Kyc Know Your Customer Bootcamp (8 Hours, New For 2022)

Last updated 12/2022
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POSSIBLY THE BEST KYC COURSE IN THE WORLD. learn skills course on how to be come an KYC Analyst, not just AML Theory.

What you'll learn
Profficient in CIP
Profficient in CDD
Understanding of various AML topics
Understanding of Financial Crime Compliance ecosystem.
Source of Wealth
Politicall Exposed Persons

No Requirements
Greetings All,This course is designed to be the best KYC course on the market. It's designed to be the best KYC course in the market, and unlike other courses which just teach AML and Financial Crime theory, this course has been designed in mind to teach you KYC-CDD from start to finish. This includes all topics of the Client Onboarding process for financial institutions such as Formalities, Name Screening, Risk Assessments, QA, Source of Funds, Source of Wealth, Sanctions, PEPS, and much much more.Being in Financial Crime is one of the hottest global jobs around the world, and even in uncertain economic times will only grow as more and more nations force large-scale regulatory and legal demands on big financial institutions.This course goes through Anti Bribery and Anti Corruption for Financial Crime Compliance, AML. KYC. These skills are required at major financial institutions such as Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, Private Equity, and now Crypto.People who complete this course will have the skills and knowledge to become:KYC AnalystKYC/CDD AnalystKYC Onboarding AnalystKYC RepresentativeKYC Team LeadClient/Customer Onboarding AnalystClient/Customer Onboarding SpecialistAML Prevention RepresentativeI'm a qualified financial crime expert, I've been previously focusing on exam preparation but now I've dived into the course realm. I currently work for an Investment Advisor in Los Angeles but have previously worked in Sydney, London, New York, and Perth. I have a Masters's degree in Anti Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing from Charles Sturt University. I've previously worked for MUFG, CBA, JP Morgan, Credit Suisse, BMO Capital Markets. and a couple of investment advisors such as hedge funds and private Equity.I'm happy and always willing to provide continuous support to people who are here if you have any queries or questions on various certifications and becoming a KYC analyst

Lecture 1 Introduction/Teaser
Lecture 2 How to use this course? PDF Document Attached.
Lecture 3 Reasons To Take This Course
Lecture 4 What is KYC?
Lecture 5 What is KYC Video
Lecture 6 KYC Process in a nutshell
Lecture 7 How KYC Fits in with an Organization?
Lecture 8 New Client Onboarding or Remediation/Reassessments
Lecture 9 Staff v Consultant?
Lecture 10 Customer Due Diligence Rule Basics
Lecture 11 Timeframe
Section 1: Types of Financial Institutions and Types of Financial Divisons
Lecture 12 Individuals/Retail Banking
Lecture 13 Institutional Banking and Wholesale Banking
Lecture 14 Private Banking
Lecture 15 Securities Dealers
Lecture 16 Alternative Investments
Lecture 17 Crypto
Section 2: Front Office Communication
Lecture 18 Front Office Basics
Lecture 19 Initial Email from Front Office.
Lecture 20 Initial email and request from Front Office
Lecture 21 Receiving Documents from Front Office
Lecture 22 Stages of the KYC Process
Section 3: Customer Identification Stage
Lecture 23 Legal Name
Lecture 24 Legal Name (Entity)
Lecture 25 Legal Name (Individual)
Lecture 26 Legal Name Example
Lecture 27 Legal Address
Lecture 28 Legal Address Entity Example
Lecture 29 Legal Address Individual Example
Lecture 30 Legal Name Discrepancies
Lecture 31 Principal Place of Business (PPOB)
Lecture 32 Principal Place of Business (PPOB) Example
Lecture 33 Secondary Verification of Business Location/Domiciled Location
Lecture 34 Legal Name, Registered Address, Principal Address, Legal Number COMBINATION
Lecture 35 Date of Incorporation
Lecture 36 Date of Incorporation Example
Lecture 37 Type of Ownership
Lecture 38 Types of Ownership - Example
Lecture 39 Bearer Shares
Lecture 40 Offshore Banking Licence
Lecture 41 Purpose of Account
Lecture 42 Financial Regulator
Lecture 43 Financial Regulator Example
Lecture 44 Public Traded Companies and Exemptions.
Lecture 45 Legal Entity Identifier
Lecture 46 Tax Residence
Lecture 47 Financial Industries
Lecture 48 Regulator Ultimate Parent
Lecture 49 Number of Employees
Lecture 50 Number of Employees - KYC Example
Lecture 51 Tax Identification Number (TIN)
Lecture 52 Primary Business
Lecture 53 Primary Business Example
Lecture 54 Financials
Lecture 55 Financials (EXAMPLE)
Lecture 56 NAICS & SICS Codes
Lecture 57 Operating Company
Lecture 58 Board of Directors and Senior Management
Lecture 59 Product
Lecture 60 Source of Funds
Lecture 61 Source of Funds Example
Lecture 62 Source of Wealth
Lecture 63 Old Source of Wealth Example
Lecture 64 Source of Wealth Real Estate Plausibility
Lecture 65 Source of Wealth Plausibility of Employment
Lecture 66 Materiality in SoW
Lecture 67 Investment Experience and Preference
Lecture 68 W8-BEN-E
Lecture 69 W9
Lecture 70 Correspondant Banking Downstream Nested Payable Through Accounts
Lecture 71 Politically Exposed Persons (PEPS)
Lecture 72 Policies and Procedures
Lecture 73 Provide full legal name of the ultimate parent (if different from the Entity)
Lecture 74 Registered Address
Lecture 75 Board of Directors and Senior Management EXAMPLE
Lecture 76 Documents not in English
Lecture 77 Client Tax Score
Lecture 78 Sanctions Risk Desk
Lecture 79 Sanctions Screening
Lecture 80 Sanctions Screening Example
Lecture 81 Name Screening
Lecture 82 Screening - What we are looking for?
Lecture 83 Name Screening - Proprietary Databases
Lecture 84 Name Screening Vendors
Lecture 85 Screening: Individuals and Entities
Lecture 86 Screening in 2022
Lecture 87 False Match. True Match, False Positive
Lecture 88 Double Blind Name Screening
Lecture 89 Ownership Structure
Lecture 90 RIsk Assessment
Lecture 91 Risk Assessment Matrix
Lecture 92 Geography/Jursidiction
Lecture 93 Channel RIsk
Lecture 94 Exchange Listing
Lecture 95 High Risk Industries
Lecture 96 High Risk Countries
Lecture 97 Extractive Industries
Lecture 98 Virtual Currencies (Crypto)
Lecture 99 Casino Gambling
Lecture 100 Charities and Non-Profits
Lecture 101 Offshore Tax Havens: A guide on which nations are Treasure Islands.
Lecture 102 Asset Contributor Rule
Section 4: United Airlines Case Study
Lecture 103 United Airlines - Legal Name
Lecture 104 United Airlines - Registered Address
Lecture 105 United Airlines - Primary Business Address/PPOB
Lecture 106 United Airlines - Tax form W9/W8 EIN
Lecture 107 Board of Directors
Lecture 108 Senior Management
Lecture 109 United Airlines - Financial Information/Financials
Lecture 110 United Airlines - Primary ID
Lecture 111 United Airlines - Regulated Stock Exchange
Lecture 112 United Airlines - Source of Funds
Lecture 113 United Airlines - Source of Wealth
Section 5: Customer Due Diligence
Lecture 114 What is KYC
Lecture 115 What is the Beneficial Ownership?
Lecture 116 Beneficial Ownership Discussion
Lecture 117 Researching the BO and Dealing with Obstacles with Clients
Lecture 118 KYC-CDD Rule
Lecture 119 Beneficial Owner and Ultimate Beneficial Ownership
Lecture 120 Benefitial Owner vs Control Prong
Lecture 121 Finding the Beneficial Owner and Ultimate Beneficial Owner.
Lecture 122 Primary Identification for Ultimate Beneficial Ownership and Control Prong
Lecture 123 Event Triggers
Lecture 124 Designated Non Financial Businesses
Section 6: Enhanced Due Diligence
Lecture 125 Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD)
Lecture 126 When to perform Enhanced Due Diligence
Lecture 127 Mitigating Enhanced Due Diligence
Section 7: Onboarding Types (Funds, Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Investment Management)
Lecture 128 Investment Funds Client Onboarding
Lecture 129 Individuals
Lecture 130 Address and Account Verification
Lecture 131 Trusts
Lecture 132 Revocable Trust
Lecture 133 Government Bodies
Lecture 134 Corporations
Lecture 135 Partnerships
Lecture 136 Limited Partnership Agreement
Section 8: General KYC Stuff
Lecture 137 Sustainability Desk Approval
Lecture 138 Reputational Risk Desk Approval
Lecture 139 Priority Accounts
Lecture 140 Checklists
Lecture 141 Document Printing
Lecture 142 Connecting the Customer to the Banking/Trade System.
Lecture 143 Letting the Front Office Know
Lecture 144 KYC - Periodic Review
Lecture 145 Independant Testing
Lecture 146 Employee Due Diligence
Lecture 147 Client Life Cycle Management
Lecture 148 Quality Assurance
Lecture 149 Ongoing Employee Training
Lecture 150 FCC Line 2 Escalations
Lecture 151 AML Officer
Lecture 152 MLRO Officer
Lecture 153 Legal
Section 9: Legal Name and Resource search for different jurisidictions
Lecture 154 Legal Name Canada
Lecture 155 Legal Name Australia
Lecture 156 Legal Name United Kindgom
Lecture 157 Legal Name New Zealand
Lecture 158 Legal Name United States
Section 10: Lines of Defence
Lecture 159 First Line of Defence (FLOD)
Lecture 160 Second Line of Defence (SLOD)
Lecture 161 Third Line of Defence (TLOD)
Section 11: Job Assistance
Lecture 162 3 Stages of Money Laundering Question
Lecture 163 Lecture on getting a job in this industry.
Lecture 164 KYC Analyst Job Description Overview
Lecture 165 Transaction Monitoring/AML Analyst Line 1 Role
Lecture 166 Transaction Monitoring Senior Analyst Line 2 Job Description
Lecture 167 FCC Line 2 Advisory Job Description
People want to be a KYC Analyst.,People who want to conduct their own KYC profiles.

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