String Lamp Generator - 3dsmax Script Tool
String Lamp Generator - 3dsmax Script Tool
MZP | 1 MB

Our "String Light Generator" Maxscript tool empowers you to bring life to your scenes by generating customizable string lights effortlessly. With its user-friendly interface and a plethora of adjustable parameters, you'll have an incredible range of creative possibilities at your fingertips. Let your imagination run wild and enhance the visual appeal of your scenes with this versatile tool.

Key Features:
1. Line Shape Selection:
Easily pick any line shape from your scene to serve as the foundation for your string lights.
2. Adjustable Light Pulp and Wire Thickness: By utilizing the intuitive size parameter, you can conveniently adjust the size of individual light pulps and the overall thickness of the wire to achieve the desired look.
3. Flexible Rotation Control: Take advantage of the interactive rotation feature to precisely control the overall rotation of the string lights along the line path, creating captivating patterns and angles.
4. Customizable Twist Effect: Add some dynamic flair to your string lights by adjusting the twist along the line path, giving them a unique and mesmerizing appearance.
5. Offset Configuration: Tailor the position of the string lights by effortlessly adjusting the offset from the line in the x, y, and z axes, enabling you to achieve the perfect placement within your scene.
6. Diverse Light Bulb Selection: Choose from a selection of nine different types of light bulbs, allowing you to achieve various lighting effects and aesthetics.
7. Interactive Parameter Editing: All parameters can be changed on the fly, giving you the freedom to experiment and fine-tune the visual aspects of your string lights in real-time.

Note 1: don't work on multispline nodes
Note 2:for run go to scripting-> run script-> select .mzp file