Smart Productivity Formula
Published 4/2023
Created by Alex Nekritin
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Achieve more in less time with less stress (Includes LIFETIME access to #1 Biohacking app Ultiself)

What you'll learn
How to overcome limiting beliefs and develop a growth mindset.
Strategies for increasing productivity and achieving goals.
Time management techniques for better work-life balance.
Effective communication skills for personal and professional relationships.
Mindfulness practices for stress reduction and emotional regulation.
Techniques for building resilience and bouncing back from setbacks.

Must be able to read write and understand English
Interest and willingness to learn about personal development and mindset improvement.
A growth mindset and openness to trying new strategies.

From the creators of the #1 Biohacking app, Ultiself:This proven productivity formula will redefine the way you approach your work & business forever.The Ultiself Smart Productivity Formula is not just another courseIt's a shortcut.What if you get more done in the next few months than you normally would in a year?This is exactly what the Insider Productivity Formula can do for you.Unlike other productivity courses this actionable system will use our AI-Powered App to Identify your strengths.and use them to exponentially scale your efforts so that you get results FAST!The productivity formula explainedPicture Tom Brady. Undeniably the greatest football player of all time.Tom Brady is the best because he can throw a football like no-one else.But to have success he needs other players ("resources") around him.Ask Tom Brady to play receiver, running back, or kicker and he'd be terrible compared to the players that specialize at those positions.His STRENGTH is throwing the ball and he needs RESOURCES around him to mitigate his WEAKNESSES...and allow him to FOCUS on HIS STRENGTHS (throw the ball as much as possible).It's the same with productivity & business!Just think of FB CEO Mark Zuckerberg or any other billionaire CEO. Both you & him have 365 days next year to work with.Yet, no matter how hard or efficiently you work, he'll likely earn 100+ times as much as you next year.Why? because he has more & better RESOURCES to scale his efforts!When it comes to productivity, SCALING your efforts is the Ultimate productivity hack!Not meditation, nootropics, sensory deprivation tanks, focus headbands or hard work.Luckily there's a very specific system to accumulate the right resources & scale your strengths.It works even if you don't have any money, can't think of any strengths or feel completely overwhelmed by work & life.The three key stepsIf you want to skyrocket your productivity & achieve more in the next few months than you normally would in a year follow these 3 simple steps.Step #1 Identify your STRENGTHSStep #2 Find the RESOURCES to scale your strengthsStep #3 Engage those resources consistently to get resultsDon't worry if you don't have a ton of money, a huge staff or any connections.The Ultiself Insider Productivity Formula will guide you step by step through a proven process developed by behavioral neuroscientists, psychology PhDs and mega successful entrepreneurs....and our AI-Powered app to ensure that you stick with it to get results from your efforts instead of aimlessly spinning your wheels.Get a personalised, actionable productivity plan. All backed by proven behavioral scienceKnowledge is nothing without ACTION. We don't just teach you concepts that you will forget about 3 days later.Our actionable, science backed workbook was developed by Psychology PhD Lisa Batten and Behavioral neuroscientist Lily Bowles. Specifically designed to create your CUSTOM productivity routine & turn your efforts into results.But what if you just buy a motivational guru's productivity course/book?You can...and it might help. But ONLY if you have the same exact personality, strengths, resources, and ability to focus as him/her.We're all different! And using someone else's routine to be more productive is like working on your jumpshot to be a better tennis player.This is why our system is different! We give you the formula to find what will work for YOU and our app to turn it into results.What Your Will Get:Powerful instructional videos:Our easy to follow videos will walk you through step by step to :Hone in on your most important goals.Identify your strengths & weaknesses relative to those goals.Find the resources that you need to mitigate your weaknesses & scale your strengths to crush your goals fast.This is the absolute key to working smarter rather than harderWe will leave the guesswork out and walk you through the entire science backed process step by step.And give you.Our Actionable Workbook & Customized Productivity PlanDeveloped by PHD level scientists our actionable work book will guide you step by step through creating and optimizing your personal productivity plan by adjusting your:EnvironmentNutritionApproach to workAnd resource listUnlike other productivity courses we take a holistic approach and create a productivity formula and routine that is custom tailored to you.Priceless Bonuses included with the courseBonus #1 Our Inside Resource ListIf you're like most, you're probably using brute force to be productive.Caffeine, Aderal, sleepless nights, hard work, expensive staff..At best it just leads to burn out. Or worse...if you're unlucky, it can hinder your health, relationships & quality of life.A much better way is to focus on finding RESOURCES that will SCALE your efforts so that you can 10X your results fast.What are resources?Resources are the right: staff, software, mentors, nootropics, tools, accountability partners.Anything that helps you scale your efforts.At least 30% of your efforts should go to finding & managing your resources instead of blindly pushing ahead.Just 1 key resource can be the difference maker in your business.As a special bonus we are giving you the same inside spreadsheet that I used to:Build and sell 2 successful businessesWrite 2 books published by a major US publisherCreate and monetize the #1 biohacking app on the app store in just 6 months.Specifically organized to take your business to the next level.this includes; services, tools, recruiters, networks, software, nootropics and more.Bonus #2 - The Ultiself Definitive Guide to Goal SettingMany people struggle with productivity simply because they have no clear goal or direction.According to a study by UNC and University of Sheffield 50% of our intentions never get implemented. Setting the wrong goals is a big reason why.How could you get results if you don't truly know what you want?The Definitive Guide to Goal Setting will guide you step by step through a systematic approach:Set the RIGHT goals.Chunk them down to proper palatable objectivesMake your goals bulletproof to setbacks & obstacles so that you can deliver results time and time again like clockwork.FAQHow is this different from other courses?The Insider Productivity Formula is not just another course.It's a step by step actionable formula and AI-Powered App designed to create YOUR PLAN to SCALE your efforts as quickly as possibleRemember, we're all different! You need a system based around your goals, strengths, weaknesses, resources and current situation. Not just some random tips that worked for someone else.We will create your bespoke system. Then we give you our AI-Powered App to make sure you stick with it!How do I get the app?Simply email mailto:[email protected]][email protected] after you purchase the course here on Udemy and we'll send you lifetime access.What tools do I need to access your Toolkit?All you need is an iphone phone and a laptop or an ipad.If I'm really struggling with my productivity, discipline, focus and procrastination will this program work for me?Absolutely. The reason you are struggling is because your goals don't motivate you enough. You haven't evaluated your strengths and weaknesses. You don't have the necessary resources that allow you to make an impact with your efforts.This program will fix that!Are you telling me that I don't need proper sleep, nootropics and other biohacks to boost my productivity?No! All those help out. You just need to find the ones that work best for your chronotype, weaknesses, goals, resources and current situation.This is exactly what our Insider Productivity formula will do.

Who this course is for
Individuals who want to improve their personal productivity and achieve their personal goals.
People who want to manage their time better and increase their efficiency in daily tasks.
Professionals who want to overcome creative blocks and increase their output of quality work.


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