Art Therapy, Grief And Healing

Published 1/2023
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How to use Art Therapy to help yourself, to help others to cope with Grief and as a result, to heal.

What you'll learn
How to deal with Grief of a loved one
How to deal with grief after a divorce
How using art therapy the impact of grief is less
Understand the signs of grief and depression

An interest in psychology and psychotherapy
Non-judgemental stance
Willingness to learn...about yourself

This course Art Therapy, Grief and Healing is to enable you to learn how Art Therapy can be used to help yourself - and to help others - cope with grief and thus aid the healing process.The course is divided into four main sections:1. Overall Introduction2. Knowing what to expect3. Helping others grieve4. Talking about death, grief but DOING ArtThis is very much a 'doing' course. The lectures have many art therapy exercises in them - you are encouraged to do them in order to help yourself. You are also encouraged to share them in the Q/A so others may see the product - but not the process. By sharing, by discussion, there will be a further lessening of grief. You will also be able to see the work of others.In the 'cartoon' section BOTH Instructors create work in response to the art therapy exercise. Again, it is all about process, process, process.So who exactly is this course for?1. Perhaps you are thinking of (or already are) a bereavement counsellor. Using the lectures here - applying the techniques - will only enhance your skills, what others can gain from your time.2. Perhaps you are going through grief yourself? You need time to heal - but also a structure. There are many hours of lectures here. Plus Educational Announcements. Plus an active Q/A. Use this course to learn, to discuss, to share or just to listen.3. Maybe you are supporting a loved one and you need activities' for you both to do. There are plenty here!This course is current as at January 2023. It includes:1. Artwork nowhere else - not even on the internet2. Current events3. Regular Educational Announcements4. A supportive Q/A

Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: Knowing what to expect
Lecture 2 Knowing what to expect - 1
Lecture 3 Knowing what to expect - 2
Lecture 4 Knowing what to expect - 3
Lecture 5 Knowing what to expect - 4
Lecture 6 Knowing what to expect - 5
Lecture 7 Knowing what to expect - 6
Lecture 8 Knowing what to expect - 7
Section 3: Talk about Death and Grief; DO Art
Lecture 9 Talk about death and grief: DO Art
Lecture 10 Talk about death and grief: DO Art - 2
Lecture 11 Talk about death and grief: DO Art - 3
Lecture 12 Talk about death and grief: DO Art - 4
Lecture 13 Talk about death and grief: DO Art - 5
Section 4: Helping others grieve
Lecture 14 Helping others grieve - 1
Lecture 15 Helping others grieve - 2
Lecture 16 Helping others grieve - 3
Lecture 17 Helping others grieve - 4
All who are interested in lessening the impact of grief,All who wish to learn techniques to help others through grief,All who are willing to explore and learn about themselves - and others,All who are going through grief right now,Students learning Psychology, Counselling, Psychotherapy and wish to know more,Professionals/Counsellors - all working in caring or mental health environments


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