Veritas NetBackup v10.1.1 + BootCD
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NetBackup with Cloud Scale Technology is the only enterprise data management solution that combines automation, artificial intelligence, and an elastic architecture to improve agility and data security across any cloud, at any scale. With 100 exabytes of information currently under management, no other solution comes close.

87% of the Fortune Global 500 choose NetBackup. Our integrated approach delivers unmatched performance and cost savings.
- Cloud-Optimized. Manage and eliminate the complexity of multi-cloud environments.
- Automated Operations. Deliver a more cost-effective and sustainable cloud.
- Cyber Resilience. Recover business-critical data with active cyber defenses.

Simplify data management with multi-cloud optimization. Scale performance and data protection with ease across all applications and environments. Leverage multi-cloud intelligence to enhance security while reducing cost.
- Achieve lower TCO with integrated NetBackup SaaS Data Protection
- Optimize performance, mitigate risks, and reduce cloud costs with IT analytics
- Expand backup and recovery support for PaaS workloads across all major cloud providers
- Scale securely with Cloud Object storage protection
- Ensure resiliency with orchestrated workload migration to and between clouds for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform
- Leverage 200+ APIs to easily manage and automate backup tasks, rolling features, and functionalities into your existing NetBackup infrastructure
- Automate and orchestrate DR at scale in the cloud with single-click recovery, custom scripting, and DR rehearsals

Unlock multi-cloud mobility with native Kubernetes support. As a single, unified data protection solution, NetBackup eliminates the need for point products and radically simplifies the orchestration of backing up and recovering Kubernetes mission-critical workloads and applications.
- Unified for all Kubernetes platforms—only NetBackup provides you with the choice and flexibility to implement the distributed cloud strategy that best fits your environment
- Rapidly recover what you want, where you want, with cross-platform, multi-cloud recovery
- Simplify containerized environments with application-consistent Kubernetes cluster backup, deduplication, and image duplication for the tiering of backup storage (service lifecycle policies, "SLP") and Auto Image Replication are all built-in
- Manage protection and recovery using native Kubernetes tools

Close the gaps in your cyber resiliency strategy. Safeguard your data with a unified platform approach designed to extend beyond data protection. NetBackup provides a multi-layered, proactive solution that ensures resiliency against ransomware.

- Data integrity with storage-agnostic immutability
- Role-based access control (RBAC)
- Multi-factor authentication
- Military-grade encryption in-transit and at rest
- Threat mitigation edge to core to cloud
- Complete infrastructure and data visibility
- AI-powered anomaly detection
- Automated malware scanning
- Orchestrated and automated recovery at scale
- Visibility of last-known-good malware-free backups
- Infected content expiration prior to recovery
- Zero-ransom, clean recovery

Automated operations. Streamline backup and recovery while ensuring constant protection and data optimization. Manage resources more efficiently and reduce costs by requiring less oversight.
- Reduce cloud instance utilization up to 40% with NetBackup's Elastic Cloud Autoscaling for AWS and Azure
- Reduce the cost of cloud storage and carbon footprint by up to 95% with Elastic Cloud Data Deduplication and Snapshot Services
- Use orchestrated, automated, at-scale backup and disaster recovery for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform, unstructured Windows/Linux files and VMs
- Leverage multiple service levels for complex, multi-tiered applications
- Monitor compliance with the most stringent SLAs via audit reports and non-disruptive recovery rehearsals

Backup for virtual environments in the cloud. NetBackup delivers agentless backup, instant access, and reliable granular data recovery in the cloud that can scale with your virtual machine environment.
- Data protection for your virtual environments, including VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Nutanix AHV, and Red Hat OpenShift
- Integrate SOAR/XDR platforms to pause or resume data protection activities based on security or maintenance events
- Anomaly and malware scan alerts stored within system logs can be ingested easily by early warning systems such as SIEM platforms
- Granular Recovery Technology optimizes recovery from individual files and folders to VMs and VMDKs
- Recover "last-known-good" backup at scale with malware scanning and flexible recovery workflows
- Instantly recover VMs by booting from backup disk storage and provide access to apps while migrating them to primary storage
- Find and restore single files or folders without mounting and browsing the full VM
- Restore VM objects from agentless backups and hardware snapshots
- Resource limits minimize the load per ESXi host and balance backups across hosts
- Snapshot integration across storage arrays and clouds—separately or using multiple transport methods

What's new
Agentless Backup from Snapshot:
The Right Storage at the Right Time Cloud storage costs can vary widely—with "hot" storage tiers from leading providers costing 5 to 10 cents per GB per month, while archive-focused storage tiers can cost up to 90% less.Using NetBackup's backup from snapshot capability allows organizations running their workloads on AWS, Azure, and GCP to take advantage of these lower-cost tiers of storage—by either moving their snapshot data to lower-cost storage tiers in the cloud, to Veritas's own storage-as-a-service offering (NetBackup Recovery Vault), or to their own storage on-premises. And by using the Intelligent Cloud Policy Engine, this entire process can be automated based on criteria that is pre-defined by the backup administrator.

Elastic Cloud Autoscaling: Pay Only for What You Use
Like traditional water and electrical utilities, with NetBackup Elastic Cloud Autoscaling for AWS, Azure, and GCP, an organization only pays for cloud resources when they're used. By automatically provisioning the cloud compute resources and the NetBackup services to meet surges, the required performance demands are always achieved. As the requirements subside, the cloud compute resources are
automatically deprovisioned along with their associated costs.With NetBackup, cloud-native data protection never needs to be compromised due to costs, and the results speak for themselves—organizations can reduce compute resource costs by up to 40%.

Cloud-Optimized Deduplication: Do More with Less
NetBackup's Elastic Deduplication Engine works in concert with Cloud Scale Technology to further reduce storage costs—by up to 99% when compared to the cost of simply maintaining snapshots in the cloud. It features a containerized deployment model, allowing simple integration into your cloud environment while eliminating static instances. And as of NetBackup 10, the Deduplication Engine has been optimized with improved efficiency, compressing more data and utilizing less memory than ever before—allowing your cloud resources (and your budget) to go further.

NetBackup: Built for the Cloud
Data protection is a good example of a dynamic workload that has regular periods of peak demand cycles followed by periods of much lower performance needs. Until now, enterprise data protection in the cloud meant pre-provisioning resources to reflect the requirements of peak demand, driving up the costs of cloud infrastructure without gaining continuous benefit. Not anymore.

Cloud Object Storage: Cost-Effective Durability and Scale
It's estimated that more data will be created within the next 3 years than has been created over the past 30 years. This unprecedented growth in data, driven by digital modernization and cloud adoption, has necessitated the need for an easier, more cost-effective method for storing and accessing massive amounts of data in the cloud. Unlike traditional storage methods, including file and block, cloud object storage offers greater flexibility, scale, and durability to store multiple data types (including unstructured) at a lower cost. As of NetBackup 10.1, you can leverage cloud object storage in your backup and recovery strategy to
• Ensure compliance by providing proof of protection to auditors (internal and external) and the ability to archive data in a separate storage ecosystem
• Optimize cloud scale and flexibility, offering a single point of protection for tens of millions of objects per buckets (even thousands of buckets) while providing multi- and hybrid cloud support, including an exit strategy
• Control costs with versioning and replication for more efficient storage management compared to deduplicated backups
• Increase cyber protection and eliminate ransomware with malware scanning and immutable storage options

Secure Cloud Self-Service
A common pain point for many organizations in cloud native data protection is providing users with the agility for self-service backup and recovery operations without introducing security risks. NetBackup's sophisticated credential management and role-based access controls ensures that your organization's security and compliance requirements are met. NetBackup's secure cloud native self-service capabilities eliminate the need to wait on IT personnel resources—reducing friction without compromising security.

Working Toward a Sustainable Future
With NetBackup powered by Cloud Scale Technology, organizations only pay for the cloud resources that are needed without compromising the most demanding RPOs/RTOs. This not only reduces costs for your organization—it creates a more sustainable future for the planet. By reducing storage and compute requirements, the carbon footprint of that data is also reduced—by up to 98%.


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