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Bipolar Breakthrough by Ronald R Fieve

Bipolar Breakthrough by Ronald R Fieve
epub | 649.33 KB | English | Isbn:B003NSCBSA | Author: Ronald Fieve | PAge: 259 | Year: 2009


More than 30 years ago, Ronald R. Fieve, MD, gained national recognition for his pioneering treatment of what was then known as "manic-depression." Since then, he has focused on patients with mild bipolarity, also known as Bipolar II. With the right treatment, these patients can turn their illness into an asset.

In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Fieve presents a highly successful program that allows Bipolar II patients to harness the creativity and energy of their hypomanic "highs" while minimizing the potentially devastating "lows" of depression.

Now with a new foreword explaining the most up-to-date research on the bipolar spectrum, Bipolar Breakthrough includes:
-six stay-well strategies for anyone suffering from Bipolar II
-the latest information on cutting-edge medications with fewer side effects
-a special section on the complications of a bipolar diagnosis for pregnant women, children, and the elderly
With results supported by thousands of patient histories, Dr. Fieve’s Bipolar Breakthrough is a landmark work that will help the millions of Bipolar II sufferers live better lives.

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