Material Texture Loader v1.810 Plugin for 3ds Max [2016-2024]
Material Texture Loader v1.810 Plugin for 3ds Max [2016-2024]
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The Material Texture Loader is a 3ds Max script, designed to quickly load in textures, create a material and apply that to your scene. It works both with PBR, Specular and Metalic workflows, but it can be used for any type of texture that needs to be loaded as part of a material.

3ds max 2016 to 2024.
Vray(v3-6), Corona(v5-9), Redshift, Arnold, FStorm, Octane, PBR, Physical and Standard materials and maps.


Instant Material Creation

Automatic texture recognition and parameter linking for all channels
Real-world, tri-planar, random and spherical mapping
Specular and Metallic workflow support
Settings for color, reflection, glossiness, IOR, ID and 2-Sided materials

Advanced maps setups
Per channel, gamma correction, color adjustment and ACES color space
Color/ao, normal/bump and specular/metallic compositing maps
Extensive list maxScript commands to automate the creation process
UDIM and ACES support
Settings for blur, map channel, mapping size, rotation and random rotation

Live update and editing
Instant rebuilding of textures, maps and parameters
Quick texture selection per channel
Per channel strength adjustment
Switch between presets
Show material preview and texture channels in viewport

Easily apply and save materials
Include uvw and displacement modifiers on material assignment
Add materials and maps to Slate or Compact material editors
Save to material library
Save material thumbnail

When you load in a set of textures, the maxscript will put textures into a material slot based on certain name conventions that are present in the filename. So textures that have 'color' or 'albedo' in there name will go into the diffuse slot, 'refl' or 'spec' named textures go into the reflection slot, etc.
You can manually select or de-select textures from any material slot and once you are happy you can select a bitmap and material type, along with a host of other settings. All settings, including textures and bitmap types can be changed live after creation.
Once the material is created you can apply the material into your scene or material editor.
Gamma for the texture channels is set automatically. Diffuse, Reflection Translucency and Emmision channels are set to gamma 2.2 or sRGB color space. All other gamma values are set to 1.0 or linear color space. For Vray 5 and 6 you can now also set color space to ACES.
The material texture loader gives the user the ability to add triplanar and random rotation mapping to all textures as well as link Cropping and UVW Coordinates, so when you need to adjust these settings, changes will be applied to all created textures at once. This is very especially useful when working with atlas textures. But it speeds up pretty much the whole material creation process.