Pass Your Hirevue English Interview For Finance

Published 2/2023
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HireVue Interview prepration and interview simulator. Pass your finance interview with confidence.

What you'll learn
Learn how to pass the AI type interviews (HireVue)
Learn to pass tough job interviews in English
Build confidence by practicing in mock HireVue interviewes
Learn answers to the most common HireVue questions

Intermediate English Language skills
No previous interviewing experience required.

This program will teach you skills and knowledge to pass your AI-type interview.Are you a non-native English speaker? Do you need to pass a HireVue AI interview to land your dream job?This course is designed for you.All videos are captioned so that you can learn and practice whenever you need. Your instructor, Denis, was the Head of Recruitment for 2 global organizations including Bank of America Merrill Lynch.He interviewed over 10,000 people and designed the interview questions you need to answer.Denis teaches this interview program on 3 MBA courses and will share hiring secrets to help you pass your AI type job interview.The course contains:How to set up for the AI interviewHow the AI is assessing you.What keywords the AI is listening out for.Preparing you for questions HireVue will ask you.Structuring winning and fluent answers with examples.Planning and explaining your career goal objectives.The 10 critical research questions you need to do.The REAL answers to explaining strengths and weaknesses.An advanced formula for success to answer 'Tell me about yourself'.You will receive step-by-step downloadable planners and clear examples to help you pass.Do you get nervous before interviews?Denis is will teach you how to handle your interview stress. A little bit of stress keeps you alert and is good. Denis teaches you how to keep your stress at a minimum. Our learners find that when they manage their stress, they have successful interviews. We teach you HOW to cope with interview stress and give you TACTICAL exercises to remain CALM.Winning Competency answers.Denis will teach you an advanced STAR technique that gets you results.You will learn the SECRETS of Competency Scoring. Yes, you are scored between 1-5. We'll teach you how the AI scores you so you can go for higher scores each time.Interview simulator:Practice is the way to become successful so we made a simulator for you.You will learn to answer tough questions and then build your confidence in our simulator under increasing amounts of pressure until you are ready.You CAN land your dream job in English. Let's get you started!#passenglishinterview #englishinterviewquestions #ai #hirevue

Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Strategies to pass HireVue
Section 2: Accelerated Learning resources
Lecture 3 Must-use learning resources
Section 3: Tactics to manage your stress
Lecture 4 How your body reacts to interview stress
Lecture 5 Stage 1- The lead-up
Lecture 6 Stage 2 - Waiting for the interview
Lecture 7 During the interview
Section 4: Answering tricky and tough questions
Lecture 8 WHY we ask you tough questions
Lecture 9 Why didn't you get an offer from your previous internship?
Lecture 10 What are your career goals?
Lecture 11 What is your biggest weakness?
Lecture 12 Why do you want to work for us?
Lecture 13 Why do you want to work in this business area?
Lecture 14 Tell me about yourself
Section 5: Interview Simulator: Assessing your 'Fit'
Lecture 15 Simulator: What are your career goals?
Lecture 16 Simulator: Why did you choose your major?
Lecture 17 Simulator: Name 3 of your strengths
Lecture 18 Simulator: Name 3 of your weaknesses
Lecture 19 Simulator: What are some of your achievements?
Lecture 20 Simulator: What motivates you?
Lecture 21 Simulator: Why do you want to work in this division?
Lecture 22 Simulator: Why do you want to work in this organisation?
Lecture 23 How are is our organisation different?
Lecture 24 Simulator: Whats's your greatest strength?
Lecture 25 Simulator: What's your biggest weakness?
Lecture 26 Simulator: What skills are required for success in this role?
Lecture 27 Simulator: What do you know about us?
Section 6: Winning competency answers
Lecture 28 Why we test you with competency questions.
Lecture 29 Using the STAR method effectively
Lecture 30 Advanced technique: Going the extra mile
Lecture 31 The SECRET to high competency scores
Lecture 32 Demonstration answer: Competency - Leadership
Lecture 33 Demonstration answer: Competency - Collaboration
Lecture 34 Demonstration answer: Competency - Resilience
Lecture 35 Demonstration answer: Competency -Working under pressure
Lecture 36 Demonstration answer: Competency - Working through change
Lecture 37 Story telling for maximimum IMPACT.
Lecture 38 Create your WINNING competency story
Section 7: Interview Simulator: Competency questions
Lecture 39 What to expect in the simulator
Lecture 40 Interview simulator: Organising & prioritization
Lecture 41 Interview simulator: Decision making
Lecture 42 Interview simulator: Analytical skills
Lecture 43 Interview simulator: Difficult team members
Lecture 44 Interview simulator: Leadership
Lecture 45 Interview simulator: Influencing
Lecture 46 Interview simulator: Acting on feedback
Lecture 47 Interview simulator: Resilience
Lecture 48 Interview simulator: Joining new teams
Lecture 49 Interview simulator: Responsibility
Lecture 50 Interview simulator: Creative thinking
Lecture 51 Interview simulator: Describe a success
Lecture 52 Interview simulator: Working under pressure
Lecture 53 Interview simulator: Learning new skills
Lecture 54 Interview simulator: Risk taking
Lecture 55 Interview simulator: Problem solving
Lecture 56 Interview simulator: Attention to detail
Lecture 57 Interview simulator: Overcoming challenges
Section 8: Multi-question HireVue simulator
Lecture 58 What to expect in the simulator
Lecture 59 2 Questions simulator
Lecture 60 3 Questions simulator
Lecture 61 3 Questions simulator
Lecture 62 5 Questions simulator
Lecture 63 Goldman Sachs 5 question interview
People needing to pass a HireVue or similar AI video interviews for kobs in finance, banking and Big 4


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