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A Sculpting Approach to Creating and Morphing Addendum and Binder Geometry resulting in a Fast, Flexible, and Visual Approach to Die Face Design
Develop a full die face or draw development model in minutes
Create first-form draw models for accurate material cost estimates for drawn panels
Determine impact of developing flanges on punch face, die face, or binder
Optimize press axis direction for minimizing undercut or draw depth while analyzing trim conditions, draft angle and undercuts
Construct complex, developable curved binder geometry using a variety of powerful, industry driven approaches
Accurately develop trim lines for flange, hem and extrusion geometry onto die surfaces
Export surface data for use in COSTOPTIMIZER, ProcessPlanner, or FASTIncremental simulations

Step-by-step wizard guides
Import 3D CAD data and perform Stamping Feature Recognition
Die tip (draft angle, minimize draw depth, average normal)
Positioning and bridging double attached parts
State of the art curved binder generation with morphing and tilting
Fill holes and/or notches and optionally use symmetry
Create and morph Part Extension (PE) curves
Pre-unfold of flanges onto extension, addendum, or binder
Develop a full 3D surfaced addendum
Evaluate impact of Die Face on Trim Conditions
Accurately locate trim lines for subsequent flanging operations

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