3dsmax  RizomUV Bridge - Script for 3ds Max
3dsmax <-> RizomUV Bridge - Script for 3ds Max
MZP | 252 KB

How to install:
- Drag'n'Drop into 3dsmax viewport
- 3dsmax > Scripting > Run Script > select RizomUV bridge MZP file
After setup, you will see the RizomUV icon at the main toolbar of 3dsmax application.
(Sometimes administrator rights needed)

How it works:
In 3dsmax :

- Select object or multiple objects
- Select editing mode
- Press a button with RizomUV unfold logo

In RizomUV:
- Create or edit UVs
- Press Save
After pressing Save button, RizomUV - will be closed, 3DSMax window will reappear and UVs will be assigned as modifier(s) on object or objects.

Buttons description:
- Big button with RizomUV logo - send selected objects to RizomUV, objects must be editable poly, if you have an modifiers stack - script will collapse it to editable poly automatically. So be careful a.
- Right Mouse Button (RMB) click on mode options(new,edit,preset) open current Lua script with notepad. So you can edit it and save, or save as a new preset.
- RMB click on dropbox (presets list) - reload/update presets list.

How to edit a preset file:
- In RizomUV open a Script and Command log window (default shortcut "L")
- And you will see a log for changed commands/parameters, so you can select necessary lines and copy/paste them into a preset file, and that's it.

Script requirements:
3dsmax 2020/21/22
RizomUV 2021/22
Older 3dsmax versions not supported (try on your own risk)

*Actual version is 1.5.1