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Red Sky in the Morning by R S Merritt

Red Sky in the Morning by R S Merritt
epub | 366.22 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B08JJH8D6Q | Author: R S Merritt | Year: 2020


Are you ready for the end?

An ancient tomb is unearthed live on cable TV after months of hype. It’s billed as the archeological equivalent of Shark Week. The actual footage takes a turn no one ever expected. Those minutes of footage will be combed over by governments worldwide seeking to understand what horror came out of that tomb.

They watched the news for weeks as an infection spread quickly across the globe. The videos posted online of people ripping into each other like cannibals on PCP were unreal. The support from the authorities was a joke. No one had a plan in place for this. At least not a plan that involved saving everyone…

Join a tight knit family of outcasts who’ll do anything for one another as they battle their way through this freak show. A reality where might makes right and the only thing worse than running out of food and water is running out of ammunition.

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