Compuread Mingle Games

Published 2/2023
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Have a rollicking good time learning in the classroom with CompuRead Mingle Games

What you'll learn
Learn how to engage your students in the classroom with games
Keep your students on the edge of the seats excited about learning
Student will learn over 81 subjects designed for today's elementary student
Be ready to have your students willing learn with over 60 games for all abilities
Use materials already at hand in your classroom or bring in simple and effective items
Have a classroom full of fun and excitement and eager students with Mingle Games

No Formal Requirements, just a thirst for teaching children how to have fun with other students with games

CompuRead Mingle Games is a collection of over 62 fully engaging classroom games for grades K through 6. The 3 volume set includes;Mingle Games Easy, Volume 1Mingle Games Skilled, Volume 2 andMingle Games Challenging, Volume 3IN THE CLASSROOMThese easy to use reference manuals include easy to more challenging games designed to have students mingle and get to know all their classmates by having fun and interacting with their fellow students. Through these games, any classroom, public, private or a home school can enjoy each other's participation with personal interaction with all students regardless of their individual learning ability.As the students and teacher become more familiar with all the games, they can modify a game to suit the classes' needs. It's easy to make the parts and pieces that some games have and this could be assigned to students on a rotating basis. This could even be used as a reward -- to prepare the game for the class.ADULT YOUTH LEADERSThese mingle games could also be used by any leader working with youth to be able to have them interact with each other, especially during group meetings. Mingle Games work very well having to promote group cohesiveness and understanding among all group members.WHAT WILL BE LEARNED WITH MINGLE GAMESJust some of the fun games to be played are:· Beginning, Medial and Final Sounds· Silent Letters· Correct Tongue, Lip and Jaw Movements· Like and Different· Blends Poems for Accuracy· Matching Colors and Shapes· Motor Likeness and Differences· Parts of Body, Bones, Muscles, etc.· Matching Rule to Words· Punctuation Marks· Sound 'alikes,' Different Meaning and Spellings· Contractions· The Use of I· Asking and Telling SentencesPlus, much, much more!

Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 The Fun and Excitement of Classroom Mingle Games
Lecture 2 Overview of the CompuRead Mingle Games
Section 2: Mingle Games Overview
Lecture 3 Section 1 - Easy Mingle Games
Lecture 4 Section 2 - Skilled Mingle Games
Lecture 5 Section 3 - Challenging Mingle Games
Section 3: Downloadable PDF Files for all Mingle Games Volumes
Lecture 6 Volume 1 Easy Mingle Games
Lecture 7 Volume 2 Skilled Mingle Games
Lecture 8 Volume 3 Challenging Mingle Games
Section 4: Volume 1 - Easy Mingle Games for Young Children
Lecture 9 Easy Mingle Game BASIC SHAPES AND COLORS
Lecture 10 Easy Mingle Game WHERE'S THAT PAPER
Lecture 11 Easy Mingle Game CLAP, CLAP
Lecture 12 Easy Mingle Game IS IT THIS OR THAT SOUND
Lecture 13 Easy Mingle Game SOUNDS AROUND ME
Lecture 14 Easy Mingle Game WHERE'S THAT CIRCLE
Lecture 15 Easy Mingle Game LITTLE DOT DIFFERENCE
Lecture 16 Easy Mingle Game RUBBADUB MY FINGER
Lecture 17 Easy Mingle Game MR. AND MRS. CAPITAL
Lecture 19 Easy Mingle Game MORE OUTSIDE WALKING
Lecture 20 Easy Mingle Game THE GREAT SHAPE
Lecture 21 Easy Mingle Game MANY QUESTIONS
Lecture 22 Easy Mingle Game ALL ALPHABET SOUND GAME
Lecture 23 Easy Mingle Game SILLY RHYMES
Lecture 25 Easy Mingle Game BLENDS, BLENDS AND MORE BLENDS
Lecture 26 Easy Mingle Game DESIGN REPETITION
Lecture 27 Easy Mingle Game WHAT'S THAT PANTOMIME?
Lecture 28 Easy Mingle Game A PANTOMIMING MOVIE STAR
Lecture 29 Easy Mingle Game JIG SAW PUZZLES
Lecture 30 Easy Mingle Game MANY, MANY CATEGORIES
Lecture 31 Easy Mingle Game MY WONDERFUL BODY
Lecture 32 Easy Mingle Game I'LL DO WHAT YOU SAY AND WRITE
Section 5: Volume 2 - Skilled Mingle Games
Lecture 33 Skilled Mingle Game SIGHT WORD MEMORY
Lecture 35 Skilled Mingle Game SILENT SENTENCES
Lecture 36 Skilled Mingle Game ACT THE WORD GAME
Lecture 37 Skilled Mingle Game RULE MATCH
Lecture 38 Skilled Mingle Game MOUTHING WORDS
Lecture 39 Skilled Mingle Game INFLECTIONAL ENDINGS
Lecture 40 Skilled Mingle Game KEEPING YOUR SCORE
Lecture 41 Skilled Mingle Game I'M THE BEST
Lecture 42 Skilled Mingle Game MANY WAYS
Lecture 43 Skilled Mingle Game TWO FOR ONE
Lecture 44 Skilled Mingle Game SENTENCE SURPRISES
Lecture 45 Skilled Mingle Game JIG SAW PUZZLES
Lecture 46 Skilled Mingle Game MUCH MATCH
Lecture 47 Skilled Mingle Game SENTENCE SURPRISES
Lecture 48 Skilled Mingle Game WATCH YOUR MOUTH
Lecture 49 Skilled Mingle Game STARTING RIGHT
Lecture 50 Skilled Mingle Game WHERE'S MY HOME?
Lecture 51 Skilled Mingle Game THE IMPORTANT WORD "I"
Lecture 52 Skilled Mingle Game QUESTION AND SAYING
Lecture 53 Skilled Mingle Game WHAT WAS THAT?
Lecture 54 Skilled Mingle Game COMBINING WORDS #1
Lecture 55 Skilled Mingle Game FRIENDLY KIDS
Lecture 56 Skilled Mingle Game IDIOMS
Lecture 57 Skilled Mingle Game TRUE OR NOT TRUE
Lecture 58 Skilled Mingle Game THINKING BACK
Section 6: Volume 3 - Challenging Mingle Games
Lecture 59 Challenging Mingle Game JOKES TO LAUGH OUT LOUD
Lecture 60 Challenging Mingle Game GREAT KID SAYINGS
Lecture 61 Challenging Mingle Game HOW TO WRITE
Lecture 62 Challenging Mingle Game ORDER IN THE STORY
Lecture 63 Challenging Mingle Game SEQUENTIAL STORY ORDER
Lecture 64 Challenging Mingle Game MANY FACES
Lecture 65 Challenging Mingle Game COMBINING WORDS #2
Lecture 66 Challenging Mingle Game WHAT DO YOU KNOW
Lecture 67 Challenging Mingle Game TAPPING A MESSAGE
Lecture 68 Challenging Mingle Game DON'T DELETE ME
Lecture 69 Challenging Mingle Game INTERNATIONAL KIDS
Lecture 70 Challenging Mingle Game SPORTS WORDS
Lecture 71 Challenging Mingle Game A BOATLOAD OF SYNONYMS AND ANTONYMS
For all elementary age students, Kindergarten through the Sixth grade - Even Adults


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