Revit - Basic Architectural 3D Modeling

Last updated 8/2022
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The Complete Guide to Master The Most Popular BIM Software, Revit.

What you'll learn
You will be capable of creating your own 3D models in Revit Architecture.
You will be able to produce drawings and rendered images of buildings.
You will have developed a strong understanding of advanced skills and Concepts in Revit by the end of the course.
You will have the skills and knowledge to take a project from start to finish

A computer with either Windows or Mac to install the software
A version of Revit

In this course we will go over how to create a 3D house using Revit. We will go over drawing walls, Adding Doors and Windows, Finish Floors, Rooms, Components.We Will go over how to create many of the common elements within a house this includes Adding Finish Floors and Creating Ceilings and Creating a Roof.We Will then move on to learn how to Add Tags, Schedules, LegendsWe Will finish up the course by creating a Site Plan and creating a Section View and Creating 2D and 3D views.Lastly, We will Render the interior and exterior views and Create Sheets and get them ready to PrintThis course is designed to get you up & running with Revit quickly by teaching you the things you need to know without long-winded explanations of techniques and commands that are no longer used.this course is based on my personal experience as an Architectural Designer and Autodesk authorized instructorwe will start a project from scratch, drawing the walls, then we will be able to see our walls in a 3D view, We Will then move on to learn how to Doors and Windows and, Add Tags, Schedules, Legends.Enroll Today for Lifetime Access.

Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: Setting Up Your Project
Lecture 2 Setting Up Your Project
Section 3: Creating Walls
Lecture 3 Creating Walls
Section 4: Adding Doors and Windows
Lecture 4 Adding Doors and Windows
Section 5: Adding Finish Floors
Lecture 5 Adding Finish Floors
Section 6: Adding Rooms
Lecture 6 Adding Rooms
Section 7: Adding Components
Lecture 7 Adding Components
Section 8: Adding Dimensions
Lecture 8 Adding Dimensions
Section 9: Creating a Ceiling
Lecture 9 Creating a Ceiling
Section 10: Creating a Roof
Lecture 10 Creating a Roof
Section 11: Adding Tags
Lecture 11 Adding Tags
Section 12: Adding Schedules
Lecture 12 Adding Schedules
Section 13: Legends
Lecture 13 Legends
Section 14: Creating Section Views
Lecture 14 Creating Section Views
Section 15: Creating 2D Views
Lecture 15 Creating 2D Views
Section 16: Creating 3D Views
Lecture 16 Creating 3D Views
Section 17: The Site
Lecture 17 The Site
Section 18: Renderings
Lecture 18 Renderings
Section 19: Creating Sheets
Lecture 19 Creating Sheets
Section 20: Plotting
Lecture 20 Plotting
Section 21: In Conclusion
Lecture 21 In Conclusion
Engineering Students,Architects,Draftsmen,Engineers who are involved in building design,BIM project managers,Interior Designers,BIM project managers,Contractors,3D Modelers,Students switching from CAD Software such as AutoCAD to BIM Software such as Revit,Revit users looking to expand their skills in modelling and managing Revit models,Anyone who wants to become Revit Architecture Pro,Anyone who is interested in Revit or BIM management


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