Non-Destructive Test (Welding Inspection) - English Content

Published 4/2023
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NDT inspection

What you'll learn
welding basics
welding machines
weldimg joints
welding positions
Welding types
tools used in welding
welding documents
welder types
welding inspection
welding defects

Good english skills
good computer skills
Basic learning

Hello FriendsWelcome to my course in this course you will learn more and more about welding ...if you are an engineer or engineering student you will have greet benfits from this course... welding is good and powerfull way to make permenat joint in steel structure and projects ,you will learn about welding types,welding positions,welding will also learn about discontinuits in welding and defects and its acceptance addition to welding addition to welding we will now about codes and standard used and control testing and inspection of wwelding will now about documents used in welding also will know about welding types like gas metal arc welding and different types of should go on the course step by step to have good will experience the following information in this course(joint types,welding types,welding positions,welding joints,welding electrodes,welding machines,DC machines , AC machines,welder types,shecking welding equipment,resones for discontinuits...finally to be proffetional you should apply what you learn in the site around you...this course will put you in the way of inspection field but it will take greet effort from my cource you will have good information that will help you and guide you through this way.have fun and enjoy learning.BY: M.K

Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Contents
Lecture 3 What is NDT ?
Lecture 4 Types of Joints
Lecture 5 Welding Defination ?
Lecture 6 What we need for Welding ?
Section 2: Heat Source
Lecture 7 Types of Heat Source
Lecture 8 Electric Source part1
Lecture 9 Electric Source Part 2
Lecture 10 Electric Source 3
Lecture 11 ARC Strike
Section 3: Shielding
Lecture 12 Shielding Types
Lecture 13 Flux Shield
Lecture 14 Gas Shield part 1
Lecture 15 Gas Shield part 2
Lecture 16 Gas Shield part 3
Section 4: Electrodes
Lecture 17 Electrodes
Lecture 18 Consumable & Non_Consumable electrodes
Lecture 19 Non_Consumable Electrode
Lecture 20 Consumable Electrode
Section 5: Joint Types
Lecture 21 Welding Joints Types
Section 6: Weld Types
Lecture 22 Weld Types
Lecture 23 Fillet Weld
Lecture 24 Fillet Types
Lecture 25 Toe Angle
Lecture 26 Groove Weld
Lecture 27 Back Weld
Lecture 28 Backing Weld
Lecture 29 Surfacing Weld
Lecture 30 Welding Layers
Lecture 31 Welding Layer passes
Lecture 32 Welder Move
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