Audio Blast AcidBox 2 v1.3.0.1

The AcidBox is a Bass Line Synthesizer recreation of the iconic TB-303 synth with a new interface and focused on real-time creation of sequences and tweaking in live situations.

✓ classic "303" Saw / Square oscillators + a screaming LP filter.
easy to use sequencer with
✓ up to 32 patterns / 1 to 64 steps per pattern.
✓ note / accent / slide for each step.
✓ fine tune, micro time, pan for each step.
✓ global gate parameter.
✓ groove parameter.
✓ copy/paste/randomize patterns.

4 modes
✓ Host sync : AcidBox sequencer is full sync'ed to the host.
✓ Internal : AcidBox sequencer is running independantly.
✓ MIDI In : AcidBox reacts like any VA synth (overlapped notes = slide).
✓ ARP mode : use the MIDI in messages to play the sequence.
use MIDI notes or parameters to trigger patterns.
pattern trigger can be synchronized to host (Beat, Bar, or free sync).
insert note in sequencer with MIDI in real time (use pitch bend up/down for slide).
built-in distorsion with 5 different units.
1 ping pong delay with feedback filter.
export or import your sequences, patterns and banks in multi formats.
MIDI Out : the AcidBox can send the sequencer notes to the host.
4 UI Sizes + dark mode.
Customizable random.

Whats new in this version
Official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.

System Requirements
Windows 7 or higher
OSX 10.9 or higher