Fully Accredited Diploma In Child Psychology

Published 1/2023
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Child Mental Well Being and Child Mindfulness

What you'll learn
Understand What Is Child Psychology
Know About Growing Up & Attachments
Learn About Psychology Through the Toddler Stage
Understand Child Abuse & Bullying
Understand Depression, Separation, Anxiety, Grief & Stress for Children
And Much More!

No prerequisites for this course, just an open and willing mind!

This diploma specializes in Child Psychology Therapies, strategies, tips, and exercises by learning the basics of child psychology and then moving step by step to advanced levels to improve child mental wellbeing.This course covers history of child psychology, child mental health medical definitions and illustrations. Why its important to understand children mental health conditions? What impacts children mental health and how? This course covers the triggers for stress and anxiety in children. This course shows you practically how you can improve mental well being and mental health of children by applying different therapies, strategies, exercises, and techniques. This course is highly interactive with worksheets, different activities to do together, questionnaires to focus on the topic.This course is accredited by IAOAM (International Association of Accredited Mentors) At the end of this course, you will be specializing in helping children to combat the traumas and emotional difficulties in life and promote the wellbeing of children by making them learn mindfulness, meditation and many more techniques and therapies.The course is in-depth with self- assessment tasks at the end of each module, increasing your potential to learn and absorb course material.The course is a mixture of videos and an in-depth training session.The focus for Child Psychology is on the minds and behaviours of children and begins with young children development.It considers the growth of children on a physical level but also considers emotional, mental, and social development. To deal successfully with children psychology, you must understand children. This branch of psychology has evolved greatly, and it is now recognized that child psychology is not just unique in its field but highly complex too.Childhood plays a significant part of life. Everything that occurs during that time must be explored fully because the influences and experiences gained through childhood will impact behaviour and ongoing development.

Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Course Outline
Lecture 3 Why it's important to promote children's mental health and wellbeing?
Section 2: Session 1 - History
Lecture 4 Section A-History of Childhood Studies
Lecture 5 Section B-Second World War And Child Psychology
Lecture 6 Section C-Present Day Children Mental Health And Strength
Lecture 7 Section D-Ways to Promote Children Mental Health and Well being
Lecture 8 Section E - Medical Terms
Section 3: Session 2 - -Impact & Triggers
Lecture 9 2A - Introduction
Lecture 10 2B-Concept of Children's Mental Health
Lecture 11 2C-Why Its Important to Understand Children's Development
Lecture 12 2D-Impact of Physical Health on Mental Health
Lecture 13 2E- Impact of Children's Mental Health on Behaviour
Lecture 14 2F-Impact of Children's Mental Health on Education
Lecture 15 2G-Triggers for Children Anxiety
Section 4: Session 3- Mental Well Being Recipe
Lecture 16 3A - The 'ingredients' of Good Mental Health and Wellbeing in Young Children
Lecture 17 3B-Preventing and Minimising the Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE)
Lecture 18 3C-Promoting Perseverance and Resilience
Section 5: Session 4 - Children's Mental Health and Well Being - Global View
Lecture 19 Section 4A- Global View of Children's Mental Health and Wellbeing
Lecture 20 4B - Different Childhood
Section 6: Session 5 - Strategies for Children Mental Wellbeing
Lecture 21 5A - Introduction
Lecture 22 5B - Behaviour Therapy & Communication With Children
Lecture 23 5C - Different Ways for Children to Express Themselves
Lecture 24 5D - Exercise and Physical Activities
Lecture 25 5E - Children Online Wellbeing
Lecture 26 5F - How To Foster Healthy Relationships
Lecture 27 5G - How To Maintain Children Routine
Lecture 28 5H - Develop Self Esteem in Children
Lecture 29 5I - Spend Time Together
Lecture 30 5J - Building Lifelong Resilience in Kids
Lecture 31 5K - What Is Mindfulness, and Why Do Kids Need It
Lecture 32 5L - Meditation And How to Meditate
Lecture 33 5M - How To Practice Mindfulness With Infants
Lecture 34 5N - Practice Mindfulness in Toddlers
Lecture 35 5O - Practice Mindfulness Everyday-Young Children
Lecture 36 5P - Mindfulness in Teenagers
Lecture 37 5Q - Being a Present Parent
Anyone who is interested in learning about child behavior, Parents, Teachers, Practitioners, Babysitters, Nannies.,Anyone who wants to use child psychology in their work,Students of psychology, counselling, therapy, coaching,Professionals working in care or mental health environments


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