Nunit Unit Testing C# Masterclass - Write Unit Test Today!

Last updated 11/2019
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Acquire all the practical skills you need to work as a .net unit testing expert using NUnit, Visual Studio, Moq & more.

What you'll learn
Learn all the basic concepts of Unit Testing using the NUnit Framework, Moq and Visual Studio. Eg. how to write unit tests, mocking and more...
Learn and understand the fundamental concepts of test driven development
Learn the fundamental concepts, best practices and industry standards for Unit testing
Learn how to use Microsoft Visual Studio for writing unit tests
Learn how to create Mocks using Moq Framework
Lots of practical demonstrations and exercises along the way for you to test your new unit testing skills
A lot more... everything is covered step by step. I'll be ready to answer your questions in the course Q&A as well.

A PC running Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Visual Studio (I will show you where to download and how to install)
Basic understanding of the fundamentals of programming

THE BEST DEDICATED COURSE FOR ACQUIRING PRACTICAL UNIT TESTING SKILLS USING NUNIT, MOQ & MICROSOFT VISUAL STUDIOThe primary goal of this course is to teach you everything you need to use Microsoft Visual Studio with NUnit and Moq to write and run unit tests and improve your code efficiency. I will teach you the fundamental concepts of test-driven development.Along the course, I will give you practical demonstrations and exercises for you to train your new unit testing skills. The course will cover topics like:What is unit testing and what is it good forHow to install and configure Microsoft Visual Studio and NUnitWhat are Unit Testing FrameworksWhat is NUnitHow to add NUnit framework to a projectWriting your first testDebugging and running testsMocks and StubsArranging Act & AssetsWhat is Moq Mocking framework?Much more...When you are finished with this course, you will have acquired practical unit testing skills and know-how to write unit tests using the Microsoft Visual Studio, NUtit, Moq Mocking framework and will have laid the foundation for your future development career with your new skills in unit testing. I look forward to meeting you in the course forum where I'll be available to help you along the way and answer questions that you might have.WHAT IS UNIT TESTING / NUNIT / MOQ / VISUAL STUDIO?Unit testing is a concept where you test your code at the smallest level possible. It is similar to how cars are tested. When you are developing different parts for a car, you have to test each part in isolation to verify whether it is working as expected or not. Once the test of that part runs clear, it is then integrated with the other components of the car to verify the integration.The same is true for software code where we need to test out functionality at the unit/class/interface/method level to ensure that everything is working as intended. NUnit is a test Framework like JUnit, where you can define your tests cases, tests suites and assertions.If you have a new project that uses .NET programming languages and you want to add unit tests, you can use open source NUnit. NUnit can run all the tests and show you a report Moq is a mocking framework for C#/.NET. It is used in unit testing to isolate your class under test from its dependencies and ensure that the proper methods on the dependent objects are being called.Microsoft Visual Studio is an Integrated Development Environment(IDE) developed by Microsoft to develop GUI(Graphical User Interface), console, Web applications, web apps, mobile apps, cloud, and web services, etc. With the help of this IDE, you can create managed code as well as native codeTOP 3 BENEFITS OF LEARNING UNIT TESTING1: High demand. The most searched keyword by recruiters searching for developers is "unit testing"2: A job requirement. Test-driven development skills are required by most top companies when hiring 3: Job promotion leverage. If you learn practical NUnit unit testing skills, you will have a leg up amongst your colleagues and be at a better position to negotiate a promotion or pay raise. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIonshow can I benefit from this course? You can benefit from this by completing it and then sharing it on your professional platforms and adding it to your LinkedIn certifications. This way, when recruiters search for "NUnit" and "unit testing" as keywords, your profile will show up and they will contact you. What do I need to get the most out of the lessons? Firstly, you need to have a basic understanding of the fundamentals of programming. Secondly, you need the motivation to learn new concepts and improving your skillset. If you have these things, the course will be a good learning experience for you. GUARANTEEIf within 30 days of buying the course you decide that it's not for you, please get a refund. We only want happy students. ARE YOU READY TO LEARN PRACTICAL UNIT TESTING SKILLS WITH VISUAL STUDIO AND NUNIT?Please press the "Take This Course" button and start learning 2 minutes from now!

Section 1: Introduction to Unit Testing with C# and NUnit
Lecture 1 What is a unit test?
Lecture 2 Installation guide and prerequisites
Section 2: Writing and Debugging Unit tests
Lecture 3 Unit Testing Frameworks and NUnit
Lecture 4 Writing your first unit test
Lecture 5 Debugging and running tests
Lecture 6 Best Practices and naming conventions
Lecture 7 Setting up Example project for unit tests
Lecture 8 Programmer and SDET writing unit tests
Section 3: NUnit Framework Part 1
Lecture 9 What is NUnit?
Lecture 10 NUnit Framework and its common applications
Lecture 11 Setup and installation using Visual Studio 2019
Lecture 12 Adding NUnit framework to the project
Lecture 13 NUnit Test Adapter for Visual Studio
Lecture 14 Attributes
Section 4: NUnit Framework Part 2
Lecture 15 Setup and Teardown attributes
Lecture 16 Assertions
Lecture 17 Mocks and Stubs
Lecture 18 Test Fixture Data
Lecture 19 Unit Testing Best Practices
Lecture 20 Arrange Act and Assert
Section 5: Running Unit Tests
Lecture 21 Console Runner
Lecture 22 Console Command Line
Lecture 23 NUnit Lite runner
Lecture 24 GUI runner
Lecture 25 pNUnit runner
Lecture 26 Advanced topics
Section 6: Moq Framework and dotMemoryUnit
Lecture 27 What is Moq Mocking framework?
Lecture 28 Mocking with Moq
Lecture 29 Example project setup for mocking
Lecture 30 Installing and running tests with mocks
Lecture 31 Other Mock frameworks
Lecture 32 dotMemoryUnit for memory related unit testing
Section 7: Conclusion
Lecture 33 Conclusion
Lecture 34 Bonus lecture
.NET developers that wants to learn how to use the popular unit test framework NUnit,Any developer interested in learning Unit Testing fundamentals


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