Ironcad And Machine Drawing - Complementing Each Other !

Published 2/2023
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Visualize the concepts of "part and assembly" drawings through CAD geometric modelling in IronCAD software package !

What you'll learn
Learn the basics of IronCAD geometric modeling software package
Generate the 3D Scene models of given isometric part models in IronCAD
Convert the 3D Scene model into 2D orthograhic projections automatically in IronCAD and save it as a *.PDF file
Perform the assembly of the individual 3D Scene part models of the various engineering machine assemblies

You will learn everything you need to know !

Welcome to the course on learning IronCAD through Machine Drawing fundamentals and engineering assemblies. The course has been designed in such a way that even the beginners can learn with confidence in an easy and understandable way. A careful hand-holding of the student has been done where each step of the modelling and assembly process in IronCAD has been spelled out in the lecture for imparting clarity of the learning process. An insight isometric picture in each of the engineering part is displayed at one corner of the screen for better visualization of the student during the lecture involving the performing the geometric model and assembly of the 3D scenes.For learning the engineering assembly, the "Screw Jack" has been taken up for imparting knowledge in the IronCAD software package. Firstly, the individual 3D scene parts of the Body, Nut, Screw, Cup and Tommy bar have been individually generated and saved in a folder. Subsequent to this, all these 3D scene components have been assembled in the assembly workbench of IronCAD. After generation of the final assembly, the end product of the Screw Jack 3DScene assembly is saved. Further to this, the orthographic projections of the assembly (front view, top view, left-hand side view and right-hand side view) have been generated in the ironCAD drawing file with a file extension of *.icd. This IronCAD drawing file has been finally converted into a PDF format.Thus, a dual purpose of learning IronCAD software package, as well as, machine drawing has been the target for setting up this course. Hence, start learning the course which is equally useful for engineering, diploma, product design, architecture and all those students interested in visualization based learning of drawing. Wish you a happy and fruitful learning !

Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Part-1
Lecture 2 Part-2
Lecture 3 Part-3
Lecture 4 Part-4
Section 2: Details and Assembly of Screw Jack
Lecture 5 Body and Nut parts of Screw Jack
Lecture 6 Final Assembly of Screw Jack with Screw, Cup, Tommy bar, Nut and Body
Mechanical engineering undergraduates, Diploma Students, Product design trainees, architecture students and all interested in learning 3D Drawing.


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