Stress Less 2023

Published 2/2023
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Breathwork, Meditation, Visualization and more to feel better and manage stress

What you'll learn
Learn how to manage stress and raise your energy
Learn breathing techniques to try when yo feel overwhelmed or stressed
Try other modalities like meditation, visualization and tapping to start feeling better
Try yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) to get a deep rest

There are zero requirements for this course.

In this course I give you the techniques needed to release stress so you can begin to feel better. We cover breathwork patterns, try meditation, find out where stress gets trapped in the body and learn how to become aware of stress as it is coming on. Plus more! This quick course will leave you feeling lighter so you can begin to enjoy your life again!I know all too well how stress can leave you feeling drained and overwhelmed. You begin to check out of life/numb out and pick up terrible coping mechanisms to try and self soothe. You can then go on to have terrible health issues. I don't want that for you so I created this video to help you start feeling better now. Some of the benefits of this course are: reduce inflammationlower blood pressureelevate your moodrelease toxins from the cells of the bodyreturns the nervous system to homeostasisboosts immunityimprove sleep reduce stress and anxietyThere is an additional Yoga Nidra video for you to try a deeper relaxation practice and calm your nervous system. Yoga Nidra is the practice of deep sleep. I guide you with words to relax all of your body. For this course sit in a comfortable place, where you won't be distracted. Enjoy!

Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction to Stress Less + More
Section 2: Module One - Where We Hold Stress in the Body + Massage and Light Breathing
Lecture 2 Module 1 - Where We Hold Stress in the Body + Massage and Light Breathing
Section 3: Module Two - Breathing Patterns
Lecture 3 Module 2 - Breathing Patterns
Section 4: Module Three - Breathing and Tapping
Lecture 4 Module 3 - Breathing and Tapping
Section 5: Module Four - Heavier Breathwork, Visualization and Meditation
Lecture 5 Module 4 -Heavier Breathwork, Visualization and Meditation
Section 6: Yoga Nidra
Lecture 6 Yoga Nidra for Deep Rest
This course is for anyone who is dealing with stress, burn out or the feeling of overwhelm.


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