Kali For Ethical Hacking: Learn Kali From Scratch

Published 3/2023
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Learn Kali for Anonymity, hacking, cracking, Nmap, Security and much more....

What you'll learn
Learn Kali From Scratch
Learn WiFi hacking using Kali
Learn Hash and Password Cracking
Learn Windows Hacking and More

No experience required. Learn everything from Scratch

KALI v2022- Why Kali?Kali Linux is mainly used for Penetration Testing and Security Auditing. Kali contains several hundred tools which are geared towards various information security tasks, such as Penetration Testing, Security research, Computer Forensics and Reverse Engineering.- Anonymity?Learn user friendly tools to maximise Anonymity. Protect your identity while surfing online.- Vulnerability Analysis?Vulnerability assessmentâ€"also called vulnerability analysisâ€"is a process that identifies, quantifies and analyse security weaknesses in IT infrastructure. We will find and exploit systems using weakness.- Database Assessment?We will use free tools inbuilt in Kali to perform database assessment.- Wireless Attacks?We will perform Brute Force attack on Wi-Fi. We will also perform dictionary attack on wireless router. You will learn 7 Steps to hack any Wi-Fi based on WPA/WPA2.- Other Exploitation?Metasploit= It is an open source tool for performing an exploit against remote target machine.Buffer Overflow= Perform buffer overflow attack using Metasploit.Meterpreter= Meterpreter is a security product used for penetration testing. Part of the Metasploit Project and Framework, it provides enterprise security teams with the knowledge helpful for addressing vulnerabilities in the targeted application against which Meterpreter is deployed.Honeypot= A honeypot is a computer security mechanism set to detect, deflect, or, in some manner, counteract attempts at unauthorized use of information systems.

Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Unix vs Linux
Lecture 3 Why Kali
Lecture 4 Downloading Kali
Lecture 5 Uses
Lecture 6 Virtual Lab
Lecture 7 Creating VM
Section 2: Kali Practical
Lecture 8 Terminal Basics
Lecture 9 Commands I
Lecture 10 Commands II
Lecture 11 Commands III
Lecture 12 Commands IV
Lecture 13 Commands V
Lecture 14 Commands VI
Lecture 15 Commands VII
Lecture 16 Commands VIII
Lecture 17 Commands IX
Lecture 18 Commands X
Lecture 19 Commands XI
Lecture 20 Permissions I
Lecture 21 Permissions II
Lecture 22 Shortcuts
Lecture 23 Anonymity
Lecture 24 Proxy Theory
Lecture 25 Proxy Practical
Lecture 26 VPN I
Lecture 27 VPN II
Lecture 28 TOR I
Lecture 29 TOR II
Lecture 30 TOR III
Lecture 31 Proxychains
Lecture 32 Change IP
Lecture 33 Change MAC
Lecture 34 Macchanger
Lecture 35 Footprinting
Lecture 36 DNS Enumeration
Lecture 37 DNSenum
Lecture 38 Bruteforce
Lecture 39 Trace DNS
Lecture 40 Nmap I
Lecture 41 Nmap II
Lecture 42 Nmap III
Lecture 43 Searchexploit
Lecture 44 Website Footprinting
Lecture 45 Vulnerability Analysis
Lecture 46 Live Attack
Lecture 47 RedHawk
Lecture 48 Security Audit
Lecture 49 Database Assessment
Lecture 50 JSQL
Lecture 51 SQLsus
Lecture 52 Password Attack
Lecture 53 Plain Text to Hash
Lecture 54 Password Cracking
Lecture 55 Findmyhash
Lecture 56 Custom Wordlist
Lecture 57 Crunch
Lecture 58 Cracking Password Offline
Lecture 59 Hash Generator
Lecture 60 Password Protected Zip
Lecture 61 THC Hydra
Lecture 62 Medusa
Lecture 63 Sniffing
Lecture 64 Wireshark I
Lecture 65 Wireshark II
Lecture 66 Wireshark III
Lecture 67 Spoofing
Lecture 68 Ettercap I
Lecture 69 Ettercap II
Lecture 70 Imp Info
Lecture 71 WEP Hacking
Lecture 72 WPA/WPA2
Lecture 73 Fern
Lecture 74 Metasploit
Lecture 75 Buffer Overflow
Lecture 76 Honeypots
Lecture 77 Pentbox
Lecture 78 Browser Exploitation Attack
Lecture 79 BeEF
Lecture 80 Win 10
Lecture 81 Win 7
Lecture 82 Completed
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