30 Days Of Google Cloud: The Complete Gcp Beginners Bootcamp

Published 1/2023
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Explore Key GCP Services From The Very Beginning Through Hands-On Demos and Detailed Use Cases!

What you'll learn
Getting started with Google Cloud Platform Services
Learn how to use GCP compute, storage, and networking services
Choose the right GCP service for your use case
Get hands-on with compute, networking, storage, and database services in GCP
Explore the best practices for building secure and reliable applications on the Google Cloud Platform
Understand CI/CD and Machine Learning Services
Learn how to use Google Cloud Operations and Analytics services with demos

Zero Knowledge of Google Cloud Platform is expected
Need debit or credit card to create your Google Cloud Platform account

Start your journey with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) which is one of the fastest growing cloud platforms in 2023. Knowing Google Cloud Platform gives you lots of opportunity for your future career! With this course you can have 30 sections, 188+ lectures 11+ hours of amazing content designed for beginners to learn GCPThis course aims to provide a thorough overview of GCP. From the core services like Compute, Storage, and Networking to the advanced services, this course introduces the key concepts and then indicates you how to start being effective. Each section includes a hands-on demo of one of the key services. You will also learn the use cases and scenarios for some of the most significant services of Google Cloud.This course will give you a well structured and planned content where you can spend your each day on learning specific GCP Service without overburdening. Starting from course introduction, we will dive each day with learning Google Cloud Platform Service. First 10 days of this course is designed for learning Compute options on Google Cloud including Overview of GCP, Getting started with Google Cloud, Google Compute Engine, Optimizing Costs and Performance, Instance groups, load balancing, google app engine, google Kubernetes engine, google cloud functions. From day 11 we will explore other Google Cloud Services like Cloud Run, Encryption with Cloud KMS, Block & File Storage, Object storage, Cloud IAM, Relational and No SQL Databases, Cloud VPC, Cloud Pub/Sub, and Google Cloud Operations. Last 10 days of this course will be on learning services like Google Cloud Analytics, Cloud Marketplace, Integration Services, CI/CD, Machine Learning, Pricing Calculator and other important services, GCP tools and exploring Qwiklabs. We will finish up with understanding of Google Cloud Certifications and our next steps. Join me in this course if you're ready to dive into GCP. You won't be disappointed! I will see you in the next lecture!

Section 1: Day 1 - Course Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Course Structure
Lecture 3 Course Materials
Section 2: Day 2 - Overview of Google Cloud Platform
Lecture 4 Learning Objectives
Lecture 5 Regions and Zones
Lecture 6 GCP Services
Lecture 7 Signing up with GCP
Section 3: Day 3 - Getting started with Google Cloud
Lecture 8 Learning Objectives
Lecture 9 Google Cloud Resource Hierarchy
Lecture 10 Interacting with Cloud Console
Lecture 11 Interacting with Cloud Shell
Lecture 12 Interacting with Client Libraires
Section 4: Day 4 - Google Compute Engine (GCE)
Lecture 13 Learning Objectives
Lecture 14 Overview of GCE
Lecture 15 Create your first VM instance in GCP
Lecture 16 Setting Up HTTP Web Server
Lecture 17 Playing with Internal & External IP Addresses
Lecture 18 Creating Static IP Addresses
Lecture 19 Startup Script Commands
Lecture 20 Create VM Instance with Startup Script
Lecture 21 Create VM Instance with Instance Template
Lecture 22 Create VM Instance with Custom Image
Lecture 23 ATTENTION! BILLING ALERT! Terminate your VM Instances
Section 5: Day 5 - Optimizing Costs and Performance
Lecture 24 Learning Objectives
Lecture 25 Types of Discounts
Lecture 26 Budgets and Alerts
Lecture 27 Live Migration & Availability Policy
Lecture 28 Playing with Custom Machine Types
Lecture 29 Graphic Processing Units (GPUs)
Section 6: Day 6 - Instance Groups
Lecture 30 Learning Objectives
Lecture 31 Overview of Instance Groups
Lecture 32 Create Instance Groups
Lecture 33 Playing with Instance Groups
Lecture 34 Rolling Update and Restart
Lecture 35 Instance-groups Commands
Lecture 36 Create Instance Groups using CLI
Lecture 37 Updating Instance Groups using CLI
Section 7: Day 7 - Load Balancing
Lecture 38 Learning Objectives
Lecture 39 Overview of HTTP, HTTPS, UPD, TCP Protocols
Lecture 40 Creating a Load Balancer
Lecture 41 Playing with a Load Balancer
Lecture 42 Choosing a Load Balancer
Section 8: Day 8 - Google App Engine
Lecture 43 Learning Objectives
Lecture 44 Understanding Google App Engine
Lecture 45 App Engine commands
Lecture 46 Create App Engine application
Lecture 47 App Engine Main Components & Hierarchy
Lecture 48 Exploring App Engine App, Services and Versions
Section 9: Day 9 - Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
Lecture 49 Learning Objectives
Lecture 50 Understanding GKE in Google Cloud Platform
Lecture 51 Creating a GKE Cluster
Lecture 52 Playing with GKE Clusters
Lecture 53 Kubernetes Commands
Lecture 54 Getting started with Deployment and Service
Lecture 55 Creating Deployment and Service
Lecture 56 Exploring Pod and Replica set
Lecture 57 Scaling Deployment and Resizing Node pools
Lecture 58 Autoscaling, ConfigMap and Secrets in GKE
Lecture 59 Quick Review
Section 10: Day 10 - Google Cloud Functions
Lecture 60 Learning Objectives
Lecture 61 Understanding Cloud Functions
Lecture 62 Create Cloud Function 1st gen
Lecture 63 Understanding 2nd gen
Lecture 64 Create Cloud Function 2nd gen
Lecture 65 Version Comaparasion
Section 11: Day 11 - Google Cloud Run
Lecture 66 Learning Objectives
Lecture 67 Understanding Google Cloud Run
Lecture 68 Create Cloud Run in GCP
Lecture 69 Cloud Run Use Cases & Integrations
Section 12: Day 12 - Encryption with Cloud KMS
Lecture 70 Learning Objectives
Lecture 71 Understanding Encryption in GCP
Lecture 72 Symmetric & Asymmetric Encryption
Lecture 73 Getting started with Cloud KMS
Lecture 74 Playing with KMS
Section 13: Day 13 - Block & File Storage
Lecture 75 Learning Objectives
Lecture 76 Exploring Block & File Storage
Lecture 77 Playing with Block & File Storage
Lecture 78 Persistent Disks vs Local SSDs
Lecture 79 Types of Persistent Disk
Lecture 80 Understanding Snapshots
Lecture 81 Playing with PDs and Snapshots
Lecture 82 Playing with Machine Images
Section 14: Day 14 - Object Storage - Cloud Storage
Lecture 83 Learning Objectives
Lecture 84 Playing with Cloud Storage
Lecture 85 Understand Buckets, Objects, Structure and Tools
Lecture 86 Storage Classes
Lecture 87 Lifecycle Management and Encryption
Lecture 88 Playing with gsutil to create Cloud Storage from CL
Section 15: Day 15 - Cloud IAM - Identity & Access Management
Lecture 89 Learning Objectives
Lecture 90 Getting started with Cloud IAM
Lecture 91 Exploring IAM Roles
Lecture 92 Understanding Cloud IAM & Policy Troubleshooter
Lecture 93 Commands for next steps
Lecture 94 Playing with IAM - Command Line
Lecture 95 Getting started with Service Accounts
Lecture 96 Simple Project
Lecture 97 Creating Service Account Key
Lecture 98 Exploring Cloud Storage (ACLs)
Section 16: Day 16 - OLTP and OLAP - Relational Databases
Lecture 99 Learning Objectives
Lecture 100 Understanding OLTP & OLAP Relational Databases
Lecture 101 Overview of Cloud SQL
Lecture 102 Demo - Playing with Cloud SQL
Lecture 103 Editing Cloud SQL
Lecture 104 Cloud SQL from Command Line
Lecture 105 Overview of Cloud Spanner
Lecture 106 Demo - Playing with Cloud Spanner
Lecture 107 Cloud SQL vs Cloud Spanner
Lecture 108 Overview of BigQuery
Lecture 109 Demo - Playing with BigQuery
Lecture 110 BigQuery from Command Line
Section 17: Day 17 - No SQL and In Memory Databases
Lecture 111 Learning Objectives
Lecture 112 NoSQL & In Memory Databases
Lecture 113 Overview of Datastore & Firestore
Lecture 114 Demo - Playing with Firestore
Lecture 115 Overview of Cloud Bigtable
Lecture 116 Demo - Playing with Cloud Bigtable
Lecture 117 Cloud Bigtable from Command Line
Lecture 118 Overview of Cloud Memorystore
Lecture 119 Demo - Playing with Memorystore
Section 18: Day 18 - Cloud VPC (Virtual Private Cloud)
Lecture 120 Learning Objectives
Lecture 121 Overview of Cloud VPC
Lecture 122 Understanding Subnets
Lecture 123 VPCs and Subnets
Lecture 124 Demo - Creating VPC Networks
Lecture 125 Firewall Rules
Lecture 126 Exploring CIDR Blocks
Lecture 127 Shared VPC
Lecture 128 VPC Network Peering
Lecture 129 Cloud VPN and Interconnect
Section 19: Day 19 - Cloud Pub Sub
Lecture 130 Learning Objectives
Lecture 131 Overview of Cloud Pub Sub
Lecture 132 How Pub Sub Works
Lecture 133 Demo - Creating Pub Sub
Lecture 134 Commands used in the next step
Lecture 135 Pub Sub from Command Line
Lecture 136 Core Concepts
Section 20: Day 20 - Google Cloud Operations
Lecture 137 Learning Objectives
Lecture 138 Overview of Cloud Operations
Lecture 139 Cloud Monitoring
Lecture 140 Exploring Cloud Logging
Lecture 141 Demo - Cloud Logging
Lecture 142 Cloud Trace
Lecture 143 Cloud Debugger
Lecture 144 Error Reporting
Lecture 145 Cloud Profiler
Section 21: Day 21 - Google Cloud Analytics Services
Lecture 146 Learning Objectives
Lecture 147 Cloud Composer
Lecture 148 Cloud Dataproc
Lecture 149 Cloud Dataflow
Lecture 150 Cloud Datastream
Lecture 151 Looker
Section 22: Day 22 - Cloud Marketplace
Lecture 152 Learning Objectives
Lecture 153 Demo - Cloud Marketplace
Section 23: Day 23 - Integration Services
Lecture 154 Learning Objectives
Lecture 155 Understanding Cloud Scheduler
Lecture 156 Demo - Cloud Scheduler
Lecture 157 Cloud Tasks
Lecture 158 Cloud Apigee (API Management)
Section 24: Day 24 - CI/CD on Google Cloud
Lecture 159 Learning Objectives
Lecture 160 Overview of CI/CD in Google Cloud
Lecture 161 CI/CD for App Engine with Cloud Build
Lecture 162 Commands used in the next step
Lecture 163 CI/CD Project
Section 25: Day 25 - Machine Learning on Google Cloud
Lecture 164 Learning Objectives
Lecture 165 Overview of Machine Learning on Google Cloud
Lecture 166 Machine Learning APIs
Lecture 167 Auto ML
Lecture 168 Vertex AI
Lecture 169 AI Infrastructure Tools
Section 26: Day 26 - Pricing Calculator
Lecture 170 Learning Objectives
Lecture 171 Overview of Pricing Calculator
Lecture 172 Estimate Compute Engine
Lecture 173 Estimate Your Databases
Section 27: Day 27 - Other Important Services
Lecture 174 Learning Objectives
Lecture 175 Cloud DNS
Lecture 176 Anthos
Section 28: Day 28 - GCP Tools
Lecture 177 Learning Objectives
Lecture 178 Deployment Manager
Lecture 179 Identity Platform
Section 29: Day 29 - Qwiklabs - Google Cloud Skill Boost
Lecture 180 Learning Objectives
Lecture 181 Introduction to Qwiklabs
Lecture 182 How to get free monthly subscription in Qwiklabs
Lecture 183 Overview of Qwiklabs
Section 30: Day 30 - GCP Certifications
Lecture 184 Learning Objectives
Lecture 185 Overview of Google Cloud Certifications
Lecture 186 How I got my Associate Cloud Engineer Certification
Lecture 187 Congratulations
If you are looking to start your Cloud Journey with Google Cloud Platform,IT professionals looking for a quick crash course on GCP


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