NFT For Beginners (Create, Buy and Sell NFTs)

Last updated 1/2023
Duration: 2h15m | Video: .MP4, 1280x720 30 fps | Audio: AAC, 44.1kHz, 2ch | Size: 1.45 GB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English

Learn about NFT, NFT Minting, NFT buying, NFT Investing, Selling NFT and NFT Security

What you'll learn
Learn what NFT are and how they work.
Understand how to buy, create and sell your own NFT.
The history of NFT.
Learn how to use popular platforms used in the buying, creation and selling of NFT.
Learn everything you need to know about Gas fees
Learn how to trade NFT on the secondary market
Learn about the most common NFT scams to watch out for
Learn how to secure your NFTs
Most popular NFT marketplace

There are no requirements needed to enroll beyond having an interest in learning what NFTs are, and how to create, buy and sell them effectively.
This course is a fundamentals level course which is designed for complete beginners who want to get started quickly buying, creating and selling NFTs.

- Are you looking for a quick, highly-effective, and easy way to understand Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), without wasting countless hours sifting through unnecessary filler information?
- Do you want to get a firm grasp on what Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are all about?
- Are you looking to create your own NFTs and make them available for sale on the top NFT marketplaces?
- Do you need to quickly learn the key concepts and vocabulary around NFTs?
All you need to know to get involved in the fast-moving NFT world. Learn how to buy, sell and create NFTs. What are smart contracts and what's the blockchain? How to use Metamask? What are the main NFT marketplaces? How to identify NFT scams? How to evaluate projects? And much more!
I'm going to guide you step by step and show you how easy it is to buy, sell and create an NFT from a blockchain, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency expert by enrolling now!
This effective video course will help you understand NFTs, and how to Buy, Create and Sell your own NFTs without wasting unnecessary time and money (or rather Ether and cryptocurrency) through trial and error.
You'll learn the key aspects around NFTs, including
What are NFTs?
A brief history of NFTs
How to create NFTs
NFT blockchain basics
Blockchain protocols behind the NFTs
Video "walkthroughs" of how to buy, create and sell NFTs
...and much much more!
This course will help you quickly master the most important ideas and topics in NFTs and will give you the hands-on experience you seek!
Enroll now and I look forward to seeing you inside.
Yours faithfully,
Anatolii Ziatkovskyi

Who this course is for
Digital artists
Blockchain enthusiasts
Creative artists who wish to leverage NFT technology to secure and sell their own work.
This course does not include any code sampling elements, as such it is not meant as a course for developers who wish to learn how to develop and program NFT applications.