Navigating Healthcare College, Career And Student Loan Debt

Published 2/2023
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Get your career. Be wise doing it.

What you'll learn
Discover cost-effective healthcare college and career options.
Learn how to find and calculate take home pay for healthcare professions.
Learn how to find your student loan payment
Define for yourself what "success" is, and what your "why" is to getting into healthcare.

Some high school education. Basic computer, reading and math skills

Every year, people overspend on education to pursue a career. Specifically in healthcare, it costs them approximately $2 million in retirement contributions. $2 MILLION. It changes their generational trajectory. This course is meant to change that.This multi-module (4-5 hour) college, career, and financial focused course helps guide you toward the best educational path, how to assess the money game of healthcare education, and how to find your mission fit while thriving financially long-term. Change the direction of generations that could be career-strapped by student loan debt, so they can learn how to choose healthcare careers and programs, and how to gather the cost of school when it relates to savings and retirement.In this course, we discuss cost of living, cost of loans, retirement, investing, budgeting, job searching, gross and net income, workforce statistics for job hunting, and pitfalls to avoid in your search for the healthcare career of your dreams.We discuss finding your "why", your fit, how to navigate gap years in college/career school, personal scenarios that help apply the principles learned. There are also two workbooks: a career and journaling notebook, and a personal finance workbook, so you can plot out your future.The mission of the company "Project Two Million" is to Redefine Success. Redirect Focus. Educate Students. Change Generations. Grow Stewardship.

Section 1: The $2 million Introduction
Lecture 1 The $2 million Introduction
Section 2: Starting with Good Work
Lecture 2 Starting with Good Work
Section 3: Starting with Your Why
Lecture 3 Starting with Your Why
Section 4: Finding Your Profession
Lecture 4 Finding Your Profession
Lecture 5 How to Find Your Profession
Section 5: Career of Choice
Lecture 6 Career of Choice
Lecture 7 Career of Choice
Section 6: Your School and Healthcare Program of Choice
Lecture 8 Your School and Healthcare Profession of Choice
Section 7: Who Says What You Can (and can't do) - Professional Governance
Lecture 9 Who Says What You Can (and can't do)
Section 8: My Expected Income and My Expected Student Loan Debt
Lecture 10 My Expected Income and My Expected Student Loan Debt
Section 9: What is Professional Specialization?
Lecture 11 What is Professional Specialization?
Section 10: What is my long term?
Lecture 12 What is my long term?
Section 11: Having a Backup Plan
Lecture 13 Having a Backup Plan
Lecture 14 Supplementary Video of Gap Year Options
Section 12: Your Money Matters
Lecture 15 Your Money Matters
Section 13: College Cost in Career Context
Lecture 16 College Cost in Career Context pt. 1
Lecture 17 College Cost in Career Context pt. 2
Lecture 18 Cost of School, Job Searching, Cost of Living
Lecture 19 Bachelor Degree Options that Cost So Little!
Section 14: Knowing the Overall Cost in Career Context
Lecture 20 Knowing the Overall Cost
Section 15: Course Summary
Lecture 21 Course Summary
This course is for future healthcare students, high school students and college students entertaining a career in healthcare.


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