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Displaced by Stephen Drake

Displaced by Stephen Drake
epub | 429.3 KB | English | Isbn:979-8582108399 | Author: Drake,Stephen | PAge: 550 | Year: 2020


When Kevin Murdock, martial artist and outdoorsman extraordinaire, is revived from suspended animation aboard a transport pod, he and his nine fellow occupants have no idea what to expect.
Murdock argues for caution after seeing something strange: animals also inhabit their new environment, all of them larger than their Earthly counterparts. Conflict soon erupts between Murdock and James Whittier – a politician with a lust for power and control.
But soon, they all realize that there’s something even more dangerous onboard… something that might cost them all their lives.
This is the clear print edition of Displaced, with a 14pt font size for easier reading.

Category:First Contact Science Fiction, Alien Invasion Science Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction


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