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Last updated 04/2023
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The 5 Simple Truth Filters PROVEN to Expose the "Jackpot Stocks" Hidden in Internet Gossip. Is BRCC stock hot or not?

What you'll learn
The 5 Simple Truth Filters PROVEN to Expose the "Jackpot Stocks" Hidden in Internet Gossip
Never trade blind again! You will learn how to put any stock you hear about through this filter system to know if it's hot or not
The FREE tools that allow you to use all these filters, including one that has nothing to do with stock trading!
The C.I.A. spy trick repurposed to find the penny stocks ready to pop, how to follow the money, the paper trail the big money leaves and how to follow it

Absolutely zero experience of stock trading is required. The less you know the better!

The fat-cats and scammers who want to manipulate you by starting Internet stock gossip to take your hard-earned money have a phrase for you if you get suckered by them
"The dumb money."
Are you the "dumb money?"
Based on a shocking recent discovery, there's a 96% chance you'll lose money if you buy a stock based on popular Internet gossip.
Here's just one of many recent examples.
Rockley Photonics (RKLY) was in the top ten of stocks most gossiped about on the Internet- hundreds of thousands of people researching it every single month!
It plummeted and even ceased trading for a while after the company filed for bankruptcy.
Perhaps you know that feeling?
Like swallowing a brick, right?
Many of these gossip-garbage stocks won't go to zero. But they will sink or just drift sideways forever, torturing your account, as you and your hard-earned money grow old.
Maybe you also know this feeling?
I learned this from experience over decades, and I will share my expensive "education" with you now.
Because, after figuring this out the hard way, I have proven a way to find the jackpot stocks hidden in the deluge of Internet gossip.
Jackpot stocks like TGTX that doubled in value in just a few weeks!
If you've had poor or mixed results from trading, it's not your fault because much of the chatter and noise out there that's held you back is from people trying to manipulate prices so they can scalp a quick profit.
It's called "pumping and dumping" as in pumping a price up so they can dump it on unsuspecting people like you!
So, there's a lot of mud being thrown around.
But there are jewels in that mud of misinformation if you know how to look!
As an award-winning and bestselling author, I'm a truth-seeker and I'm not afraid to step on elitist toes. One book I wrote even had a petition signed by tens of thousands of people to ensure it wouldn't get banned!
So, because I'm a veteran trader as well, it became my quest to learn and reveal the truth about what's really going on with all the hyped up stock-chatter and how to filter out the jackpot stocks that get lost in it.
Over decades of hard study and a trading account riddled with bullet holes, I've discovered that only four percent, just four percent, of all the thousands of stocks being chattered about over the Internet, TV, and other media actually could be.
Winning lottery tickets waiting to be picked up!
The question is: is that stock you're researching one of them?
Because the other 96% are widow-makers...
No doubt, privileged and legitimate insider information does get leaked out on the Internet. The challenge with it, though, is that this valuable, true insider information gets overwhelmed by an avalanche of misinformation and nonsense.
It's like having a treasure map with no "X marks the spot." You know there's gold there, the question is WHERE?
Well, after years of testing and developing, there is now a proven way to see which of these hyped-up stocks are actually worth the hype.
. and which stocks are more like bugs in search of a windshield!
If you watch this free webinar, you'll have lost nothing, but not watching it could mean you lose a LOT.
The webinar you're about to watch explains, and it could save you from thousands of dollars of losses.
. and make you thousands of PERCENT in gains.
You see, my research has revealed a shocking discovery
These "Internet gossip stocks" all have one thing in common!
And that one thing they have in common is why this filter works so well.
In this free webinar I explain the 5 Truth Filters that are incredibly simple to use.
You will be blown away by the difference this will make to your trading profits.
But don't take my word for it, see for yourself on the webinar.
This is the cheapest (as in free!) insurance you'll ever have.
Now you can put any stock you hear about through a "lie-detector." Wait until you see the results of trading on truth!
Let me first ask this question
What if there was a way to turn a thousand dollars into a million?
There is: you take a thousand and simply double it ten times! $2,000, $4,000, $8,000, and so on.
So, what if there was a way to double your money ten times?
Meta and tsla alone just doubled so of course possible There is: Never mind double; some stocks triple, quadruple, or whatever the name is for TEN TIMES profit!
$1,000 becomes a million in just three 1,000% gain trades.
1. $10,000.
2. $100,000.
3. $1,000,0000.
The Million Dollar Question.
So, the big question is
Is it possible to find just three 1,000% gain trades that would turn $1,000 into a MILLION DOLLARS?
Of course.
The question for me was: HOW?
After 23 years of trial-and-error trading and decades of research, I've finally figured out what has the highest chance of finding such "jackpot stocks."
And, strangely, the discovery came from repurposing a C.I.A. trick that has nothing to do with stock trading!
It's shockingly simple.
Please let me explain.
Learning the hard way.
My name is James Sheridan, and I started my trading career over twenty years ago by acting on whispers and gossip from Internet forums, message boards, TV, and the occasional friend.
It didn't go well.
Perhaps you can relate?
But I didn't give up...
No more shortcuts. I decided to learn what I thought would be the proper way to pick winning stocks: analyzing numbers, ratios, and sales, etc.
At the time, in 1999, I was an airline pilot flying 737s around Europe, so I had plenty of time in hotel rooms to read up on what were known as the "fundamentals" of stocks.
Which was just as well, because that stuff is a headache!
So, always one to look for the shortcut, I bought tip sheets from "experts" who prided themselves on doing all that nauseating number-crunching fundamental analysis for their subscribers...
Some stocks went up, and some went down.
That didn't make sense.
This fundamentals "expert" said XYZ stock was worth $20 but it was trading at $10, making it a screaming BUY. so I bought it.
. and watched it sink to $5.
After a bunch of those painful 50% losses (or more!) from the fundamentals "experts," I moved on to chart-reading, also known as "technical analysis."
Finally, I could see a way to make money from stocks (although this didn't turn out to be my jackpot stocks method I'm speaking about).
I made steady money using charts. In fact, I subsequently developed proprietary trading and investing systems that are still proven for decades to beat over 90% of Wall Street experts (I'll give them to you for free now that I've found something better!) I have even given seminars about trading with charts on both sides of the Atlantic.
But I wanted more than the "steady money" chart-reading made me.
I wanted jackpot stocks!
I had made enough money to quit my airline job in 2003. In the years that followed I became an award-winning and international bestselling author, a success coach and public speaker.
As seen on "The Secret" documentary on Netflix that you may have seen, Jack Canfield, he called a book I had written "Fantastic and groundbreaking." That same book lays out my acclaimed trading and investing systems.
But my quest to find the Holy Grail of stock trading continued.
That's when I came full circle, back to where I first started, back to the forums, chat rooms, and all the other Internet gossip about stocks.
. only this time I was older, wiser, richer, and carrying an unusual theory I wanted to test out.
The shocking discovery.
Armed with all my decades of trading experience, I dug up as much stock-gossip as I could find on the Internet so I could test this weird theory I had.
And there was a mountain of stock-gossip to analyze!
But I went to work, doing what I'd done successfully in the past: looking for patterns, something all these stocks had in common, observing which kinds of "gossip-stocks" became "jackpot stocks," and generally looking for a system that would consistently filter out the winners from all the hype.
By the way, when I talk about a "gossip-stock" I'm talking about a stock- a ticker symbol, usually- that keeps coming up across the Internet. Some of these "gossip-stocks" have a snowball effect, gathering more and more momentum and can sometimes dominate the Internet "chatter."
Here's what I discovered about these Internet "gossip stocks:"
· Thousands of them exist!
· Most of them are cheap, some pennies, all of them under $10 a share.
· Most of them were once ten times or more their current price, meaning there was potentially a huge upside if the price recovered. This makes them tempting to the untrained eye.
· Most of them had lousy price charts. Sinking down further, no action.
· 96% of them, I wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole.
All of those findings above stunk of one thing to me
It's called "pumping and dumping." This is where the insiders hype up a stock over the Internet to briefly drive the price up before selling it. Sometimes it's for a quick profit, other times it's so they can dump a bad trade on the unsuspecting public, so they "create a market" for the piece of crap stock they bought.
So much for my theory.
But I created a watchlist, anyway. I wanted to see which, if any, of these garbage "gossip-stocks" would live up to the hype and chatter.
After all, I had always suspected that true insider information was on the Internet somewhere, buried in all the noise and nonsense.
So, I watched this mud of misinformation carefully, hoping to see some jewels.
Load up on jewels, not mud.
But there was a glimmer of hope.
In time, I noticed that 4% of these "gossip-stocks" came to life and rocketed higher. like bats out of hell!
This got my attention.
Shivers went down my spine as I prepared for an all-nighter to see if there was a pattern that showed something that this tiny minority of "gossip-stocks" had in common.
I now saw these "gossip-stocks" differently. It was like holding a treasure map with an "X marks the spot" and all I had to do now was find it.
Although, I was being optimistic thinking it would be an all-nighter. It was more like an all-monther.
But I found the pattern.
And the strangest part is that the discovery of this winning system has nothing to do with stock trading!
I felt as though I'd discovered a weird way to find needles in haystacks!
This was it.
I found my Holy Grail system.
Here's how it works.
Is that stock hot. or not?
My proprietary 5 filter process plucks "Jackpot Stocks" out of the tsunami of Internet gossip.
It's very simple. You just follow simple steps I'll walk you through.
Something being an airline pilot taught me was checklists, and all you have to do is follow this checklist to find jackpot stocks.
Each "gossip-stock" should successfully pass through these "5 truth filters" to become a potential jackpot stock.
I'll explain each one.
Truth Filter #1: Chatter Level (a repurposed CIA trick)
This is the most powerful and unusual of the five. You may have heard of how intelligence agencies like the CIA monitor "chatter" between flagged terrorist groups and how the chatter peaks just before something could happen.
Using an incredible (and strangely addictive!) free tool I'll show you, I'm able to apply the same thing to stocks! Seriously, this one tool alone will blow your mind.
This puts the right stocks on my radar and is a powerful starting point for the shortlist.
If the gossip-stock passes through this truth filter, it faces the next one.
Truth Filter #2: Paper Trail
Using another free and powerful tool I'll show you, the next filter the "gossip-stock" has to pass through is the paper trail.
You've probably heard the phrase, "follow the money," well, that's what this filter does. It literally follows any paper trail that leads to the "gossip-stock" in question.
If the gossip-stock passes through this truth filter, it faces the next one.
Truth Filter #3: Unusual Activity
One of the things that separates jackpot stocks from gossip-stocks is unusual activity in the price movements of the jackpot stock.
You see, the true insiders- the people who really do know something about a given stock- they already know what the jackpot stocks are.
And they want to buy them. In vast quantities, because they know these jackpot stocks are going to the moon. But they can't do so without it leaving a sign of unusual activity in the price action.
As much as they would love to hide their buying (so the price doesn't get driven up too high before they've loaded up on that stock), this filter exposes it.
This is probably the toughest of all the filters for a gossip-stock to pass through, and now you can see why!
And, yes, this involves a free tool, also. In fact, every tool that this system uses is FREE.
If the gossip-stock passes through this truth filter, it faces the next one.
Truth Filter #4: 1000%+ Profit Potential
Something that most of the gossip-stocks have in common is that they're "fallen angels." This means that their price was once a lot higher; typically ten or even twenty times higher than now!
This means that once a stock like this starts rising, we aren't asking it to do anything it hasn't done before. All we're asking is that it returns to the level it was once at.
. and make ten times our money, or more!
A jackpot stock is a "sleeping beauty" amongst a thousand "fallen angels."
If the gossip-stock passes through this truth filter, it faces the next one.
Truth Filter #5: Emergency Exit?
If the gossip-stock passes through this final truth filter, it's a green light! So, what is an emergency exit in this context?
By this, I mean applying something that all trades should have but is something very few people apply to their trades
A strict plan that allows us to get out of a trade that isn't going according to plan, and only taking a small loss. Only certain stocks will offer such a plan at any given time, so this is an important filter.
Additionally, a stock that offers such an emergency exit is another sign of unusual activity that compliments Truth Filter #3.
No person or system can get it right 100% of the time, and anyone who says otherwise is a liar. Anything can happen at any time. There could be something unexpected that affects all stocks.
So, a pro trader always has an emergency exit in mind. I won't open a trade unless it has one, and the same rule applies to jackpot stocks.
We never, ever bet the farm or put it "all on black." That's the gambler mentality! The name of the game is to stay in the game. So, we spread our risk by having a selection of jackpot stock trades, and each one of them has an emergency exit.
With that in mind, this is probably a good time to ask this question
Is this right for you.?
I assume you have absolutely zero knowledge or experience when I teach you this system, so don't worry about that.
You might be wondering about emergency exits for any losing trades, though?
So, did this new system I created win every single time?
No, I learned early on in my trading career that there's no such thing in trading as 100% wins. And you should run a mile from anyone who says different.
So why was I so excited about this new system?
Because of what I learned from my stock charts days
It's not about winning every time; it's about making the inevitable losses as small as possible and letting the winners ride.
And with a system like this I knew the overall gains would be explosive!
Let me explain with a demonstration.
Imagine starting with $10,000 and making these six trades below. In this real-life rules scenario, when I lose, I lose 10%. When I win, I win 1,000%...
With those conditions, let's see what happens if I get really pessimistic and imagine losing half the time (the system does way better than that at 82%, but this will prove a point).
Losing half the time should mean these six trades break-even, right?
Let's see.
Trade 1: Lose 10%. Account balance $9,500.
Trade 2: Win 1,000%. Account balance $95,000.
Trade 3: Lose 10%. Account balance $85,500.
Trade 4: Win 1000%. Account balance $855,000
Trade 5: Lose 10%. Account balance $769,500.
Trade 6: Win 1000%. Account balance $7,695,000
Even in this pessimistic scenario of losing half the time.
This account went from $10,000 to $7.69 MILLION in just six trades!
I'm not going to lie to you. There's already enough of that out there on the Internet. So, I am just being truthful when I say it's normal, even healthy, to expect a few losses. We aren't fortune tellers. Losing a few battles is all part of winning the war.
The trick is to find these scenarios where we can contain any downside to small amounts but look forward to gigantic upsides.
But if you're sensitive and easily upset by even a small loss, if you lack discipline, if you're a wild gambler, then, respectfully.
Stock trading of ANY kind is NOT for you.
But if you can obediently follow simple 1-2-3-4-5 steps I'll show you, this could be the easiest and fastest money you will ever make. In fact, it could be the key to making a life-changing fortune, as I hope you can now see.
Any successful trading system is only as successful as the user and their ability to follow simple rules. And, of course, the above demonstration doesn't guarantee how your trades will go. You could do better, you could do worse.
The point I'm making is the power of a system that hunts for trade set-ups with such relatively low risk and such ridiculously high rewards!
Still here?
Good! Because.
Applying these 5 proprietary truth filters to gossip stocks is like panning for gold with an unfair advantage.!
Panning for gold.
It's a gold rush out there, with everyone on the Internet scrambling around for a fast buck, flitting from one "hot tip" to another.
But, just like those hopeful miners in 1848, sadly, most of them won't find their fortune. They will lose their money, actually.
But "there IS gold in those hills..."
The trick is throwing a vast amount of "dirt" into a "pan" with multiple filters. And in the fastest and simplest way possible.
It's just too much data for a human to process. Too many stocks to look at. Too much BS on the Internet.
That's why I created my proprietary Stock Gossip Filter Trading System for my personal trades, and it's now my go-to trading system.
The ridiculously high potential rewards with the ridiculously low potential risks are just too crazy to trade any other way!
Would you like to join me?
I hope you see this as a no-brainer, at least to try my proprietary Stock Gossip Filter Trading System and see how your financial fortunes change dramatically overnight.
Your timing is perfect because this system is brand new, and I'm looking for my very first poster boys and girls.
So, it's in my best interests to make this work for you!
Win back all your previous losses. Get revenge on the market.
And stop burning money on bad Internet gossip.
Let's get started because that next hot stock could be in play right now!
James Sheridan.
Who this course is for
This course is for anyone who has heard about a stock and wants to know if it's hot or not, and anyone who is tired of losing money on lousy stock tips!