Foneazy MockGo 5.2.0 Multilingual
File Size: 89.2 MB

One-Click iPhone GPS Location Spoofer. Instantly teleport your iPhone's GPS location to anywhere in the world. Move along real roads and paths with simulated GPS movement. Simulate natural movement with the joystick feature. Import GPX file to simulate the GPX track easily.

Add favorites list to collect locations, customized routes or GPX routes. Change the GPS of up to 5 devices simultaneously. Compatible with all iOS versions and devices, including the latest iOS 16.6 (Win).

Simulate Real, Natural Movement
MockGo enables you to simulate natural movement along the planned route with no lag! Now you can play popular location-based AR games such as Pokémon GO, Mobile Legends, etc., at home without moving!

Change the GPS Location to Anywhere with Just 1 Click
MockGo also allows you to change the GPS location on your iPhone for all popular location-based apps, such as games, dating apps, social media, and more.

Take Better Control with the Joystick
Simulate movement and change direction flexibly using the joystick.

Simultaneously Change Location of Multiple Devices
Want to change the GPS location on multiple devices at the same time? It's not a problem anymore!

MockGo allows you to change the location on up to 5 iOS devices simultaneously, which means you can easily play location-based games on multiple devices.

Import GPX File and Simulate the Route
You can also import a GPX file from your computer to MockGo. Once done, you will have an overview of the route on the GPX file and be able to simulate the same route with just one click.

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