The Mindset Transformation Blueprint
Published 4/2023
Created by Alex Nekritin
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Building a Strong Foundation for Achieving Your Goals

What you'll learn
How to develop a growth mindset and overcome limiting beliefs that hold them back.
Techniques for managing stress, anxiety, and negative emotions.
Strategies for setting and achieving goals that align with their values and purpose.
Communication skills to improve relationships and resolve conflicts effectively.
Mindfulness practices to enhance focus, productivity, and overall well-being.
Time-management techniques to prioritize tasks, increase efficiency, and reduce procrastination.

Must be able to read write and understand English
Must be driven to succeed, ready to take action & get results
Must have a basic understanding of technology and be comfortable using online platforms.

How to make stress, fear and anxiety your MOST POWERFUL TOOLS.You can make stress, fear & anxiety work for YOU!Do you want to completely redefine how you deal with stress & move forward fearlessly with Joy and Enthusiasm?Important Note: Stress, anxiety and mood disorders ruin X lives per year & make it nearly impossible to perform at your best & crush your goals.Important: If stress and anxiety is affecting your productivity & quality of life please read this page in its entirety.How to boost your annual income by X% by cultivating elite emotional intelligence?Important: How to stay motivated, enthusiastic and happy on your pursuit of your goals and true potential.Want to make stress, overwhelm and anxiety your most powerful tools?Take control of your mood and mindset with this science-backed system designed to combat stress and anxiety.If you are one of the 70% in the world dealing with stress...Get this must-have system to take control of your mood and mindset for good.There is a very good chance that the way you have been dealing with stress until now is completely wrong.Get this science backed actionable system to take control of your mood for good.If stress, anxiety are affecting your quality of life, get this science backed actionable system to upgrade your mindset and emotional intelligence.If you feel overwhelmed & stressed out and want to make life and work go smoother please read this.If you want to cultivate a truly winning mindset and turn stress from an enemy to fuel, keep reading.If you want to learn how to harness stress and anxiety and actually use it as fuel to crush your goals, keep reading.If you are one of the X% of the world dealing with stress and want to turn it from your worst enemy to one of your best friends, keep reading.If you want to turn stress from your worst enemy to one of your best friends, keep reading.If you want the right mindset to reach your true potential, crush your goals & live the life you deserve, keep reading.Develop the needed mindset to crush your goals, reach your true potential & live the life you deserve with this system...If you want to supercharge your confidence, career and relationships by mastering your emotions keep reading.If you want to take control of your mindset and have your emotions work for you keep readingThe power of stress energy: A holistic approach to stress managementIf you are tired of feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, burnt out & out of control.Are huge opportunities passing you by while you can barely manage your day to day?...If you freak out over health, relationships or even social situations.This may change your life.Most people don't realize...Stress is just energy.It can be your worst enemyor your greatest weapon.It can cause insomnia, depression, weight gain, circulation problems, heart problems, infections, diabetes, cancer.Or propel you towards your goals faster than ever imagined.It all depends on how you perceive & manage it.Warning! Is your approach to stress all wrong?There are 3 main reasons why stress is ruining so many lives.People do not take holistic action. They try to "treat" stress/anxiety/depression with medication/psychotherapy while ignoring nutrition, physical & mental exercise & environment.People set unrealistic expectations.They try to follow unrealistic advice from self –proclaimed "gurus"... and stress out when they can't.People see stress as a problem to be treated instead of energy to be harnessed.FACT - If you are a high achiever, stress, fear & anxiety are inevitable!If you can properly deal with these will have more control over yourself, your life & a huge edge over your competition.According to a 42,000 person study by Talent Smart, people with high emotional intelligence on average earn $29,000 more per year than people with low EQ.With the average American salary being $51,000 that's 56% more!But, unfortunately most don't know how to manage their emotions.A whooping 73% of the US population deals with stress that impacts their mental health.Most people are on a deadly vicious cycle:Wake up groggyConsume coffee/uppers for energyPush through work with brute forceFeel frustrated, anxious & overwhelmed.Work late into the nightSmoke, drink or take xanax to relaxGo to bed worried/frustrated/highRinse and repeatFrankly, this approach stress/anxiety is outright dangerousIf you can:Take control of your biology with the right habits.Adjust your internal dialogueHarness stress' energy & aim it at your objectives.You can gain immense power!Just imagine waking up energized & motivated every morning.finally having control over your time and ability to focus.Feeling completely secure, confident & assertive around your peers.So much so that you feel like you can run circles around them.How much of an edge would that give you in business and life?How satisfied and secure would you feel knowing you are fully equipped to handle everything the world throws at you?It would be a completely different life..And this is absolutely possible when you master your emotions!I know because In my early 20's I did not have these skills.My anxiety was so bad I could not even hold a front desk job at Gold's Gym.I feared everything and everyone.After getting fired from the gym I got fed upI started studying everything under the sun to learn how to manage my emotions.I created an approach to have a rock solid mindset.and have been perfecting this approach for over 20 years.Without this approach I would not be able to build and sell 2 successful businesses, write 2 books, create the #1 biohacking app, travel the world, have great friends, a great family, stay in top physical shape.Honestly without this system I don't know if i'd be alive.It all comes down to your perception of stress properly focusing your energy.In his best selling book The Way of the Seal Former Navy Seal Mark Divine talks about "Front Side Focus".the skill to keep moving forward, knocking down your next target regardless of what curveballs are thrown at you.To be successful you simply must keep moving forward no matter what.You can NOT freak out, be scared to fail or succeed (this is actually more common than you think), worry about what others say, do or think, get burnt out, or even get cocky.These emotions will undeniably come up but you simply must know how to manage them.and even harness KEEP MOVING FORWARD.So if your relationship with yourself is important to you.and you want to master this skill.Get Our Mindset Transformation Blueprint for just $24.99Our app, and other products are sure to put you on the right path towards your goals.Mindset Transformation Blueprint will squash the biggest obstacles you will face...Stress, Fear & Anxiety.Created by Psychology PhD's, Behavioral Neuroscientists and proven in the real world by successful entrepreneurs like myself, this powerful toolkit will:- Determine which stress management habits & activities have the greatest impact on you.- Create a holistic plan to take control of your stress.- Incorporate it into your daily routine.- And redefine your relationship to stress.turning it from a debilitating nuisance to a powerful tool.Simply put this system can transform your business/career, relationships and most importantly in your relationship with yourself.Here is what the powerful Mindset Transformation Blueprint includes:Actionable Emotional Intelligence WorkbookA step by step guide to mitigate fear, stress, anxiety & overwhelmIdentify the mindset issues that stand in your wayFind their root causeDetermine key habits to deal with the root cause of your issues.Properly incorporate them into your routine.Use this workbook to take control of your emotions & mindset.regardless of your current level of success.Exclusive Video TutorialsGet video instructions from our team of scientists & successful entrepreneurs.Learn exactly how to reframe stress and turn it into fuel.Master simple yet effective techniques to stay calm & laser focused under pressure.This innovative but pragmatic approach is a game changer.Our Quick Start GuideACTION is the number one antidote to stress.The Quick-Start guide will get you taking proper action fast.Mindset Reframe GuideStress can kill. But it can also be your most powerful ally.Most don't realize that stress, fear & anxiety are just misdirected energy.They are not emotions to "heal", avoid them or simply ignore.Instead they can be harnessed.and aimed at your objectives to get results faster than ever imagined.This powerful guide will completely redefine your relationship with stress.This is your chance to use the same science backed tools previously made available to our private clients for $5000 & up.Plus when you sign up you will get access to these 5 essential additional contents:Additional content 1 & 2:Biology, Diet & Supplement Guides for Anxiety and depressionOur biology has a tremendous effect on our mood & mindset.This guide preps your body for your optimal mindset by optimizing your sleep, exercise & nutrition.Get specific guidance for: stress/anxiety & low energy/depression.Additional content 3:Winning Mindset PrinciplesRepetition is key to reframing your relationship with stress and negative emotions.In this bonus we break down the most critical mindset principles on 1 powerful page.Print this page out and go through it at least weekly to transform your attitude, perception of stress and even approach to your business/career.Additional content 4:Breath Training GuideBreathing is one of the most critical components to stress and mindset management.There are breathing exercises you can do to increase energymitigate fearperform better under pressureand give yourself a mental edge.A recent study by Yale University found that a breathing meditation practice helped improve people's mental health, social connectedness, positive emotions and stress levels.This guide will teach everything you need to know about breath-workand show to use it to cultivate your optimal mindset for success.Additional content 5: Our Insider Facebook GroupImprove together with like minded individuals in our Insider Facebook Group.A strong support system is critical to success.Just think of the life changing connections you can make.And you get access completely for FREE.According to the best selling book Rethinking Positive Thinking by Gabriel Ottingen You have to forecast your obstacles and plan how to deal with them.If you want to be successful Stress and Fear WILL BE A HUGE OBSTACLE.And there is no better system to deal with stress than the Mindset Transformation Blueprint.If you are prone to:Fear of failureOverwhelmBurnoutFear of SuccessAnxiety in social situationsAnger/agitationInsecurityLack of confidenceFear of ill health/ deathThe Mindset Transformation Blueprint will turn those emotions into fuel.If your physical & mental wellbeing is important to you.This program will provide your immeasurable return on your time owe it to yourself to check it out.Personal Note from Alex Nekritin, CEO of UltiselfThis product is very important to me because I personally suffered from debilitating anxiety in my early 20's.Stepping just a few inches outside of my comfort zone caused me so much panic that I could not even hold a job at the local gym.At 1 point I got fed up & started to study everything on the subject.I wanted to get a deep understanding of how to control my emotions, energy, motivation, and self-talk so that I could reach my goals & feel good everyday.I studied nutrition, sleep, cognitive behavioral therapy, physical and mental training, and a lot more.I took components from eastern philosophies, traditional western medicine and even NLP techniques.To create a data driven, comprehensive system to develop the winning mindset necessary to succeed.Despite very limited natural abilities I was able to build and sell 2 successful businesses, write multiple books, speak on panels next to heads of banks and major financial institutions, travel the world, have a great family and friends, pretty much live the life I dreamed of as a kid.Recently I build the #1 ranked biohacking app on the app store in just 6 months.And I owe a great deal of it to this research on managing my mindset & emotions.Now I want to share everything I learned in the past 20 years plus added material from our team of scientists with you. In our Mindset Transformation BlueprintYes, emotional intelligence can make you earn 56% more per yearYes, stress can cause everything from insomnia to heart disease.But most importantly having a grasp on your mindset & emotions will improve your relationship with yourself.because you are with yourself every single second of your lifethis relationship is the single most important thing you will ever have.Rich, poor, middle class it doesn't matter.What matters is how you feel.So if you really want to take your life to the next level and feel more happy, motivated and enthusiastic.I urge you to check out the Mindset Transformation Blueprint.I know that It will be a game changer in your life.Just like all our products we have a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee.So if you are not completely blown away simply ask for a refund.But I know that you will get value from the Mindset Transformation Blueprint.In fact, with more than 70% of the world dealing with stress I think this is the most important product we can deliver.I look forward to helping you!

Who this course is for
Entrepreneurs who want to develop a growth mindset for overcoming challenges and achieving success.
People who want to improve their mental toughness and performance.
Students who want to improve their academic performance and achieve better results.
Professionals who want to improve their leadership skills and advance their careers.
Anyone who wants to overcome limiting beliefs, negative attitudes and insecurities to achieve personal growth and success.


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