ChatGPT Masterclass - Build Solutions and Apps with ChatGPT
Last updated 1/2023
Created by Henry Habib
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Integrate ChatGPT into no-code apps and solutions | ChatGPT API | Create 6+ ChatGPT integrations | Build 4+ ChatGPT apps

What you'll learn
Create full business applications and solutions with the OpenAI API and ChatGPT AI
The inner workings of OpenAI, chatGPT, its capabilities, advantages, disadvantage, and more
Integrate ChatGPT into several business platforms, like Outlook, Teams, Excel, Power Automate, and more
Integrate ChatGPT into several no-code development applications, like Power Apps, Bubble, Airtable, and mofre
Create a ChatGPT app that replies to your emails in a professional and polite manner
Create a ChatGPT app from scratch that automatically creates real cover letters based on job ads and resumes
Create a ChatGPT app from scratch that plans itineraries based on location, trip length, and interests
Create a ChatGPT chatbot with Teams
Create a ChatGPT app that generates stock photos to be used in pitch presentations and other slide decks
Integrate ChatGPT API into Azure Functions, enabling you to put ChatGPT anywhere

No programming or building experience needed, come hungry to learn
Microsoft 365 with Outlook and Teams is preferred, but not required
A small amount of Python will be used in this course, but everything will be taught as we go

*PLEASE READ BELOW *Do you want to build with OpenAI and ChatGPT apps using no-code?Have you heard about the power of ChatGPT and want to use it to create solutions and applications? Do you want to seamlessly integrate ChatGPT into your business applications, like Outlook, Teams, Excel, Power Apps, Power Automate, and more?Do you want to build full enterprise solutions and real-life web applications that use ChatGPT and don't know where to start? Do you want to bring OpenAI's API into your application, platform, solution, or business?Do you want to build full real examples applications and solutions with ChatGPT from beginning to end, including a Cover Letter Generator, a Travel Itinerary Planner, a PPT Stock Generator, and an app that creates its own replies to email?Then this is the course for you. Learn from more than 6 hours of relevant instructional video content, with the only course that will not just teach you how to use ChatGPT to increase your productivity, but also how to build real-life solutions and applications from scratch using ChatGPT. We will leverage this amazing AI model, along with other OpenAI models like DALL-E, to create business software from beginning to end.This course will teach you how to use the OpenAI's API and integrate it into many different platforms, including Outlook, Power Apps, Power Automate, Airtable, Bubble, and many more. We will then take what we have learned and build some examples of real-life applications and solutions from scratch.What is this course all about?This course has one objective: start building applications and solutions with ChatGPT. We do that by first learning more about OpenAI and ChatGPT, and how to use its APIs in our platforms. We then create a serverless function that can take ChatGPT prompts and return responses - the first step to integrate your ChatGPT into your application. After that, we learn to integrate the ChatGPT API into many platforms, like Outlook, Power Apps, Power Automate, Teams, Bubbe, Airtable, and more. Finally, we take all we've learned, and create full applications and solution examples, like TravelPlan, a web application that helps users create itineraries through the power of ChatGPT.What is OpenAI?OpenAI is the company behind ChatGPT - it's an AI research and deployment company that builds amazing AI models and provides them to the public via API for a per-use fee. It is based out of San Francisco and its investors include Microsoft. In fact, Microsoft has recently invested more than $10B into the company.What is ChatGPT?GPT-3 is a series of Language Generation models that was developed by OpenAI. Its newest form, called Davinchi, is what is behind the ChatGPT program that we all know and love. It grew to popularity in December 2022 after people started using it and seeing how amazing it deals with any Prompt-Response completion questions like "write me a slogan for an ice cream company" or "explain to me Quantum Computing like I'm five years old".What is OpenAI's API?OpenAI has an API (Application Programming Interface) for all of its GPT-3 models, including ChatGPT and Davinchi. It enables any platform to talk directly to OpenAI's model, and this is the tool that lets us program OpenAI into any application or solution that we can think about., like Outlook, Power Apps, and much more.How do you create business solutions or applications using ChatGPT API?We create applications and solutions by linking ChatGPT's API directly into an application or solution building platform. For example, we learn how to integrate ChatGPT's API into Power Apps. After we do that, we can build any business application we want using Power Apps and it can now integrate ChatGPT. This is the same case for all the other platforms we cover.What are the different platforms that we will integrate ChatGPT into?We specifically go through Outlook, Teams, Power Automate, Power Apps, Bubble, and Airtable. We also go through how to add ChatGPT as an Azure Function. This enables us to extend ChatGPT to any single platform we want including React, Webflow, Zapier, Excel, and many more.What applications or solutions will we build in this course?Tchat - a Teams chatbot that you can put into your business to answer any questionCoverLetterCreator - a Cover Letter generator based on a job description and reading a set of skills from a ResumeTravelPlan - enables users to create detailed itineraries after specifying a location they are traveling, how long they are going for, and what they want to doStockPhotoPPT - creates images that users can put into their slide decks with easePolitelySayNo - craft emails that politely and professionally say no to tough requests from your managerWhy learn how to integrate ChatGPT into your solutions and applicationsImprove your productivity - imagine how easy it would be for ChatGPT to reply to your emails for you, or to create a first draft on your travel itinerary to China. With ChatGPT, you can do that. However, it may be annoying to use the chat feature - so instead why not integrate it directly into the tools you use most like Outlook, Excel, Airtable, and more.Build businesses - many businesses have had AI at their centre. ChatGPT opens the doors for you to create applications and solutions that solve a problem ChatGPT can easily solve. For example, in this course, we create a Cover Letter Generator app that creates cover letters based on a job ad and resume. This can easily be monetized and converted into a successful business.Win with AI - let's face it, AI is the future. It is paramount that you include AI in your daily workflows as it can increase your efficiency and improve your output, no matter what job you have.Why choose this course?Complete guide - this is the 100% start to finish, zero to hero, basic to advanced guide on building solutions and applications with ChatGPT. There is no other course like it that teaches you everything from start to finish. This not only goes through the basics of ChatGPT, but also how you integrate it with other platforms. It has 6 hours of instructional content!Platform driven - we cover all popular platforms and applications that you would want to bring ChatGPT into, including Power Apps, Power Automate, Outlook, Bubble, Airtable, and more. We also showcase how to turn the ChatGPT API into your own Azure function, enabling you to deploy it anywhere, in any single application or solution.Structured to succeed - this course is structured to help you succeed. We first go through a crash course on ChatGPT, then we learn how to integrate ChatGPT into different platforms, and then we build real life applications and solutions with these platforms.Fully instructional - we not only go through important concepts, but also apply them as we are building our application so that we can solidify them. This is not only a walkthrough of all the features and theoretical concepts, but a course that actually builds applications with you.Step by step - we go through every single concept in a sequential order (from learning about ChatGPT, connecting it to the platforms, and then creating examples. This improves your probabilities of learning these platforms to build solutions rather than going haphazardly through each feature.Learn to learn - during the latter parts of the course, we go through situations where we encounter new features or errors, and work through how we would use the documentation to resolve them. In this way, you not only learn about these platforms and how they interact inside and out, but learn how to resolve your own issues as they come up.Teacher response if there's anything else you would like to learn, or if there's something you cannot figure out, I'm here for you! Look at the ways to reach out video.Reference material - follow along! I provide all reference material directly to you so you can follow along in your learning journey.Course overviewIntroduction - learn about the course, how to succeed, and the course roadmapCrash course on OpenAI and ChatGPT - learn about the different models within OpenAI and ChatGPT, how they work, and their capabilitiesEnvironment setup - download and install the tools you will be using in this courseCreate a serverless wrapper API with ChatGPT - connect to OpenAI API and create an Azure function that leverages ChatGPTIntegrate ChatGPT with different platforms - learn how to link Open API to different platforms, including Outlook, Power Automate, Power Apps, Bubble, Airtable, and moreCreate full real solutions and apps with ChatGPT - create 4 full applications and solutions including CoverLetterCreator, StockPhotoPPT, PolitelySayNo, and TravelPlanIf you want to learn how to create enterprise-grade applications and solutions using ChatGPT and other platforms as mentioned above, including ones with no-code, then this is the course for you. We're looking forward to having you in the course and hope you earn the certificate.Music: Bensound

Who this course is for
Managers and employees who want to integrate ChatGPT into their daily workflows to make their lives easier
Managers and employees who want to improve efficiencies of their teams by integrating ChatGPT into their tools
Anyone who wants to build and monetize full applications and solutions using ChatGPT
Students who want to learn how to link ChatGPT into other application or solution building software like Bubble, Airtable, Power Apps, and more


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