
Apple Silicon Native
MFR enabled
Blazing fast motion blur
Text & Glyphs mode: full Penner easing presets with additional controls
3 main modes: Numbers, Words & Glyphs
In-built perspective & feathering
GPU accelerated
Numbers mode: count up to 9 duotrigintillion (99 zeroes)
Numbers mode: inherits your easing

System Requirements:

AE CC2015+ | macOS 11.3+ | Windows 7+

GPU required (integrated GPU such as Intel Iris supported)
Apple Silicon native. Older mac's (~2013) with Nvidia cards may not work