Understanding & Interpreting Colours On Oracle Cards Pt2

Published 8/2023
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Continue to interpret Angel and Oracle cards using more of the colours found therein, so you let your intuition flow

What you'll learn
appreciate the important role colour plays in the interpretation of angel and oracle cards
learn about the advantages of interpreting colours on angel and oracle cards
understand the importance of interpreting what you see, not what you think a colour should be
comprehend the personal aspect of colour and how a person's favourite colour can provide insight into their life
understand the role that colour plays in our everyday lives
explore what life would be like without colour
continue to build a library of colours that you can turn to, as and when you need
create meanings for the remaining colours of the rainbow as well as other colours, meanings that are personal to you and, therefore, memorable and relevant
learn about the cultural, religious, energetic (and much more) symbolism behind more colours
allow the messages you pass on, to yourself or others, to be more personal and in-depth, to have more colour and be brought to life
stop leaning and depending on your deck's guidebook for your card interpretations which will, as a result, be generalised, not personalised
receive and pass on messages from the angels and your guides that are more meaningful, more personal, and more in-depth through the use of colour
use colours to step out of your own way and allow your intuition to play a key role in your readings

If you haven't done so already and are following this course to improve your understanding and interpretation of oracle cards, I recommend you, at least, complete "Reading Angel & Oracle Cards (Beginners)", or the equivalent thereof, as an understanding of how to read Angel or Oracle cards, as well as some experience, is a must before attempting this course. This course does not teach you how to read cards, rather it teaches you how to understand and interpret some of the many colours you may find in your Angel or Oracle cards, so you can let your intuition step in and flow
If you are following this course to create an understanding and appreciation of colour in the world around you but with no desire to apply this to card readings, no specific prerequisites are required. However, please note that there will be references made to oracle cards in many of the lectures.

Having completed Part 1 of this course and put into practice all that you learned, the meanings you discovered and added to your library of colours for some of the common colours you find on Angel and Oracle cards, are you now beginning to grasp the reality that no matter what anyone might tell you, the truth is that only the best Angel and Oracle card readers interpret and read cards intuitively?Now you've tried it out for yourself and seen the proof in the pudding, I know you'll agree that while anyone can read Angel and Oracle cards without ever engaging their intuition, when you do engage it, it's a real game-changer.So, how is it that you become an intuitive card reader?Well, you should already know the answer to that. The first thing you need to do is to remove the blocks that may stand between you and your intuition.And the biggest block? Well, that's where you turn over a card, look at it, your mind goes blank and, inevitably, you panic. If that's ever happened to you, you'll know that once you lose your intuitive connection in a reading it's incredibly hard to get it back. So, let's not let that even happen.Before you even turn over a card to interpret it, I want you to be feeling confident and relaxed knowing that you'll be able to apply meanings to any colour that catches your eye, even if it's a less common colour and one that we don't cover in either part of this course.And that's where Part2 of this course comes in.Through Part 1, you gained an initial appreciation of the importance of colour in our lives and how this translates and is reflected in Angel and Oracle cards. And you uncovered your own personal meanings for the 3 primary colours and 4 other colours.In this second part of the course, you'll dive even deeper. You'll not just discover and determine your own personal meanings behind more common colours found in Angel and Oracle cards, you'll also gain an appreciation and understanding of the importance of colour in our everyday lives. If you don't understand and appreciate that, then you'll never understand and appreciate why and how colour is used on Angel and Oracle cards. Believe me, it's not just there to make the card look pretty.You'll also gain an awareness of the many different sources you can turn to should you ever wish to decipher the meanings for colours you find on cards which aren't covered in either part of this extensive course. However, before you choose to fill your library of colours till it bursts, remember this: this course teaches you how to determine your own personal meanings for common colours you find on cards. In doing so, you're doing two things: you're covering the most common colours you'll find on Angel and Oracle cards and, secondly, you're engaging your intuition when you determine which meanings feel right for you.This means that, firstly, there are few common colours you'll find on cards that haven't been included in this complete course, either in Part 1 or 2. so don't go over-flowing your library with colours that turn out to be not as common as you thought.Secondly, because you've been using your intuition throughout this course, you've been training your intuition to highlight meanings for colours that resonate with you. This means that, when you come across a less common colour on a card that we haven't covered in this course, if you stay calm and don't panic, your intuition will kick in and you'll be able to retrieve and work out a meaning for that colour.As Lebanese-American author of 'The Prophet', Kahlil Gibrán, wrote in his poem, 'Sand and Foam', "When you reach the end of what you should know, you will be at the beginning of what you should sense."What else will you discover through this course?You'll gain an understanding for the importance of colour in everyday life which, in turn, will help you appreciate the importance of the presence of colour in Angel and Oracle cardsYou'll be able to pass on messages that just flow with ease and grace because you're engaging your intuition throughout every single card readingYou'll be able to receive messages that flow with ease and grace because you feel confident knowing that every time you turn over a card you'll have meanings for colours that catch your eye, thus leaving you feeling relaxed and inviting your intuition to flowYou'll continue to further build your library of colours, with more colours and meanings that make sense and are relevant and memorable to you You'll be in a position to give readings that flow intuitively because, with your rounded knowledge of the meanings behind colours and your ability to apply those meanings in readingsYou'll be able to relax and let your intuition take over, and you'll become confident in intuitively determining your own, personal meaning behind colours that you find on Angel and Oracle cards but which aren't covered in this course.So, begin today to understand the meanings behind even more of the colours you find on Angel & Oracle cards.Begin today to uncover and discover meanings to colours that resonate with you, personally, so that you can read angel and oracle cards using your natural-born gift of intuition with nothing getting in your way.Begin today to remove any doubts or blocks that stand between you and intuitive messages that are personal, in-depth, meaningful, and memorable, messages that flow with ease and grace, messages filled with guidance from the angelic and spiritual realms, and messages that are no more limited by the influence of the rational, logical conscious mind.Viv xx

Section 1: Course Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Introduction

Section 2: Course Preparation

Lecture 2 Join the Group

Lecture 3 How to Get the Most Out of This Course

Lecture 4 Setting Your Intention

Lecture 5 Opening Up

Lecture 6 Recap & What's Coming Up

Section 3: Colours in Angel and Oracle Cards

Lecture 7 Why are Colours Important in the Interpretation of Angel and Oracle Cards?

Lecture 8 Advantages of Interpreting Colours on a Card

Lecture 9 Recap & What's Coming Up

Section 4: The Importance of Colour

Lecture 10 What Colour do You See?

Lecture 11 What's Your Favourite Colour?

Lecture 12 The Colour of Life

Lecture 13 A World Without Colour

Lecture 14 Recap & What's Coming Up

Section 5: Orange

Lecture 15 The Reality and History of Orange

Lecture 16 Loving Orange

Lecture 17 The Healing Side of Orange

Lecture 18 The Business Side of Orange

Lecture 19 The Cultural and Religious Side of Orange

Lecture 20 The Natural Side of Orange

Lecture 21 The Energetic Side of Orange

Lecture 22 Speaking of Orange

Lecture 23 Recap & What's Coming Up

Section 6: Green

Lecture 24 The Abundance of Green

Lecture 25 Balancing Green

Lecture 26 Green Associates

Lecture 27 A Green World

Lecture 28 Green Energy

Lecture 29 The Business of Green

Lecture 30 Green Speech

Lecture 31 Recap & What's Coming Up

Section 7: Purple

Lecture 32 Introducing the Colour Purple

Lecture 33 Imagining Purple

Lecture 34 There's More to the Colour Purple

Lecture 35 The Age of Purple

Lecture 36 A Darker Side to Purple

Lecture 37 The Cultural Aspect of Purple

Lecture 38 Purple Energy

Lecture 39 In Business with Purple

Lecture 40 Purple Prose

Lecture 41 Recap & What's Coming Up

Section 8: Violet

Lecture 42 What is Violet?

Lecture 43 Overlapping Violet

Lecture 44 Violet's Crowning Glory

Lecture 45 Violet in Bloom

Lecture 46 Violet Energy

Lecture 47 Recap & What's Coming Up

Section 9: Indigo

Lecture 48 What is Indigo?

Lecture 49 Isaac's Indigo

Lecture 50 Indigo Connections

Lecture 51 Indigo People

Lecture 52 Indigo Children

Lecture 53 Recap & What's Coming Up

Section 10: Black

Lecture 54 The 'Colour' Black

Lecture 55 A World of Black

Lecture 56 Black Sensation

Lecture 57 The Light and Dark of Black

Lecture 58 Interpreting the Colour Black

Lecture 59 Black Through the Ages

Lecture 60 Black Culture

Lecture 61 Black Religion

Lecture 62 It's a Black Business

Lecture 63 The Energy of Black

Lecture 64 The Blacklist

Lecture 65 Recap & What's Coming Up

Section 11: White

Lecture 66 What is White?

Lecture 67 White - Is it All Positive?

Lecture 68 Embracing the Source of White

Lecture 69 Historical White

Lecture 70 Religious White

Lecture 71 Cultural White

Lecture 72 Natural White

Lecture 73 White Energy

Lecture 74 Branded in White

Lecture 75 White Chat

Lecture 76 Recap & What's Coming Up

Section 12: Black and White

Lecture 77 The Black and White Bond

Lecture 78 As Meaningful as Black and White

Lecture 79 Recap & What's Coming Up

Section 13: Grey

Lecture 80 Stuck in the Middle with Grey

Lecture 81 Grey - The Calm and The Storm?

Lecture 82 Grey Times

Lecture 83 A Grey Background

Lecture 84 Grey Personality

Lecture 85 It's Grey, Naturally

Lecture 86 It's a Grey Business

Lecture 87 Recap & What's Coming Up

Section 14: Review and End of Course

Lecture 88 Looking Back

Lecture 89 Reviewing Your Intention

Lecture 90 Closing Down

Lecture 91 Your Review

Lecture 92 What's Next?

Readers of Angel and Oracle cards – beyond beginner level,Also, students interested in understanding the role and meaning of colour in the world around them

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