DS SIMULIA CST STUDIO SUITE 2024.02 SP2 Update Only (x64)
x64 | File Size: 1.07 GB

CST Studio Suite 2024 builds on industry-leading simulation technology with a range of new features for the design, simulation and optimization of components and systems. New features include encrypted data sharing, the next generation of Perfect Boundary Approximation (PBA), full integration of the voxel body model poser, and the hybrid solver for bidirectional hybrid coupling between all the general purpose high-frequency solvers.

The 2024 release is also available on the Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform, allowing direct links to other design and simulation tools.These tools increase the agility of CST Studio Suite for modeling and simulating complex systems, and allow electromagnetic simulation to be applied in large projects spanning multiple departments and suppliers.

Facilities and software features of CST STUDIO SUITE
-Local graphical user interface based on Windows
-Multiple interface between documents
-Tools variables, parameters and the message window
-(OLE) Linking and Embedding Automation Server (COM / DCOM)
-Transfer Parameters
-Automatic Optimization
-Animation Layout
-Automatic creation of power point slides
-Project Management
-Ability to switch between different software components, including

Components include a CST STUDIO SUITE
-CST MICROWAVE STUDIO - CST MWS: edge tools for speed and accuracy leading up to the three-dimensional simulation of high-frequency devices.
-CST EM STUDIO - CST EMS: simple tools for design and analysis of static and low-frequency devices such as motors, sensors, transformers and ...
-CST PARTICLE STUDIO - CST PS: to simulate the motion of charged particles, all based or otherwise. This includes the electron gun, cathode ray tubes and tools from the hand.
-CST CSBLE STUDIO - CST CS: to simulate the entire signal detection and analysis of electromagnetic compatibility or incompatibility of cable glands.
-CST PCB STUDIO - CST PCBS: to simulate the sound signal and detect electromagnetic compatibility or incompatibility of the printed circuit board.
-CST MPHYSCIS STUDIO - CST MPS: to analyze the thermal and mechanical stress.
-CST DESIGN STUDIO - CST DS: The tool is versatile and combines circuit simulation to electromagnetic helps

What's New in CST Studio Suite 2024

Advanced Modeling, Schematic and Post-processing
-Modeling Stackup bending enhancement
-Schematic usability enhancement, such as hierarchical Design Studio block and MDIF block
-Dedicated 5G Post-processing
-Human model library and other enhancements in Bio- Electromagnetics

Antenna and Microwave Component Design
-Antenna Array workflows and solver enhancements
-Eigenmode analysis support for Hexagonal Unit Cells
-Sensitivity analysis for Geometrical Parameters and post-process tuning

-Support non-circular drill shapes in PCBS
-DDR4 Analysis improvements
-IBIS & IBIS-AMI buffer models – improvements and Component Library examples included
-Drift diffusion solver for semiconductor devices in micrometer range.

Communication and Detection
-Meshing robustness and performance improvements
-Time domain solver performance improvements: MatrixCalc with MPI, 3D field monitors on GPU,general performance improvement
-Interference task workflow and performance improvements
-Integral equation solver supports thin planar dielectrics, NFS and symmetry planes
-Asymptotic solver Channel Impulse Response (CIR), Range/Doppler map

Electromagnetic Compatibility and interference (EMC/EMI)
-pRLC solver – Open Boundaries and improved Capacitance Results
-Direct Access to IDEM fitting in Design Studio
-Reduced spectral leakage with FFT Windowing for transient tasks in Design Studio
-Thin Panel support with frequency domain solver
-Simulation speedup for complex bi-directional cable o-simulation

Electric Drive Design
-Efficient End-winding simulation (broadband)
-Powertrain System simulation with Partial RLC Solver now with Linux support of exchange formats.
-Considerable speed improvements for Powertrain System Simulation

System Requirements
OS:Server 2008 R2 SP1 / Windows 8.1 / Server 2012 R2 / Windows 10
Minimum requirement
CPU:Intel x86-64processor
Memory:16GB RAM
GPU:100% OpenGL compatible graphics card
Storage:30GB of free disk space

High end server/ workstation recommendation
CPU:Dual Intel Xeon Scalable (also known as "Skylake" ) processor
Memory:32– 64 GB per CPU
GPU:NVIDIA Quadro series card dedicated to CAD/CAE applications
Storage:At least 500GB hard disk drive/SSDs may be used, but are not necessary for good simulation performance

Whats New
CST Studio Suite 2024.02 - Release Notes

General / Environment
-Improved robustness for processor groups on Windows.
-Corrected positioning of voxel models during sub-project import.
-Corrected editing behavior of a loft.
-Accelerated opening time for projects with Mesh Shapes.
-Allow to specify alternate java path in environment variable (JAVA_HOME_CST_{release} with release = 2024, 2025, etc.) for CST PCB Studio, CST Cable Studio and Fest3D.
-Linux only, improve non interactive session handling for missing XDG_RUNTIME_DIR.
-Fixed a bug that caused the focus rectangle of widgets to be invisible.
-No folder suggested in RLC node dialog, if it is the first node to be created.
-Adjusted initial column sizes of the design responses in the non-parametric optimizer dialog box.
-Implemented a descriptive error message in case the solver has no acceleration settings.
-Enabled "Minimize" in License dialog box again.
-Fixed dBm and dBu plotting for results with logfactor but without valid unit.
-Corrected incorrect behavior of Field Source ports during solver start, if they were renamed.
-Corrected update behavior of CST Cable Studio simulation projects, sometimes nodes, segments and cable bundles were doubled.
-Solid to Mesh feature will no longer overwrite existing Mesh Shapes, due to similar name.
-Corrected edit properties behavior of a torus.
-Made zoom and pan behavior of 1D plots more reliable.
-Added support for SOLIDWORKS 2024 import.

CST Power'By
-Load published Knowledgeware Parameters from 3DEXPERIENCE when loading geometry. New Feature!
-Provided possibility to download run files of grid simulation on 3DEXPERIENCE cloud. New Feature!
-Fixed issue of embedded 3DSearch with changed prefilter syntax of 3DEXPERIENCE 2024x FD01.

System Assembly and Modeling (SAM)
-Setting parameters to Run ID in a 3D simulation project does no longer cause repeated assembly updates.
-Fixed the configuration of array task simulation projects for the excitation list setting in the T-solver dialog.

EDA Import / EDA Tools
-New Gerber Multilayer Setup and Import. New Feature!
-Python PCB API now supports creating and modifying components and padstacks. New Feature!
-Import failed, if all components were defined as shorts.
-Soldermask thickness was incorrect, if "effective stackup" was disabled.

Distributed Computing (DC)
-Fixed token/credit calculation in case of Parameter Sweep/Optimizer runs.
-Fixed abort of DC run after two hours because of expired authentication.
-Fixed resource problem of license threads if too many jobs are in queued in CST DC Main Controller.

-Fixed initialization of secondary quantity field monitors for DC.
-Improved accuracy of the TDR from S-parameter result templates.
-ISAR Calculation result template: Fixed handling of polar reformatting option.
-Fixed use of renormalization result template after FD-Solver run.
-Corrected the displayed polar grid for zoomed polar far field plots.
-Fixed inconsistent activation of the "View Results" button in the SAR Calculation dialog box.

High-Performance Computing (HPC)
-Integrated Intel MPI 2021 Update 10 and use this version as default. New Feature!

CST Microwave Studio - General
-In case the HF time domain solver (-r) and "run discretizer only" (-r_discretizer) are both defined on command line, "run discretizer only" will from now on win.
-Improved data consistency check for filter combination design responses in the non-parametric optimizer dialog.
-Non-parametric optimization data check now only complains on errors of active design responses.
-CST Microwave Studio - Transient Solver
-Fixed setup problems in case of 4-socket systems.
-CST Microwave Studio - Transient Solver (TLM Mesh)
-Fixed enclosure of farfield monitor capture surface around voxel bodies.

CST Microwave Studio - Frequency Domain Solver
-Relaxed some requirements and checks when using frequency domain solvers in the schematic tasks.
-Added methods GetStimulationPort and GetStimulationMode to the FDSolver object, to retrieve the basic stimulation settings.
-Fixed some problems with the list of simultaneous excitations.
-Long names of simultaneous excitations could not be displayed in the "Select Excitation" dialog box. Also added a context menu for permanently hiding some.

CST Microwave Studio - Frequency Domain Solver (Tetrahedral Mesh)
-The power loss calculation "per solid" now distinguishes between volume and metal losses.
-Non-parametric optimization: Fixed farfield computation of single components for directivity or gain.

CST Microwave Studio - Integral Equation Solver
-Renamed mesh quality plots in navigation tree.
-ACA support for "enhanced CFIE type 2" PEC solid handling. New Feature!
-Fixed incorrect behaviors of solver dialog.
-Fixed radiated power calculation when infinite ground is activated.

CST Microwave Studio - Asymptotic Solver
-Display warning message when GO and PTD are simultaneously active.
-Fixed some problems for channel computation workflow.

CST EM Studio - LF Time Domain Solver (Tetrahedral Mesh)
-Non-parametric optimization: Fixed bug for design response "highpass filter" and "Fourier coefficient".

CST EM Studio - Partial RLC Solver
-Speed up automatic node pair creation for large mesh / many RLC nodes.

CST Mphysics - General
-Fixed unresponsiveness of import thermal field dialog in Mechanical solver.

CST Mphysics - Conjugated Heat Transfer Solver
-Improved stability of Rhie-Chow interpolation with dynamic fans.
-Fixed solid heat flux monitor reports in overlapping solids.
-Improved radiative heat flux handling for emissivity close to 1.
-Fixed volume fraction calculation at corners for thin materials.

-Solved issue causing sporadic CST DES locks after Spark3D was closed using the Spark3D Task.

-Fixed issues of Dual Mode Synthesis tool.
-Solved issue with Adaptive Frequency Sampling when number of Accessible modes in ports is large.
-Fixed issue regarding update of response when optimizing Design Studio projects with a Fest3D Block.
-Fixed issue in computation of resonances when selecting BIRME3D solver with cylindrical basis functions in Mushroom feed cavity elements.

CST PCB Studio
-Provided DDR4 reference nets (CLK/DQS) feature. New Feature!
-Conflicting differential pin settings can now be set manually.
-PI-Solver now warns about pin mismatch between part and component.
-Fixed group pin display and refresh in package instances and partlib.
-Fixed handling of untypical DDR4 topologies (branching), consider memory/controller when looking for pin on the other side of the connection.
-Fixed 2D PCBS result viewer help.

CST Boardcheck
-Fixed the non-standard name of the product CST BOARDCHECK in the project templates.

CST Design Studio - General
-Feature matrix format keywords "Upper" and "Lower" for imports of Touchstone 2.0 data files. New Feature!
-Include power awareness keywords ([Composite Current],[ISSO PD],[ISSO PU]) in IBIS buffer model. New Feature!
-Resolved instability for Clone Blocks when changing clonee to specific block types.
-Allowing to export CST Studio Suite block. New Feature!
-Improved error handling of transient task excitation setup via VBA.
-Relaxed some requirements and checks when using frequency domain solvers in the schematic tasks.
-A transient task excitation defined via VBA has now a defined signal type by default.
-Enable 1DSignal definition preview for transient tasks. New Feature!
-Fixed coverage test in specific scenarios for antenna placement.
-New Graphical User Interface to handle AMI Parameters in the IBIS-AMI task. New Feature!
-Ensure synchronization of "Tmax" and result option "Stop time" of transient tasks, if either of them is set via SimulationTask VBA command.
-Fixed issue in lumped element combining, leading to incorrect simulation results in rare cases, involving voltage-controlled switches. .
-Support LTSpice-specific TABLE syntax of behavioral sources for SPICE blocks with dialect LTSPICE.
-Fixed the execution of the combine results task for blocks with multi-mode ports.

CST Design Studio - Hybrid Solver Task
-Solved issue that under certain circumstances F-solver calculates more frequency samples than necessary.
-Fixed (de-)activation of antenna-to-antenna coupling across all coupling types.

IdEM Studio
-IdEM Studio, the new macromodeling tool embedded and integrated into CST Studio Suite, has been released. New Feature!
-Filter Designer 3D
-Fixed incorrect model image for Resonator Square Screw component in the Resonator Design Assistant.
-Fixed low order bandstop topologies.
-Fixed wrong reported units for Spurious-free stopband estimation in the Resonator Design Assistant.
-Fixed input of exponential operator in controls.
-Fixed Pfitzenmaier topology not available.
-Fixed Tuning Ribbon tab not updating.
-Automation / Macros / Result Templates / External Data Access
-Several enhancements in the macro "Transfer Model to Abaqus". New Feature!
-Macro for fitting a Generalized Debye Model to tabulated magnetic dispersion data, see Home->Macros->Python->CST Apps. Feature intended for -coupled biased ferrite workflows. New Feature!
-Added methods GetStimulationPort and GetStimulationMode to the FDSolver object, to retrieve the basic stimulation settings.