HTML5 & CSS3 Tutorial From The Beginning

Last updated 10/2020
Duration: 3h 36m | Video: .MP4, 1280x720 30 fps | Audio: AAC, 48 kHz, 2ch | Size: 1.48 GB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English

Learn to Built Responsive Websites with HTML5 and CSS3 with lots of practical examples

What you'll learn
 Introduction to tags - Tag Syntax and Meta Tags
 Introduction to HTML5 Basics – HTML5 Headings, HTML5 Paragraphs, HTML5 Comments, HTML5 Links, HTML5 Text Formatting, HTML5 DIV Tags, HTML5 Attributes and HTML5 Inline CSS Style Attributes
 Elements Styling - Block and Inline Elements  HTML5 Media Elements - Audio Media element and Video Media Element
 Introduction to CSS3 – Inline CSS Styling, Internal CSS Styling, External CSS Styling, CSS Box Model
 HTML5 and CSS3 Colors - HEXADECIMAL Colors and RGBA Colors
 HTML5 Forms-POST and GET method, Label and Input Element, Input type date, type file, type radio, type checkbox, select dropdown, select with optgroup, textarea, input type password, input type submit and reset
 Tables in HTML5 and CSS3-Creation of table tag, tr, th and td  Styling of tables including table-collapse, Adding Captions to tables and special styling of tables
 Lists in HTML and CSS-Ordered and Unordered Lists, List Description i.e. dl, dt, and dd. List item maker on unordered List, Nested List in HTML5 and Horizontal List in HTML5 with CSS3
 HTML5 and CSS3 Semantic Tag - Semantic Header Tag, Semantic Section and Article Tag, Semantic Aside Tags and Semantic Footer Tag
 Background Image – Setting A Background Image, Linear Gradient as a Background Image and Radial Gradient as a Background Image
 Media Queries-Styling the body element with Max-width, Changing Font-size and image size with media queries, Navigation Bar with Media queries and using media queries with boxes and paragraphs
 Animations in CSS3 – Keyframes, Animation-name, Animation-delay, Animation-duration, animating a Box Element to move in a square format. Animation direction-Normal, Reverse, Alternate and Alternate Reverse
 CSS3 Transition and Transform-Hover Style with Transition and Transform using Rotation, Scale and Skew
 CSS Selectors-Simple Selectors and Class Selectors, Combine Selectors, Pseudo-class Selectors, Styling of the Hover and Active Link and Pseudo-element Selectors
 Positioning in CSS3-Static Position, Relative and Absolute Position and Overlapping Elements Z-INDEX

1. Have a computer, tablet or a smartphone and of course an internet connection
2. Have a great deal in mastering HTML5 and CSS3 Languages
3. Those interested in web-development especially front-end web developers

1. Learn new HTML5 Elements
2. Learn about HTML5 Tag Syntax including Meta Tags
3. Learn about HTML5 Media Elements
4. Learn about HTML5 Block and Inline Elements
5. Learn about HTML5 Tables, Lists and how to style them with CSS3
6. Learn about CSS3 Animations, Media Queries, Positioning, Selectors, Colors and Background Image
7. Learn about HTML5 and CSS3 Semantic Tags
8. Learn about HTML5 Forms and its various elements
Why Choose this course?
This is the best course in HTML5 and CSS3 fundamentals. It touches on key topic with simple and precise examples that are easy to understand .It has lots of examples and will prepare one to have basic and accurate knowledge on how HTML5 and CSS3 works. With this course, one will have a complete knowledge on how to make a front-end website with just HTML5 and CSS3.
In this course, you will learn how to use HTML5 and CSS3, the two types of code upon which all websites are based. HTML and CSS are great entry points to the world of code and are necessary languages for any developer or web designer to know. Create your page's content with HTML, and make it look great with CSS. You'll learn all about these two languages and how they work together to render all your favorite websites.

Who this course is for
1. Front-end web developers especially those specializing in HTML5 and CSS3
2. Anyone who wants to learn computer programming language regardless their previous experience

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