CCNP,CCIE Enterprise: ENCOR 350-401 v1.1 Training
Last updated 8/2023
Created by Mustafa Bin Amar
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Learn CCNP,CCIE Enterprise ENCORE v1.1 with Step by Step Notes

What you'll learn
You will be ready to pass ENCOR exams v1.1 and get great hands on experience with our detailed labs.
Anyone who wants to learn routing at professional level.
Anyone who wants to prepare for the CCNP Enterprise certification exams.
Anyone who wants to prepare for the CCNP exam

CCNA Routing & Switching Knowledge CCNA 200-125 or CCNA 200-301
General understanding of how to manage network devices.
Basic knowledge of how to implement LANs, network automation.
General understanding of network fundamentals

This Course is updating monthly mannersThe ENCOR - Implementing and Operating Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies v1.1 (ENCOR 350-401) v1.1 course gives you the knowledge and skills needed to configure, troubleshoot, and manage enterprise wired and wireless networks. You'll also learn to implement security principles within an enterprise network and how to overlay network design by using solutions such as SD-Access and SD-WAN. CCNP Enterprise training includes advanced routing, switching , troubleshooting , security, SDN etc. After taking this course you will get knowledge of the below given topics.1.  CCNP-01- Introduction2.  CCNP-GNS3 Installaton3.  CCNP- EVE ng4.  ARP with Lab5.  ARP with Switch6.  MAC address with Lab7.  VLAN8.  CEF9.  Basic Lab for Trunking Protocol10. DTP Theory11. DTP Lab in GNS312. Tshoot Lab 113. Tshoot Lab 214. Tshoot Lab315. Tshoot Lab416. STP Part 117. STP Part 218. STP Part 319. STP Part  420. Mini Project for STP Security21. MST Lab with Theory22. EtherChannel Pagp Lab with Theory23. EtherChannel LACP Lab in GNS324. Etherchannel Static method lab in EVE ng25. L3 EtherChannel lab in EVE ng26. Troubleshooting steps27. Troubleshooting Lab 128. Troubleshooting Lab 229. IP Routing Basic Part 130. Floating Static Route31. Default Route32. Host Route33. RIP Version 1 theory with Lab in EVE ng34. RIP Version 2 Theory with Lab in EVE ng35. LoopBack theory with lap36. WildCard Mask37. OSPF Introduction38. OSPF Basic Lab in EVE ng39. OSPF Terminologies40. OSPF Router ID41. OSPF Router ID Lab in GNS342. OSPF Terminologies part 243. OSPF Packet Theory with Lab44. OSPF Seven States45. OSPF Neighbor Requirements46. DR and BDR Theory47. DR and BDR Lab in GNS348. OSPF Metric49. OSPF Metric Lab in GNS350. OSPF Network type Broadcast Lab51. OSPF Network Typs non Broadcast52. Point to Multipoint Lab53. OSPF Point to Point Network54. OSPF Multi Area Lab55. OSPF Multi Area with Redistribution Lab56. OSPF Load Balancing Lab57. OSPF Summarization58. OSPF Summarization on ABR59. OSPF Summarization at ASBR60. Passive Interface theory with Lab61. OSPF Filtering62. OSPF Path Selection63. Eigrp Introduction64. Eigrp Configuration65. Eigrp Metric Calculation66. Eigrp Path Selection Optimization67. Eigrp Packets with Lab68. Eigrp FD and AD theory with Lab69. Auto and Manual Summarization Eigrp lab with theory70. EIGRP Equal Cost Load Balancing71. Eigrp Unequal Cost Load Balancing72. Qos Part 173. Qos Part 2 (Qos Lab 1 )74. Qos Police Lab75. Three Tier Architecture Theory76. SD Wan and SD Access Theory77. FHRP Introduction78. HSRP Basic Lab in Packet Tracer79. HSRP Lab in GNS380. HSRP Lab by using L3 Switch81. VRRP Theory82. VRRP Lab in GNS383. SSO Theory84. Intervlan Part 1 (Router with seprate interface)85. Intervlan part 2 (Router on a stick)86. Intervlan part 3 (SVI)87. ACL Introduction with Lab Standard ACL88. Extended ACL with Lab89.Extended name ACL Lab in EVE ng90. VLAN ACL Lab in EVE ng91. NAT PAT Theory92. Static NAT Lab in EVE ng93. Dynamic NAT lab in GNS394. PAT lab in GNS 395. PAT Lab with different method in GNS396. Enterprise Network Part 197. Enterprise Network Part 298. On Premises and Cloud theory99. Virtualization Theory100. VRF Theory with Lab in GNS3101. NTP Theory with Lab101 (a) Precision Time Protocol (PTP)102. GRE Theory with Lab103. VPN Theory104. S2S IP Sec VPN Theory with Lab in GNS3105. BGP Introduction106. IBGP Theory with Lab107.EBGP Theory with Lab108. BGP Neighbor States Theory with Lab109. BGP Message Types110. BGP Acitve and Passive Configuraton Lab111. BGP Timer Lab112.BGP Next hop self lab113. BGP Multihop and Update Source114. BGP Peer Group Lab115. BGP Attribute List Theory116. BGP Weight Attribute Lab117. BGP Local Preference118. AS Path Prepending Lab119. BGP Origin Lab120. BGP MED Attibute Lab121. Network Security Design Theory122. IPSLA Theory with Lab123. LISP Theory124. VXLAN125. Local SPAN theory with Lab126. RSPAN  Theory with Lab127.ERSPAN Theory with Lab128. MultiCast Protocols129. Wireless Part 1130. Wireless Part 2131 Wireless Part 3 ( AP States)131(a) Client Density131(b)Wireless segmentation132. Wireless Part 4 TROUBLESHOOTING133. Wireless Part 5 (Wireless Security Features)133a. EAPOL (4 Way Handshake)134. Rest API Security135.COPP Theory with Lab136. Netconf and Restconf theory with lab137. Syslog Theory with Lab138.Debugs and Trace route139. AAA Theory with Lab140. Line and Password Protection141. SNMP Theory with Lab142. Netflow Theory with Lab143. Introduction to Automation144. Automation Part 1145. Automation Part 2146. Automation Part 3147. Automation Part 4148. Automation Part 5149.PBR Theory with Lab149a. Benefits and Limitations of SD WAN

Who this course is for
Network administrators,Network support technicians, Enterprise network engineers,Help desk technicians,System administrators,


CCNP,CCIE Enterprise: ENCOR 350-401 v1.1 Training

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