Microservices With Nodejs, React, Typescript And Kubernetes

Published 12/2023
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Build & deploy an Ecommerce marketplace app using event-driven Microservices with Node, Typescript, Kubernetes and React

What you'll learn
Build an amazing e-commerce marketplace application with React
Develop and design REST API with NodeJS and Express
Create containers for microservices with Docker
Orchestrate microservices with Kubernetes on minikube
Orchestrate microservices with Kubernetes on AWS EKS cluster
Setup Continuous Integration/Delivery Pipeline using Jenkins both locally and on the cloud
Create custom helper library and publish as NPM package
Setup and use tools like Elasticsearch, Kibana, Redis and Rabbitmq
Setup services locally with docker compose
Use Typescript both in React and NodeJS/Express microservices
Use redux toolkit RTK query for data fetching and caching
Setup microservices communications using Rabbitmq
Setup centralized microservices monitoring
Implementing observability and monitoring using Elasticsearch, Kibana, Prometheus and Grafana
Use MongoDB, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases
Setup access to microservices using JWT-based authentication
Setup kubernetes deployments, services, statefulSets, ingresses, volumes, storage classes and much more

Basic knowledge of jаvascript and Express is required
No prior React knowledge is required
No prior Backend Development knowledge required
No prior DevOps knowledge required

In build large scale applications intended for growth, microservices architecture is the go-to solution. One issue for jаvascript and NodeJS learners is the few courses and/or resources to teach event-driven microservices with NodeJS and Typescript. This course was designed to show you how to setup and build a large scale event-driven microservices application using React and Typescript on the client side and NodeJS and Typescript on the server side.This course is a fullstack course that focuses on developing microservices and connecting them to a client web application and it follows a hands-on approach or 'learn-by-doing, which means the whole course is structured around building a fullstack web application and the different concepts will be explained detailedly as they are introduced.What's this course about?This course is about building a complete ecommerce freelance marketplace from scratch using popular development tools and the microservices architecural patterns. The curriculum for this course is going to be very hands on as we walk from start to finish building and deploying the application to production. The course is structured into 4 main parts:Development of microservices and client applicationDeployment to kubernetesCI/CD pipeline with JenkinsMonitoring and logs managementEach structure is broken down into its sections.Microservices developmentAPI gatewayNotification serviceAuthentication serviceUsers serviceGig serviceChat serviceOrder serviceReview serviceDeployment of microservices toMinikubeAWS EKS clusterSetup of CI/CD pipeline locally and on the cloud with JenkinsFrontend developmentFrontend deployment toMinikubeAWS EKS clusterWhat Technologies You'll UseBecause we are building a fullstack application, we will use a variety of tools and technologies. For the frontend, we'll use React, Tailwindcss and Typescript to show content to users. Each microservice will be built using NodeJS, Express and Typescript. Across the microservices, you'll use tools and technologies like Elasticsearch, Kibana, Rabbitmq, Redis, SocketIO, MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB. Each microservice will be built as a Docker image and executed in a Kubernetes cluster. The Kubernetes cluster will be created locally with Minikube and on the cloud with AWS EKS. There are numerous tools, technologies and packages that will be used both locally and in our kubernetes clusters.Not familiar with some of these? No problem! This course will guide you on how to setup and use these technologies in your apps.What You'll Be Able to DoAt the end of this course, you will be able toUnderstand the basics of microservices architectureBuild event-driven microservices using NodeJS, Express and TypescriptUse Database-per-service patternSetup communication styles with both Request/Response pattern and Event-driven patternSetup single node kubernetes cluster with Minikube and multi-node kubernetes cluster with EKSUse Docker and Kubernetes to deploy multiple microservices either locally with Minikube or to the cloud with AWS EKS

Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 2 Walkthrough of complete application
Lecture 3 AWS kubernetes objects overview
Lecture 4 Overview of microservices code
Lecture 5 Elasticsearch and Kibana dashboard
Lecture 6 Prometheus and Grafana overview
Lecture 7 Complete project github link
Section 2: Basics of Microservices
Lecture 8 Monolithic Architecture
Lecture 9 Microservices Architecture
Lecture 10 Microservices communication types
Lecture 11 Microservices communication styles
Section 3: Project Architecture
Lecture 12 Project description
Lecture 13 Functional requirements
Lecture 14 Non-functional requirements
Lecture 15 Design decisions
Lecture 16 Project architecture
Lecture 17 Inter-process communication
Section 4: Tools Setup with Docker Compose
Lecture 18 Github link to docker compose services
Lecture 19 Local dev tools
Lecture 20 Docker installation
Lecture 21 Redis service
Lecture 22 MongoDB service
Lecture 23 MySQL and Postgres services
Lecture 24 Rabbitmq service
Lecture 25 Elasticsearch service
Lecture 26 Kibana service
Lecture 27 Start docker compose services
Lecture 28 Kibana dashboard
Section 5: Microservices Helper Library
Lecture 29 Section introduction
Lecture 30 Github link
Lecture 31 Helper library description
Lecture 32 Helper library folder
Lecture 33 Github project
Lecture 34 Node npmrc file
Lecture 35 Using interfaces in the course
Lecture 36 Helper interfaces
Lecture 37 Cloudinary upload method
Lecture 38 Error handlers
Lecture 39 Gateway middleware
Lecture 40 Logger
Lecture 41 Helpers file
Lecture 42 Github actions
Lecture 43 Publish helper library
Lecture 44 Update Library
Section 6: Notification Microservice
Lecture 45 Section introduction
Lecture 46 Notification microservice github link
Lecture 47 Notification emails introduction
Lecture 48 Notification service setup
Lecture 49 Package json build script
Lecture 50 Add src folder and files
Lecture 51 Notification service config file
Lecture 52 Server functions
Lecture 53 Notification service health route
Lecture 54 Elasticsearch connection
Lecture 55 Start notification service
Lecture 56 Rabbitmq connection
Lecture 57 Rabbitmq introduction
Lecture 58 Rabbitmq channel methods
Lecture 59 Auth email consumer method
Lecture 60 Use auth email consumer method
Lecture 61 Order email consumer method
Lecture 62 Mail transport method
Lecture 63 Email templates - Part 1
Lecture 64 Email templates - Part 2
Lecture 65 Use send email method
Lecture 66 Add send email to order consumer
Lecture 67 Setup jest
Lecture 68 Auth consumer test - Part 1
Lecture 69 Auth consumer test - Part 2
Lecture 70 Development dockerfile
Lecture 71 Add notification service to docker compose
Lecture 72 Production dockerfile
Lecture 73 Package json scripts commands
Lecture 74 Copy emails folder into build
Lecture 75 Push code to github
Section 7: API Gateway Microservice Setup
Lecture 76 API gateway architecture
Lecture 77 API gateway microservice github link
Lecture 78 Gateway service folder
Lecture 79 Gateway server file - Part 1
Lecture 80 Gateway server file - Part 2
Lecture 81 Gateway server file - Part 3
Lecture 82 Gateway config file
Lecture 83 Setup gateway service elasticsearch connection
Lecture 84 Gateway health route
Lecture 85 Authentication middleware
Lecture 86 Axios Service
Lecture 87 Add gateway service to docker compose
Lecture 88 Push code to github
Section 8: Authentication Microservice
Lecture 89 Auth service introduction
Lecture 90 Auth microservice github link
Lecture 91 Auth service project setup
Lecture 92 Setup database connection
Lecture 93 Fix sequelize database setup
Lecture 94 Check elasticsearch connection method
Lecture 95 Security middleware function
Lecture 96 Server methods
Lecture 97 App entry file
Lecture 98 Signup schema
Lecture 99 Login schema
Lecture 100 Sequelize model basics
Lecture 101 Database table model fields
Lecture 102 Database indexes
Lecture 103 Connect MySQL to tableplus
Lecture 104 Rabbitmq connection
Lecture 105 Create user service method
Lecture 106 Auth service get methods
Lecture 107 Auth service update methods
Lecture 108 Auth service endpoints
Lecture 109 Signup controller method - Part 1
Lecture 110 Signup controller method - Part 2
Lecture 111 Auth service signup routes
Lecture 112 Auth service gateway methods
Lecture 113 Gateway signup route
Lecture 114 Get cloudinary keys
Lecture 115 Update shared library gateway method
Lecture 116 Add gateway token to shared library
Lecture 117 Auth signin controller
Lecture 118 Verify email controller
Lecture 119 Forgot password method
Lecture 120 Reset password method
Lecture 121 Change password method
Lecture 122 Current user method
Lecture 123 API gateway current user controller
Lecture 124 Refresh token method
Lecture 125 Auth unit test mock
Lecture 126 Current user read method unit test
Lecture 127 Fix jest issue
Lecture 128 Resend email test
Lecture 129 Push to github
Section 9: Authentication Service Elasticsearch
Lecture 130 Elasticsearch and Kibana dashboard
Lecture 131 Create gigs index
Lecture 132 Add test data to gigs index
Lecture 133 Get gig by id
Lecture 134 Upload gigs data
Lecture 135 Elaasticsearch API
Lecture 136 Gigs search query - Part 1
Lecture 137 Gigs search query - Part 2
Lecture 138 Search controller
Lecture 139 Search routes
Lecture 140 API gateway auth search controller
Lecture 141 Searchhttp test
Lecture 142 Auth seed controller - Part 1
Lecture 143 Auth seed controller - Part 2
Lecture 144 Auth seedhttp test
Lecture 145 Push to github
Section 10: Users Microservice
Lecture 146 Section introduction
Lecture 147 Users microservice github link
Lecture 148 Users service setup
Lecture 149 Database connection
Lecture 150 Elasticsearch connection
Lecture 151 Server setup
Lecture 152 Buyer schema
Lecture 153 Seller schema - Part 1
Lecture 154 Seller schema - Part 2
Lecture 155 Seller validation scheme
Lecture 156 Buyer service get methods
Lecture 157 Buyer service update methods
Lecture 158 Seller service get methods
Lecture 159 Seller service update methods
Lecture 160 Buyer gateway service
Lecture 161 Seller gateway service
Lecture 162 Rabbitmq queue connection and producer methods
Lecture 163 Rabbitmq buyer message consumer method
Lecture 164 Rabbitmq seller message consumer method
Lecture 165 Rabbitmq review message consumer method
Lecture 166 Buyer controller routes
Lecture 167 Seller create and update controllers
Lecture 168 Router definition order
Lecture 169 Seller get controller
Lecture 170 Seller seed controller - Part 1
Lecture 171 Seller seed controller - Part 2
Lecture 172 Seller gateway controller
Lecture 173 Seedhttp test
Lecture 174 Buyer unit test
Lecture 175 Push to github
Section 11: Gig Microservice
Lecture 176 Section introduction
Lecture 177 Gig microservice github link
Lecture 178 Gig service setup
Lecture 179 Gig service folders
Lecture 180 Elasticsearch add to index method
Lecture 181 Elasticsearch update and delete methods
Lecture 182 Gig schema - Part 1
Lecture 183 Gig schema - Part 2
Lecture 184 Rabbitmq queue connection
Lecture 185 Gig service get methods
Lecture 186 Gig service create method
Lecture 187 Gig service delete and update methods
Lecture 188 Update gig review method
Lecture 189 Gig queue consumer methods
Lecture 190 Create redis connection
Lecture 191 Get category from redis cache method
Lecture 192 Gig create controller
Lecture 193 Add sortid to create method
Lecture 194 Gig update controller
Lecture 195 Gig get methods
Lecture 196 Gig search methods
Lecture 197 Elasticsearch more like this method
Lecture 198 Top gigs method
Lecture 199 Test top gig method
Lecture 200 Search controller
Lecture 201 Seed data method
Lecture 202 Move seed data consumer method to server start queues method
Lecture 203 Gig seed controller
Lecture 204 Gig unit test
Lecture 205 Gateway gig controllers
Lecture 206 Gateway gig get controller
Lecture 207 Fix gig routes
Lecture 208 Gateway redis connection
Lecture 209 Gateway cache methods
Lecture 210 SocketIO setup
Lecture 211 SocketIO events
Lecture 212 Update current user controller
Lecture 213 Push to github
Section 12: Chat Microservice
Lecture 214 Section introduction
Lecture 215 Chat microservice github link
Lecture 216 Chat project setup
Lecture 217 Chat service socketio information
Lecture 218 Chat service socket connection
Lecture 219 Start chat server
Lecture 220 Conversation model
Lecture 221 Message database model
Lecture 222 Rabbitmq connection
Lecture 223 Message service add message method
Lecture 224 Get chat list method
Lecture 225 Get user messages method
Lecture 226 Mark messages method
Lecture 227 Create message controller
Lecture 228 Update get health controller
Lecture 229 Chat service routes
Lecture 230 Set default createdAt date
Lecture 231 Chat create controller unit test
Lecture 232 Chat gateway service
Lecture 233 Chat gateway controller
Lecture 234 Push to github
Section 13: Order Microservice
Lecture 235 Section introduction
Lecture 236 Order microservice github link
Lecture 237 Service setup
Lecture 238 Order model
Lecture 239 Notification schema
Lecture 240 Fix date in schema
Lecture 241 Notification service
Lecture 242 Get and create order methods
Lecture 243 Approve and cancel order methods
Lecture 244 Deliver order mthod
Lecture 245 Extension request method
Lecture 246 Update order review method
Lecture 247 Order consumer rabbitmq method
Lecture 248 Stripe account creation
Lecture 249 Create stripe intent method - Part 1
Lecture 250 Create stripe intent method - Part 2
Lecture 251 Create order controller method
Lecture 252 Update order controllers
Lecture 253 Update deliver order method
Lecture 254 Notification controllers
Lecture 255 Order routes
Lecture 256 Create order unit test
Lecture 257 Create controller order method unit test
Lecture 258 Gateway order controller and routes
Lecture 259 Fix order routes
Lecture 260 Push code to github
Section 14: Review Microservice
Lecture 261 Section introduction
Lecture 262 Review microservice github link
Lecture 263 Service setup
Lecture 264 Postgres database connection
Lecture 265 Review database table
Lecture 266 Create review method
Lecture 267 Rabbitmq producer
Lecture 268 Get reviews methods
Lecture 269 Review controller
Lecture 270 Create review method unit test
Lecture 271 Gateway review controller
Lecture 272 Gateway current user controller unit test - Part 1
Lecture 273 Gateway current user controller unit test - Part 2
Lecture 274 Push to github
Section 15: Local Elasticsearch Monitoring
Lecture 275 Metric beats docker service
Lecture 276 Run metricbeat service
Lecture 277 Heartbeat docker service
Lecture 278 Run heartbeat service
Lecture 279 Update elasticsearch and kibana in docker compose file
Lecture 280 Create kibana service token
Lecture 281 APM server setup
Lecture 282 APM nodejs client setup
Lecture 283 Run apm server
Section 16: Kubernetes Deployment on Minikube
Lecture 284 Kubernetes fundamentals
Lecture 285 Kubernetes components
Lecture 286 Kubernetes objects
Lecture 287 Kubernetes manifest files for minikube github link
Lecture 288 Minikube installation
Lecture 289 Lens IDE
Lecture 290 Main commands used in this section
Lecture 291 Delete and restart minikube
Lecture 292 Minikube vs. Cloud resources
Lecture 293 Redis kubernetes objects
Lecture 294 Redis statefulsets
Lecture 295 Rabbitmq kubernetes object
Lecture 296 Update Rabbitmq kubernetes object
Lecture 297 MySQL kubernetes object - Part 1
Lecture 298 MySQL kubernetes object - Part 2
Lecture 299 Postgres kubernetes object
Lecture 300 Update postgres kubernetes objects
Lecture 301 Access postgres from your local terminal
Lecture 302 Mongodb kubernetes object
Lecture 303 Elasticsearch kubernetes object
Lecture 304 Kibana kubernetes object
Lecture 305 Apply kibana objects
Lecture 306 Create secrets file
Lecture 307 Use secrets
Lecture 308 Import express async errors
Lecture 309 Build gateway service docker image
Lecture 310 Review service kubernetes objects
Lecture 311 Order and chat services kubernetes objects
Lecture 312 API gateway kubernetes objects
Lecture 313 API gateway ingress
Lecture 314 Dynamically set sameSite property to gateway microservice
Lecture 315 Run api gateway ingress
Lecture 316 Generate self-signed certificates
Lecture 317 Create gateway tls secret
Lecture 318 Remove whitespace from secrets
Lecture 319 Update gateway ingress
Lecture 320 Kibana ingress
Lecture 321 Kibana configmap
Lecture 322 Change kibana user password
Lecture 323 Elasticsearch heartbeat object
Lecture 324 View heartbeat on kibana dashboard
Lecture 325 Elasticsearch metricbeart object
Lecture 326 View metricbeat on kibana dashboard
Lecture 327 Port forward to access MySQl and MongoDB
Section 17: Local CI/CD with Jenkins
Lecture 328 Jenkins docker service
Lecture 329 Jenkins agent docker service
Lecture 330 Add Jenkins agent as node
Lecture 331 Install docker on jenkins agent
Lecture 332 Install plugins
Lecture 333 Create minikube kubernetes token
Lecture 334 Review service jenkinsfile
Lecture 335 Review service jenkins pipeline
Lecture 336 Docker image pipeline build stage
Lecture 337 Reusable groovy functions
Lecture 338 Create slack webhook
Lecture 339 Create jenkins file post actions
Lecture 340 Add kubernetes stage to pipeline
Lecture 341 Test kubernetes pipeline stage
Lecture 342 Github webhooks
Lecture 343 Setup order service pipeline
Section 18: Kubernetes Deployment on AWS EKS Cluster
Lecture 344 Microservice eks cluster architecture
Lecture 345 AWS cost
Lecture 346 Install aws cli
Lecture 347 Create VPC and subnets
Lecture 348 Tag public subnets
Lecture 349 Create NAT gateway
Lecture 350 Create security groups
Lecture 351 Add k8s objects files
Lecture 352 About next two videos
Lecture 353 Create EBS CSI driver role
Lecture 354 Install aws ebs-csi driver
Lecture 355 Update rabbitmq storage class and persistent volume
Lecture 356 Create mysql rds instance
Lecture 357 Create postgres rds instance
Lecture 358 Main commands used in this section
Lecture 359 Install eksctl
Lecture 360 Eksctl introduction
Lecture 361 Create kubernetes cluster with eksctl
Lecture 362 Create kubernetes cluster nodegroup with eksctl
Lecture 363 View worker nodes
Lecture 364 Create elasticsearch cloud deployment
Lecture 365 Add elasticsearch url to secrets
Lecture 366 Create redis cluster on aws
Lecture 367 Create mongodb cloud database
Lecture 368 Apply API gateway kubernetes deployment
Lecture 369 Fix postgres connection issue
Lecture 370 Dynamically set postgres connection ssl property
Lecture 371 Add new env variable to review microservice
Lecture 372 AWS route53 hosted zones
Lecture 373 Apply gateway objects
Lecture 374 Create application load balancer controller service account
Lecture 375 Install ALB controller with helm
Lecture 376 Add annotations to gateway ingress
Lecture 377 Create gateway application load balancer ingress
Lecture 378 Create gateway external DNS service account
Lecture 379 Create gateway external DNS
Lecture 380 Run elasticsearch heartbeat and metricbeat
Lecture 381 Test endpoints
Section 19: Jenkins Setup on AWS
Lecture 382 Create EC2 jenkins master
Lecture 383 Install jenkins on EC2 jenkins master
Lecture 384 Access jenkins master dashboard
Lecture 385 Setup jenkins agent
Lecture 386 Setup ssh connection between jenkins master and agent
Lecture 387 Install nodejs and docker
Lecture 388 Jenkins aws service account token
Lecture 389 Create review service pipeline
Lecture 390 View review service pipeline logs
Lecture 391 Create github webhook
Section 20: Prometheus and Grafana
Lecture 392 Skip videos
Lecture 393 Create EBS CSI driver role
Lecture 394 Install aws ebs-csi driver
Lecture 395 Install prometheus with helm
Lecture 396 Setup prometheus ingress
Lecture 397 Setup external DNS for prometheus
Lecture 398 Prometheus host
Lecture 399 Install grafana with helm
Lecture 400 Setup grafana ingress
Lecture 401 View grafana dashboard
Section 21: React Frontend Project Setup
Lecture 402 Frontend code github link
Lecture 403 Setup project with vite
Lecture 404 Update vite config file
Lecture 405 Add prettier and eslint
Lecture 406 App folder structure
Lecture 407 Install tailwindcss
Section 22: Index Components
Lecture 408 Section introduction
Lecture 409 Create index component
Lecture 410 Create app router component
Lecture 411 React code splitting concept
Lecture 412 Button component
Lecture 413 Index header component
Lecture 414 Hero component
Lecture 415 Hero component text animation
Lecture 416 Text input component
Lecture 417 Utils service file
Lecture 418 Remove shared library
Lecture 419 Gig tabs component
Lecture 420 Gig tabs items
Lecture 421 Categories components
Section 23: Authentication Feature and Components
Lecture 422 Modal background component
Lecture 423 Alert component
Lecture 424 Dropdown component
Lecture 425 Login modal component
Lecture 426 Register modal component
Lecture 427 Setup redux store
Lecture 428 Use redux store file
Lecture 429 RTK query setup
Lecture 430 RTK create api method
Lecture 431 Authentication service
Lecture 432 Register component implementation
Lecture 433 Register component country dropdown
Lecture 434 Register component profile picture
Lecture 435 Validate registration user data
Lecture 436 Create new user method
Lecture 437 Fix RTK query issues
Lecture 438 Create auth reducer
Lecture 439 Logout reducer
Lecture 440 Login user
Lecture 441 Forgot password
Lecture 442 Reset password
Lecture 443 Reset user password testing
Lecture 444 Confirm email
Lecture 445 Add all interfaces
Section 24: Home Components
Lecture 446 Home header component
Lecture 447 Check current user query
Lecture 448 App page component conditionals
Lecture 449 Logout method
Lecture 450 Add gateway service logout route
Lecture 451 Setup protected route component
Lecture 452 Display banner component
Lecture 453 Slider component - Part 1
Lecture 454 Slider component - Part 2
Lecture 455 Home gigs view component
Lecture 456 Featured sellers component
Lecture 457 Star rating component
Lecture 458 Error component
Section 25: Buyer Feature and Components
Lecture 459 Buyer dashboard route
Lecture 460 Buyer dashboard component
Lecture 461 Buyer table component
Lecture 462 Buyer reducer
Lecture 463 Settings dropdown component
Lecture 464 Detect outside click hook
Lecture 465 Fix settings dropdown items
Section 26: Seller Components
Lecture 466 Create breadcrumb component
Lecture 467 Add new seller component
Lecture 468 Personal info component
Lecture 469 Get personal info data
Lecture 470 Seller experience fields component
Lecture 471 Seller experience fields onchange method
Lecture 472 Add and remove fields
Lecture 473 Handle fields change method
Lecture 474 Seller education fields
Lecture 475 Add other seller fields
Lecture 476 Seller service methods
Lecture 477 Seller validation
Lecture 478 Seller onCreate method
Lecture 479 Dispatch seller inside app page component
Lecture 480 Fix email verification issue
Lecture 481 Fix dynamic input text issue
Lecture 482 Update settings dropdown
Section 27: Seller Profile Components
Lecture 483 Add profile header component
Lecture 484 Profile header gig info
Lecture 485 Fullname update fields
Lecture 486 Display star ratings
Lecture 487 Install react fast compare package
Lecture 488 Profile tabs components
Lecture 489 Seller Context
Lecture 490 Edit language components
Lecture 491 Handle update method
Lecture 492 Use language edit fields
Lecture 493 About me component
Lecture 494 Social links component
Lecture 495 Use social links component
Lecture 496 Certificates components
Lecture 497 Certificate edit fields
Lecture 498 Description component
Lecture 499 Experience and education components
Lecture 500 Show experience and education components
Lecture 501 Skill fields component
Lecture 502 Skills component properties
Lecture 503 Create toast method
Lecture 504 Seller update method
Lecture 505 Import toast component styles
Lecture 506 View seller profile page
Lecture 507 Seller dashboard header component
Lecture 508 Header reducer
Lecture 509 Manage earnings component
Lecture 510 Manage earnings table component
Lecture 511 Manage orders component
Lecture 512 Manage orders table body
Lecture 513 Seller dashboard component
Lecture 514 Active orders table
Lecture 515 Add circular page loader to app page
Lecture 516 Update featured expert component on home page
Lecture 517 Add index component suspense fallback
Section 28: Gigs Feature and Components
Lecture 518 Add gig component
Lecture 519 Setup react quill
Lecture 520 Add category dropdown
Lecture 521 Tags input component - Part 1
Lecture 522 Tags input component - Part 2
Lecture 523 Search tags field
Lecture 524 Characters validation
Lecture 525 Cover image selection
Lecture 526 Gig validation hook
Lecture 527 Approval modal component
Lecture 528 Gig create method
Lecture 529 Gig view component
Lecture 530 Gig context
Lecture 531 Gig right package - Part 1
Lecture 532 Gig right package - Part 2
Lecture 533 Gig view seller component
Lecture 534 Gig related tags component
Lecture 535 Gig overview and about components
Lecture 536 Html parser component
Lecture 537 Gig view reviews
Lecture 538 Gigs search result components
Lecture 539 Budget dropdown component
Lecture 540 Delivery time component
Lecture 541 Gig card display item component
Lecture 542 Search gigs query
Lecture 543 Use gig display item component
Lecture 544 Fix budget min and max issue
Lecture 545 Gig paginate component
Lecture 546 Use gig paginate component
Lecture 547 Add gig card display item to seller profile
Lecture 548 Top gigs view component
Lecture 549 Add top gigs view component to home page
Lecture 550 Top gigs slide methods
Lecture 551 Gig card item component
Lecture 552 Gig card item methods - Part 1
Lecture 553 Gig card item methods - Part 2
Lecture 554 Edit gig component
Section 29: Chat Feature and Components
Lecture 555 Main chat and chatbox components
Lecture 556 Scroll to bottom hook
Lecture 557 Message query in chatbox component
Lecture 558 Use save chat message in chatbox component
Lecture 559 Chatbox form
Lecture 560 Message dropdown component
Lecture 561 Add message dropdown to home header
Lecture 562 Fix chat conversation bug
Lecture 563 Setup socketio client
Lecture 564 Emit socket events in components
Lecture 565 Chat list component
Lecture 566 Chat list select user method
Lecture 567 Chat utils - Part 1
Lecture 568 Chat utils - Part 2
Lecture 569 Chat window component
Lecture 570 Display receiver username in chat window
Lecture 571 Chat image preview component
Lecture 572 Use chat image preview component
Lecture 573 Offer modal component
Lecture 574 Use offer modal component
Lecture 575 Chat offer component
Lecture 576 Use chat offer component
Lecture 577 Chat file component
Lecture 578 Add download file method to chat file component
Lecture 579 Send message method in chat window component
Lecture 580 Notification reducer
Lecture 581 Mobile header components
Lecture 582 Index header sidebar
Section 30: Order Feature and Components
Lecture 583 Checkout form Component
Lecture 584 Checkout form handle submit method
Lecture 585 Checkout component
Lecture 586 Payment intent method and requirements component
Lecture 587 Download order invoice
Lecture 588 Start order method
Lecture 589 Order component
Lecture 590 Count down timer hook
Lecture 591 Extend delivery modal
Lecture 592 Delivery work modal
Lecture 593 Order details table component
Lecture 594 Order activities component
Lecture 595 Order placed component
Lecture 596 Order extension component
Lecture 597 Order delivered component
Lecture 598 Order review component
Lecture 599 Fix review microservice bug
Lecture 600 Update buyer and seller order tables
Lecture 601 Get seller reviews
Lecture 602 Gig reviews issue
Lecture 603 Remapped review response in review microservice
Lecture 604 Order dropdown component
Lecture 605 Notifications dropdown
Lecture 606 Before window unload hook
Section 31: Settings Component
Lecture 607 Settings and change password components
Lecture 608 Settings service
Lecture 609 Fix change password bug
Lecture 610 Fetch base query error method
Lecture 611 Gig index item component
Lecture 612 Gig index display
Lecture 613 Gig index info display
Lecture 614 NPM run build command
Lecture 615 NGINX config - Part 1
Lecture 616 NGINX config - Part 2
Lecture 617 Setup dockerfile
Lecture 618 Docker build and push image
Section 32: Frontend Deployment
Lecture 619 Create frontend kubernetes objects on minikube
Lecture 620 Create self-signed certificates for frontend ingress
Lecture 621 Frontend minikube ingress
Lecture 622 View frontend application on browser
Lecture 623 Push code to github
Lecture 624 Add stripe api key to jenkins
Lecture 625 Create frontend jenkins pipeline
Lecture 626 Install APM RUM package in React
Lecture 627 Make changes to frontend ENV file
Lecture 628 Install elastic apm node package
Lecture 629 Add APM server url to ENV file
Lecture 630 Create frontend kubernetes objects on AWS EKS cluster
Lecture 631 Create frontend deployment and ingress
Lecture 632 Move require to index html file in react
Lecture 633 Fix api gateway client url
Lecture 634 Update frontend ingress host
jаvascript developers looking to build large, scalable applications,Frontend or Backend developers who wants to get into the world of cloud infrastucture with AWS,Developers who wants basic understanding of application deployments on Kubernetes


Microservices With Nodejs, React, Typescript And Kubernetes