HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ReactJS, NodeJS from zero to Expert
Published 4/2024
Created by Ismail cenk karacakaya
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Become a Full-Stack Web Developer with just ONE course.HTML, CSS, jаvascript, Node, React and a big production grade app

What you'll learn:
HyperText Markup Language.
Cascading style sheets.
Object Oriented Programming.
A production grade application you can use as your portfolio project from scratch.
Master backend development with Node.
Work as a freelance web developer.
Master frontend development with React.
How to create clean an reusable code and code refactoring.

No programming experience needed - I'll teach you everything you need to know.
A computer with access to the internet.
No paid software required.
I'll also walk you through, step-by-step how to get all the software installed and set up.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced developer looking to expand your skillset, this course provides a solid foundation and hands-on experience in building modern web applications. Note that the production grade application we will create in this course is unlike anything you have ever seen. After learning how to create an application like this, you will be ready to understand and implement top applications used worldwide.Course Overview:HTML:· Learn Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) for structuring web pages.· Dive into semantic HTML to create well-organized and accessible web content.· Master HTML5 features for multimedia, forms, and semantic elements and many more.CSS Styling and Layout:· Explore Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for styling and layout design.· Understand CSS selectors, properties, and units for precise control over styling.· Dive into responsive design principles and techniques for creating adaptable layouts across devices.jаvascript· Learn Modern jаvascript Features.· Explore functions, scope, and closures for writing modular and reusable code.· Understand asynchronous programming and the event loop in jаvascript.· Explore techniques for fetching data from APIs, handling errors, and managing a database code effectively.· Learn arrow functions, template literals, destructuring, spread/rest operators, and other ES6 features and many more.· Learn DOM manipulation.React.js:· Get introduced to React.js, a powerful jаvascript library for building user interfaces.· Learn about components, state, redux, and props to create reusable and interactive UI elements.· Explore React Router for client-side routing and managing navigation in single-page applications.Node.js Backend Development:· Learn server-side development with Node.js, a runtime environment for executing jаvascript code.· Learn about Express.js, a minimalist web framework for Node.js, for building robust and scalable server applications.· Understand RESTful API design principles and implement CRUD operations for interacting with data.Database:· Learn how to create and Interact with databases using MongoDB NoSQL/SQL database.Security:· Learn about middleware, authentication, and security best practices for Node.js applications.Hands-On Project: Apply your knowledge through a huge production grade project that covers all the tools you need for your portfolio website, instead of creating many useless projects, I will show you how top companies create their applications.Real-World Examples: Explore real-world examples and case studies to understand how these technologies are used in industry-standard applications.Expert Guidance: Benefit from guidance and support from a world class experienced instructor who is passionate about web development and committed to your success.

Who this course is for:
If you want to start your own startup by building your own websites and web apps.
If you want to take ONE COURSE and learn everything you need to know about web development, take this course.
To get a job as a backend developer.
To get a job as a frontend developer.


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ReactJS, NodeJS from zero to Expert