Malware Forensics V2: Classic&Ai/Chatgpt In Decoding&Evasion

Published 11/2023
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Harnessing Classic Techniques, AI Strategies, and ChatGPT for Comprehensive Malware Analysis

What you'll learn
Malware Forensics
Malware Analysis, Intrusion and Prediction
Digital Forensics
Static Malware Analysis
Cloud-Based Malware Analysis
Malware Forensics using AI
Static Malware Analysis with AI
Reverse Engineering using AI
Assembly analysis using ChatGPT
Malware Analysis with ChatGPT
Malware Decoding
Malware Evasion Analysis
Encrypted Malware Analysis

Basic knowledge of Python will be good
Basic Knowledge of Machine Learning and AI will be good
But everything will be taught from the round up

"Dive into the dynamic realm of cybersecurity with our in-depth course, 'Malware Forensics v2: Classic & AI/ChatGPT in Decoding & Evasion Analysis' Tailored for both professionals and enthusiasts, this course blends classic techniques with AI and ChatGPT innovations, providing you with essential skills for comprehensive malware analysis and the foresight to anticipate emerging threats.Chapter 1: Introduction to AI-Driven Malware ForensicsEmbark on your journey with an overview of AI in cybersecurity. Understand AI's crucial role in revealing malware intricacies, setting a solid foundation in malware forensics, and outlining the course objectives.Chapter 2: Decoding the Hidden - Unpacking and Analyzing Encoded MalwareDelve into the complexities of encoded malware. Master malware obfuscation and evasion techniques through hands-on labs employing UPX, PEiD, and EXEinfo PE. Learn to decode executables and analyze packed malware, gaining insights from encoded files.Chapter 3: Advanced Evasion Techniques and Analyzing Encrypted MalwareNavigate through advanced evasion strategies and encrypted malware analysis. Engage in practical labs to understand encrypted malware analysis, payload encryption, and behavioral analysis of encrypted executables, enhancing your response to sophisticated evasion techniques.Chapter 4: AI & ChatGPT Driven Malware Analysis : Static Techniques to Reverse EngineeringFocus on integrating AI and ChatGPT for analyzing malware, from fundamental static file analysis to advanced predictive modeling. Labs featuring AI, neural networks, and random forest regressors will deepen your understanding of malware impact prediction and ChatGPT-Assisted Reverse Engineering in Malware Assembly Analysis.Chapter 5: Advancing into Next-Gen ChatGPT and AI-Driven Malware AnalysisConclude with a detailed recap and integration of learned concepts. Get a glimpse into advanced AI-driven malware analysis topics, preparing you for continuous learning in this rapidly evolving field."Throughout the course, hands-on labs will provide practical experience and this course is not just about learning; it's about mastering the tools and techniques that will keep you one step ahead in the cybersecurity arena. Enroll now to transform your understanding of malware and fortify your skills in the AI-driven world of cyber defense.There will also be the inclusion of :Lifetime Access to The CourseQuick and Friendly Support in the Q&A sectionUdemy Certificate of Completion Enroll now and become a cybersecurity expert with the power of AI on your side!See you in the "Malware Forensics v2: Classic & AI/ChatGPT in Decoding & Evasion Analysis." course!With this course you'll surely get 24/7 support. Please feel free to post your questions in the Q&A section and we'll definitely respond to you within 14 hours.

Section 1: Malware Forensics : Classic Strategies and AI-Driven Techniques
Lecture 1 Harnessing AI in Malware Forensics
Lecture 2 Overview of Malware Forensics and Essential Tools
Lecture 3 The Role of AI in Uncovering Malware Secrets
Section 2: Decoding the Hidden: Unpacking and Analyzing Encoded Malware
Lecture 4 Malware Obfuscation and Evasion Techniques
Lecture 5 Lab Exercise : Encoding Executable Files with UPX
Lecture 6 Demystifying Executables Insights into PEiD
Lecture 7 Lab Exercise: Analyzing Encoded Malicious Executables with PEiD
Lecture 8 Decoding Executable with EXEinfo PE
Lecture 9 Lab Exercise : Insights into Encoded Executable File with EXEinfoPE
Lecture 10 Lab Exercise : Decoding UPX-Packed Malware with VirusTotal Analysis
Lecture 11 Lab Exercise : Dissecting UPX-Packed Malware with Jotti's Virus Scan
Section 3: Advanced Evasion Techniques and Analyzing Encrypted Malware
Lecture 12 Advanced Malware Evasion Techniques
Lecture 13 Unveiling the Cloak: Malware Evasion and Detection Strategies
Lecture 14 LAB : Encrypted Malware Executable File Analysis by VT VSJ
Lecture 15 LAB : Payload Encryption Malware Analysis
Lecture 16 LAB : Partial File Encryption (Payload Injection) Malware Analysis
Lecture 17 Unveiling Hidden Malware: Techniques for Behavioral Analysis of Encrypted Execut
Lecture 18 Navigating the Blind Spots: Strategies for Responses to Malware Evasion Techniqu
Section 4: AI & ChatGPT Driven Malware Analysis : Static Techniques to Reverse Engineering
Lecture 19 Fundamentals of Static Malware File Analysis
Lecture 20 Advanced Predictive Modeling Techniques in Malware Analysis
Lecture 21 Key Static Features Identification for Enhanced AI Malware Analysis
Lecture 22 Lab Exercise: AI in Static Malware Analysis
Lecture 23 Lab Exercise: Neural Networks in Static Malware Analysis
Lecture 24 Lab Exercise: Utilizing Random Forest Regressors in Malware Impact Prediction
Lecture 25 Lab Exercise: ChatGPT-Assisted Reverse Engineering in Malware Assembly Analysis
Section 5: AI in Malware Forecasting: Beyond Detection to Predicting Malware Intrusions
Lecture 26 Correlation Analysis in Multi-Stage Malware Detection
Lecture 27 Lab: Heatmap Visualization of Feature Correlations in Malware Detection
Lecture 28 Proactive Prediction Techniques for Malware Threats
Lecture 29 Evolving Malware Threat Forecasting: Advanced Time Series Analysis
Lecture 30 Lab: Time Series Analysis (TSA) in Forecasting Future Malware Threats
Section 6: Advancing into Next-Gen ChatGPT and AI-Driven Malware Analysis
Lecture 31 Recap and Integration of Learned Concepts
Lecture 32 Preview of Advanced Topics in AI-Driven Malware Analysis
Lecture 33 Closing Thoughts and Encouragement for Continuous Learning
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