Computer Architecture and Organization by Hitesh Dholakiya
Published 4/2024
Created by Hitesh Dholakiya
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Attain Mastery in the Core Concepts of Computer Architecture and Organization with our 15+ Years experienced Faculty

What you'll learn:
Computer Architecture Fundamentals
Instructions of Computer
Control Unit
Pipelining Concept
Execution Unit
System Bus Architecture
Memory Organization
IO Organization
Ability to Analyze and Optimize Computer Systems
Insight into Hardware-Software Interaction
After completing this course, you'll establish a robust foundation in the subject, poised for advanced exploration

There is no specific prerequisite you will get step by step from basic
However a foundational understanding of digital electronics is good for grasping the concepts covered in this subject

Computer organization is concerned with the structure and behavior of digital computers. The main objective of this subject is to understand the overall basic computer hardware structure, including the peripheral devices.This Computer Organization and Architecture course is specially designed for engineering students who want to understand how exactly computer architecture works and is also helpful for working professionals. This is a unique course in the online marketplace.This course is beneficial to the students of various branches such as Computer Engineering, Electronics, and Communication Engineering, IT Engineering, BCA, MCA, BSC-MSC IT, etc.This course covers the following topics.- Fundamentals of computer architecture and organization- Control unit- Machine Instruction and Microinstruction- Pipelining- Arithmetic Unit- System Bus- Memory Organization (Cache Memory)- Input Output OrganizationThe course on Computer Architecture and Organization delves into the foundational principles governing the design and functionality of computer systems. Students will explore the intricate relationship between hardware and software, understanding how computer components interact to execute instructions.Emphasis is placed on critical thinking and problem-solving skills, empowering students to analyze and optimize computer systems for efficiency and performance.This entire course is covered in very simple English language so that it is very easy to grasp core concepts for all class.By the end of the course, participants will have a comprehensive understanding of computer organization, equipping them with essential knowledge for future endeavors in the field of computing.All the best...

Who this course is for:
Computer Science Engineer
Software Professionals
Any Branch students having this subject as a part of curriculum
If you are preparing for exams such as GATE, IES, ISRO, PGEE , BITS HD
Anyone who is preparing for Interview in the field of computer science
System Administrators and IT Professionals
Computer Enthusiasts and Hobbyists


Computer Architecture and Organization by Hitesh Dholakiya