Build A Smart Home Installation Service Side Hustle Business

Published 4/2024
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Unlock your path to a profitable smart home Install side hustle by equipping yourself with business and technical skill

What you'll learn
How to launch your smart home device installation side hustle from scratch.
Learn step-by-step exactly how to increase your revenue from installing various types of smart home and Internet of Things (IoT) systems.
Acquire the expertise for generating extra monthly income in the smart home industry.
I will walk you through the entire process of starting your smart home installation business from establishing your brand to marketing and launching.
Develop the skills and knowledge around various smart devices types needed to grow a either a part-time or full-time smart home installation business.
How to start a new career as a smart home installer.
Learn how to sell and market smart home installation services successfully.
Understand how to generate a monthly revenue stream from smart homes.

No smart home experience required. This course will teach you everything on how to build a successful smart home installation side hustle business from scratch.

Welcome to the comprehensive course, "Build A Smart Home Installation Service Side Hustle Business," where you'll embark on a path to becoming a Next-Generation Smart Home Installer (NGSHI), opening doors to lucrative revenue opportunities. Picture yourself revolutionizing living spaces with state-of-the-art technology while enjoying the perks of a thriving side hustle.Throughout this comprehensive course, you'll uncover the secrets to increasing your revenue through the installation of diverse smart home automation and IoT-based systems. From establishing your brand to mastering marketing strategies, you'll gain the tools to launch your business successfully.The course is divided into core learning modules, plus a comprehensive library of bonus training, advanced training, templates, and learning resources to help you develop the skills to build a sustainable smart home installation business.The course walks you through step-by-step exactly how to increase your revenue from installing various types of smart home systems, including mesh Wi-Fi systems, smart speakers, smart bulbs, smart security sensors, smart thermostats, smart plugs, smart safety alarms, smart cameras, smart doorbells, smart hubs, smart locks, smart window dressings in client's houses.Whether you're considering a part-time endeavor or a full-fledged career shift, this course equips you with the skills needed to thrive.By the course's culmination, you'll be poised to kickstart a new career as a smart home installer, adeptly sell and market services, and generate a steady monthly income stream from smart homes.Join us and seize the opportunity presented by the explosive growth of the smart home market. Say YES to earning extra income and becoming a sought-after expert in smart home installation!

Section 1: Smart Home Wi-Fi Mesh System Fundamentals
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Do I Need Improved Wi-Fi?
Lecture 3 How to Improve Your Home Wi-Fi System
Lecture 4 Meet Smart Home Mesh Wi-Fi
Lecture 5 Secure a Wi-Fi Network
Lecture 6 Review
Lecture 7 Implement a Smart Home Mesh Wi-Fi System Class Audio File
Lecture 8 Read This Article: Mesh Wi-Fi Basics
Lecture 9 Gerard's Product Recommendations
Lecture 10 How to Set-up a Nest Wi-Fi Mesh System
Lecture 11 Expanding a Nest Wi-Fi System
Lecture 12 How to Complete a Wi-Fi Survey
Lecture 13 Technical Assignment 1 - Complete Lab Workbook
Lecture 14 Problem Solving Cheat Sheet - Mesh Wi-Fi
Section 2: Helping Clients Choose A Smart Home Voice Assistant Platform
Lecture 15 Introduction
Lecture 16 Understanding AI & Voice Assistants
Lecture 17 Meet the Smart Speaker
Lecture 18 Smart Speaker Privacy
Lecture 19 Review
Lecture 20 Choosing an Ecosystem and Voice Assistant Speaker Class Audio
Lecture 21 How-to Install and Setup an Echo Show 8
Lecture 22 How-to Install and Setup a Nest Hub
Lecture 23 How-to Install and Setup a HomePod Mini
Lecture 24 Read This Article: Top Three Smart Home Ecosystems Overview
Lecture 25 Gerard's Product Recommendations
Lecture 26 Technical Assignment 2 - Complete Lab Workbook
Lecture 27 Problem Solving Cheat Sheet - Smart Speakers
Section 3: Installing And Configuring Smart Alarm Systems
Lecture 28 Introduction
Lecture 29 Smart Alarms Overview
Lecture 30 Smart Alarms Building Blocks
Lecture 31 Plan and Implementing a Smart Alarm
Lecture 32 How-to Install and Configure a Ring Smart Alarm
Lecture 33 Smart Wireless Security Alarm Class Audio
Lecture 34 Review
Lecture 35 How-to Install and Configure an Abode Smart Alarm
Lecture 36 How-to Install and Configure a HomeKit Alarm
Lecture 37 Smart Assistant Interfacing: Alexa Alarm Setup
Lecture 38 OK Google Alarm Setup
Lecture 39 Read This Article: Wireless Alarm Systems Overview
Lecture 40 Gerard's Product Recommendations
Lecture 41 Technical Assignment 3 - Complete Lab Workbook
Lecture 42 Problem Solving Cheat Sheet - Smart Alarms
Section 4: Lighting Control Install Services
Lecture 43 Introduction
Lecture 44 Understandng Smart Lighting
Lecture 45 Introduction to Smart Bulbs
Lecture 46 Smart Switches Overview
Lecture 47 Smart Plugs and Outlets Overview
Lecture 48 Smart Wired Lighting
Lecture 49 Review
Lecture 50 Adding Smart Lighting to Your Home Class Audio
Lecture 51 How-to setup a Lifx Smart Bulb
Lecture 52 How-to a Setup Philips Hue Smart Lighting System
Lecture 53 Philips Hue HomeKit Integration
Lecture 54 How-to Setup a Amazon Smart Plug
Lecture 55 Gerard's Product Recommendations
Lecture 56 Technical Assignment 4 - Complete Lab Workbook
Lecture 57 Problem Solving Cheat Sheet - Smart Lights
Section 5: Helping Your Clients To Save Energy By Installing Smart Thermostats
Lecture 58 Introduction
Lecture 59 Smart Thermostats Defined
Lecture 60 Benefits of Using Smart Thermostat
Lecture 61 Inside a Smart Thermostat
Lecture 62 Planning and Installing a Smart Thermostat
Lecture 63 Review
Lecture 64 Adding Smart heating Cooling Control to Your Home Class Audio
Lecture 65 How-to install a Nest Thermostat
Lecture 66 How to Enable Smart Thermostat in Google Home
Lecture 67 Integrating Nest Thermostats with Alexa
Lecture 68 How-to Physically Install a HomeKit Smart Thermostat
Lecture 69 Read Article: Smart Thermostats Overview
Lecture 70 Gerard's Product Recommendations
Lecture 71 Technical Assignment 5 - Complete Lab Workbook
Lecture 72 Problem Solving Cheat Sheet - Smart Thermostats
Section 6: Installing Smart Cameras
Lecture 73 Introduction
Lecture 74 Introduction to Smart IP Cameras
Lecture 75 Key Smart IP Camera Features
Lecture 76 Inside Smart IP Cameras
Lecture 77 Plan and Install Smart Camera(s)
Lecture 78 Review
Lecture 79 Add Smart Camera(s) to Your Home Class Audio
Lecture 80 How-to Setup a Ring Indoor Smart Camera
Lecture 81 How-to Setup a Ring Outdoor Smart Camera
Lecture 82 How-to Integrate a Smart Camera With the Alexa Voice Assistant
Lecture 83 How-to Setup a Nest Indoor Smart Camera
Lecture 84 How to Integrate an Indoor Smart Camera With Google Home Assistant
Lecture 85 How-to Setup a Nest Outdoor Smart Camera
Lecture 86 How to Add a Smart Outdoor Camera to Google Home
Lecture 87 Read Article on The Topic
Lecture 88 Gerard's Product Recommendations
Lecture 89 Technical Assignment 6 - Complete Lab Workbook
Lecture 90 Problem Solving Cheat Sheet - Smart Cameras
Section 7: Increase Your Customers Safety Levels
Lecture 91 Introduction
Lecture 92 Importance of Smart Safety
Lecture 93 Inside Smart Smoke Alarms
Lecture 94 Planning and Installing Smart Alarms
Lecture 95 Review
Lecture 96 Smart Smoke Alarms Class Audio
Lecture 97 How to Install a HomeKit Compliant Smart Smoke Sensor
Lecture 98 How-to Install a Nest Protect
Lecture 99 Read This Article: Smart Safety Devices Introduction
Lecture 100 Gerard's Product Recommendations
Lecture 101 Technical Assignment 7 - Complete Lab Workbook
Lecture 102 Problem Solving Cheat Sheet - Smart Smoke & CO Sensors
Section 8: Adding Smart Doorbell Installation Services To Your Business
Lecture 103 Introduction
Lecture 104 Smart Doorbells Overview
Lecture 105 Smart Doorbell Anatomy
Lecture 106 Smart Door Bell Installation
Lecture 107 Review
Lecture 108 Smart Video Doorbell Class Audio
Lecture 109 How-to Install and Setup a Ring Video Doorbell
Lecture 110 Setting up Ring Chime
Lecture 111 Doorbell Alexa Integration
Lecture 112 Read This Article: Smart Doorbells Overview
Lecture 113 Gerard's Product Recommendations
Lecture 114 Technical Assignment 8 - Complete Lab Workbook
Lecture 115 Problem Solving Cheat Sheet - Smart Doorbells
Section 9: Grow The Number Of Smart Entertainment Installations
Lecture 116 Introduction
Lecture 117 Smartifying your TV and Music
Lecture 118 Multi-Room Music
Lecture 119 Advanced Media Control
Lecture 120 Review
Lecture 121 Smart Entertainment Class Audio File
Lecture 122 How to Set-up a Google Chromecast
Lecture 123 How-to Setup a Fire Stick 4K Streaming Media Device
Lecture 124 How to Configure Multi-room Audio on Your Client's Amazon Smart Speakers
Lecture 125 How to Configure Multi-room Audio on Your Client's Google Smart Speakers
Lecture 126 Read Article: About Media Streaming Devices
Lecture 127 Gerard's Product Recommendations
Lecture 128 Technical Assignment 9 - Complete Lab Workbook
Lecture 129 Problem Solving Cheat Sheet - Smart Media Devices
Section 10: Adding Smart Door Locks To Your Customers Home
Lecture 130 Introduction
Lecture 131 Smart Door Locks Overview
Lecture 132 Installing a Smart Door Lock
Lecture 133 Review
Lecture 134 Smart Locks Class Audio File
Lecture 135 Read This Article - Smart Door Locks Overview
Lecture 136 Gerard's Product Recommendations
Lecture 137 Smart Lock Installs Note
Lecture 138 Technical Assignment 10 - Complete Lab Workbook
Lecture 139 Problem Solving Cheat Sheet - Smart Locks
Section 11: Adding Smart Window Dressings To Your Customers Home
Lecture 140 Introduction
Lecture 141 Smart Window Dressings Introduction
Lecture 142 Building Blocks of a Smart Window Dressing System
Lecture 143 How to Add Smart Window Dressings to Your Smart Home
Lecture 144 Review
Lecture 145 Smart Windows Class Audio
Lecture 146 Read This Article: Smart Window Dressings Overview
Lecture 147 Note: Planning an Install
Lecture 148 Gerard's Product Recommendations
Lecture 149 Technical Assignment 11 - Complete Lab Workbook
Section 12: Implementing Smart Hubs
Lecture 150 Introduction
Lecture 151 Smart Hubs Overview
Lecture 152 Smart Hub Wireless Communication Protocols
Lecture 153 How to Setup a Smart Hub
Lecture 154 Review
Lecture 155 Smart Hub Class Audio File
Lecture 156 Read Article: Smart Hub Overview
Lecture 157 Gerard's Product Recommendations
Lecture 158 Technical Assignment 12 - Complete Lab Workbook
Lecture 159 Problem Solving Cheat Sheet - Smart Hubs
Section 13: Bonus - Add Smart Home Automation Functionality To Customer's Homes
Lecture 160 Introduction
Lecture 161 About Smart Home Automation
Lecture 162 Popular Automations
Lecture 163 Automation Class Audio File
Lecture 164 How-to Setup Google Assistant Automations
Lecture 165 How-to Setup a Simple Light Automation With a Hue Sensor
Section 14: Step 1 - Preparing To Start Your Smart Home Install Side Hustle
Lecture 166 Introduction
Lecture 167 What is a NGSHI?
Lecture 168 Set a Why and Goals for Your New Smart Home Install Side Hustle
Lecture 169 Review
Lecture 170 Step One Audio File
Lecture 171 Assignment: Identify Goals
Section 15: Step 2 - Plan For Success
Lecture 172 Introduction
Lecture 173 Figuring Out and Getting to Know Your Target Market
Lecture 174 Decide what Smart Home Install Services You Will Sell
Lecture 175 Source High Quality & Reliable Smart Home Products
Lecture 176 Identify Partners
Lecture 177 Identify suitable Install Tools, Spare Parts and Transport Method
Lecture 178 Offering Packages to Your Clients
Lecture 179 Calculate Profits
Lecture 180 Review
Lecture 181 Step Two Audio File
Lecture 182 Assignment: Identify Target Market
Lecture 183 Assignment: List Services You Can Offer as an NGSHI
Lecture 184 Assignment: Identify Best-in-Class Smart Devices to Install
Lecture 185 Assignment: Compile a Partner List
Lecture 186 Assignment: Identify Three Smart Home Installation Packages To Sell
Lecture 187 Assignment: Price Each of Your Smart Install Service Packages
Section 16: Step 3 - Establish a Brand & Online Presence
Lecture 188 Introduction
Lecture 189 Create a Brand
Lecture 190 Design and Build a Website
Lecture 191 Create Social Media Accounts
Lecture 192 Review
Lecture 193 Step Three Audio File
Lecture 194 Assignment: Identify a Name for Your Side Hustle
Lecture 195 Assignment: Implement a Web-Site
Lecture 196 Assignment: Create Two Social Media Accounts
Section 17: Step 4 - Launch Your Smart Home Install Side Hustle
Lecture 197 Introduction
Lecture 198 Preparing for Launch Day
Lecture 199 Open Day and First On-Site Install
Lecture 200 What's Next?
Lecture 201 Step Four Audio File
Lecture 202 Assignment: Pre-Launch Planning
Lecture 203 Assignment: Complete Launch Checklist
Section 18: NGSHI Toolkit Library
Lecture 204 Introduction
Lecture 205 Multi-Room Music Prewire Cable Schedule
Lecture 206 Organise Your Thoughts
Lecture 207 NGSHI Job Advert
Lecture 208 Prewire Cable Schedule
Lecture 209 Wired Lighting Control Planning Worksheet
Lecture 210 Wired Keypad Configuration Form
Lecture 211 Client Questions - Planning HDTV & Home Cinema Systems
Lecture 212 Form - Planning A Multi-Room Music System
Lecture 213 Article - Build a Smart Home With Open Source Software
Lecture 214 Template - Proposal for Smart Home Automation Consultant and Design Services
Lecture 215 Cheat Sheet - Lutron Design
Lecture 216 Cheat Sheet - Ring Design
Lecture 217 Cheat Sheet - Sonos
Lecture 218 How to Wire a RJ45 Connector
Lecture 219 NGSHI Best Practices
Lecture 220 Remote Support WorkFlow Process
Lecture 221 List of Business Tools to Build Your Smart Home Install Business
Lecture 222 Suggested NGSHI Installation Tools - Word Cloud!
Lecture 223 Customer Job Completion Form
Lecture 224 Installer Web-site SEO Keywords
Lecture 225 NGSHI Voice Control Handover Template
Lecture 226 NGSHI Recommended Recurring Revenue Streams
Lecture 227 NGSHI Source of Equipment Supplies Infographic
Lecture 228 NGSHI Target Profit Margins
Lecture 229 Recommended Smart Home Product Install Categories
Section 19: More Bonus Content
Lecture 230 Introduction
Lecture 231 Running and Mantaining a Smart Home
Section 20: Final Thoughts from Gerard
Lecture 232 Final Thoughts from Gerard
This course is for determined and ambitious entrepreneurs who want to learn step-by-step instructions for launching their own smart home installation business from scratch.,IT professionals, electricians and security installers who have an interest in taking advantage of smart home business opportunities.,If you are a technology enthusiast or interested in providing smart home install services as a side hustle, then you might want to consider this course.


Build A Smart Home Installation Service Side Hustle Business