Ultimate Data Analyst with SQL & RUST
Published 6/2024
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Become Advanced Data Analyst by building Project with In-Memory Data Formats (parquet, csv...)

What you'll learn
Learn how to work with In-Memory data Formats (parquet, csv...) with raw SQL
Prepare Data Frames that can be used in different visualization tools
Learn how to convert Data Frames to CSV files
Build data Analysis project from the ground up

SQL - basics
RUST - basics

Unlock the potential of data analysis through a powerful combination of SQL and Rust's DataFusion library in this comprehensive course. Designed for data enthusiasts and professionals alike, this course provides a deep dive into effective data manipulation, transformation, and analysis techniques, culminating in the practical skill of converting Parquet dataframes into CSV files.Throughout this course, you'll begin with foundational SQL concepts, covering essential operations such as querying, filtering, aggregating, and joining datasets. By mastering SQL, you'll gain the ability to efficiently retrieve and manipulate data from various sources, forming a strong basis for advanced analysis.Next, you'll transition into the realm of Rust programming, specifically focusing on the DataFusion library. DataFusion offers a high-performance, in-memory query execution framework, enabling you to execute SQL queries on data stored in dataframes. You'll learn how to integrate DataFusion with Rust, harnessing its capabilities to perform complex data transformations and analyses with speed and efficiency.The course is structured around practical, hands-on exercises that reinforce theoretical concepts. You will work on real-world datasets, applying SQL queries and leveraging DataFusion to process and analyze data. As you progress, you'll gain proficiency in converting dataframes into CSV files, a crucial skill for data storage, sharing, and further processing.By the end of this course, you will have developed a robust understanding of SQL and DataFusion, and you'll be adept at transforming raw data into insightful, actionable information. You'll be equipped with the skills to handle diverse data analysis tasks, making you a valuable asset in any data-driven environment.Key Learning Outcomes:Master SQL for data querying, filtering, aggregation...Understand the fundamentals of Rust programming.Utilize the DataFusion library for high-performance data analysis.Perform complex data transformations and analyses with SQL.Convert dataframes into CSV files for storage and sharing.Apply theoretical knowledge through hands-on projects with real-world datasets.Enroll now to elevate your data analysis capabilities with SQL and Rust DataFusion, and become proficient in transforming data into valuable insights.

Who this course is for
Data Analyst that want to Sky-Rocket their career