Master Flutter By Building A Video And Voice Call Chat App

Published 1/2023
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Master Real World App Building Technique for iOS and Android

What you'll learn
Flutter real world production ready video and voice chatting app including text messages
Learn how to set up different servers together and use in one project
Learn how to work with firebase, custom backend and third party servers
Learn about Laravel Framework, Firebase Firestore and Agora SDK
Learn about building API using Laravel Framework and use the API from Flutter Framework

Flutter and Dart SDK are installed as well PHP and Composer Installed

Here you will build a real world app and master app building technique by learning Flutter, Laravel, Firebase and third party SDK for audio and video call app.Who will take itBeginners to advanced learnersFor landing a jobFor colleague thesisFor prototypingFor mastering app buildingApp functional featuresThird party loginPhone number loginText chatImage chatAudio call chatVideo call chatSending notification (text, audio and video chat)Profile pageNotification on text message receiveNotification on audio callNotification on video callSound on initiating audio callSound on initiating video callSave chat historyThird party login would involve Google, Facebook and Apple login. We will also see how to login using phone number. The chatting feature of this is very seamless since we used SQFLITE to save the chatting history locally. First we save chat messages locally and send them to the other end in the background service. So users feel like the app very fast sending messages. The same happens for sending images. We first save the image locally and then send to other user.We also save user profile locally, so you don't have to confirm with Firebase or Laravel for login. Next time a user logs in, user will feel like it's fast, since we read the data locally first. The same happens for chatting history. Chat history is read from local storage first.Flutter frameworkWe used Flutter framework for building beautiful UI for both iOS and Android. In Flutter framework, we also cover a lot of Dart knowledge and how to use models and classes to work with view and controllers.Firebase serviceWe used Firebase for sending users registration and phone number login. We used Firebase also for sending notification. Here in this tutorial you will more complex features of firebase like saving chat history, images, listening to document updates and uploading images.Laravel frameworkLaravel framework we used for building API for authentication. We used it also for saving basic information and communicating with Firebase for sending notification.Agora SDKWe used Agora SDK for using video and audio call service. Agora provides very stable API for audio and video call.

Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: Project structure and folder
Lecture 2 Basic project structure of the app
Lecture 3 Create new project folder
Section 3: Welcome module
Lecture 4 Welcome module and controller
Lecture 5 Welcome module and binding controller
Lecture 6 Welcome module and create library
Lecture 7 Welcome module and view
Lecture 8 Welcome module and main.dart
Lecture 9 Welcome module and onboard screen
Lecture 10 Welcome module summary
Section 4: Message module and middleware
Lecture 11 Message module controller, binding, view and library
Lecture 12 Understanding the middleware
Section 5: Sign in module
Lecture 13 Sign in module controller, binding and library
Lecture 14 Sign in module routing and binding
Section 6: Dependency Injection
Lecture 15 Inject dependencies globally
Section 7: Local storage and dependencies
Lecture 16 Understand StorageService class and SharedPreferences
Lecture 17 More on StorageService and SharedPreferences
Lecture 18 Difference between Get.put, Get.lazyPut and Get.putAsync
Section 8: Sign in module with third party login
Lecture 19 Sign in module and page logo
Lecture 20 Sign in module and third party login button
Lecture 21 Sign in module and phone number login part 1
Lecture 22 Sign in module and phone number login part 2
Lecture 23 Set up firebase with CLI
Lecture 24 Sign in module and handleSignIn() part 1
Lecture 25 Sign in module and handleSignIn() part 2
Lecture 26 Sign in module and handleSignIn() part 3
Section 9: Learn to reconfigure iOS and Android settings and SHA1 and SHA256 key generation
Lecture 27 iOS and Android login and configuration
Lecture 28 iOS and Android login and fingerprint
Lecture 29 iOS and Android change bundle id and package name and generate SHA256 key
Lecture 30 iOS and Android login and reset reverse client id
Section 10: Learn what we are going to do next
Lecture 31 Knowing about next new hours
Section 11: Message module
Lecture 32 Message module and create route
Lecture 33 Message module and middleware
Lecture 34 Message module and basic page part 1
Lecture 35 Message module and head bar
Lecture 36 Message module and hear bar profile icon
Lecture 37 Message module and more on profile icon
Lecture 38 Message module and UserItem class
Lecture 39 Message module and show online icon
Section 12: Profile module
Lecture 40 Profile module and set up
Lecture 41 Profile module and body section
Lecture 42 Profile module and show profile photo
Lecture 43 Profile module and show edit icon
Lecture 44 Profile module and complete button
Lecture 45 Profile module and dialogue button
Lecture 46 ProfilePage and logout part 7
Lecture 47 Profile module and logout button
Lecture 48 Profile module and minor changes in the UI
Section 13: Backend module(server side)
Lecture 49 Install laravel locally
Lecture 50 Mac OS create MySQL database and set up
Lecture 51 Mac OS install laravel-admin package
Lecture 52 Laravel-admin package set up and configuration
Lecture 53 Laravel basic understanding of the framework
Lecture 54 Database server and local storage connection
Lecture 55 phpMyAdmin users table edit
Lecture 56 MySQL Workbench edit users table
Section 14: Build dummy API
Lecture 57 Laravel build dummy API and test using postman
Lecture 58 Laravel dummy API test on the app
Section 15: Middleware redirect and routing convention
Lecture 59 Middleware redirect set up and keep the user logged in
Lecture 60 Learn about laravel route set up and convention
Section 16: Server side Login module
Lecture 61 LoginController module and login method part 1
Lecture 62 LoginController module and postman test part 2
Lecture 63 LoginController module and Postman test part 3
Lecture 64 LoginController module and access token and Postman test part 4
Lecture 65 LoginController module and work on update access token part 5
Section 17: API call on the app
Lecture 66 Calling API from the app and understand the connection
Lecture 67 Calling API from the app and debug API error
Section 18: Deeper understanding of user profile saving and local storage connection
Lecture 68 Saving user profile data during login and remove during logout
Lecture 69 Understand how saving user profile works for better app performance
Lecture 70 UserStore class login, logout and middleware
Section 19: About the upcoming sections
Lecture 71 Learn about the upcoming sections
Section 20: Contact module and serside build API and middleware
Lecture 72 Contact module front end set up
Lecture 73 Contact module and app bar
Lecture 74 Contact module and test API with Postman
Lecture 75 Contact module and build middleware part 1
Lecture 76 Contact module and Bearer token in middleware part 2
Lecture 77 Contact module and middleware part 3
Lecture 78 Contact module and finish working on middleware part 4
Lecture 79 Contact module and load data from server part 5
Lecture 80 Contact module and flutter load data and print part 6
Lecture 81 Contact module and show other users profile photo part 7
Lecture 82 Contact module and show other users data part 8
Lecture 83 Upcoming sessions
Lecture 84 Contact module and understand chatting query
Lecture 85 Contact module and chatting algorithm query part 2
Lecture 86 Contact module and chatting algorithm part 3
Lecture 87 Contact module and chatting algorithm routing part 4
Lecture 88 Contact module and routing part 5
Section 21: Chat module
Lecture 89 Contact module and Chat module view app bar part 7
Lecture 90 Chat module and build user photo at the top part 2
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